Sales Training – Effective Networking is one of the Top Sales Skills Required to Succeed Today

Sales Training

Effective Networking is one of the Top Sales Skills Required to Succeed Today

One of the most important skills you need to develop as sales professionals is your ability to build meaningful, mutually beneficial relationships and real connection with people who matter. Dare to take inventory of your current relationships right now. Are the relationships you have, supporting or retarding your sales efforts? The higher the calibre of people you are connected with, the greater will be your level of sales achievement in the future.

Connect with the right People

The number one selling skill, which has always been the prime factor, which predicted how successful any sales person will be, is measured by their ability to network effectively, connect with the right people, build mutually beneficial partnerships and then get them to know, like and trust them. No matter how great your product or service may be, it is your ability to network, build mutually beneficial relationships and connect with the right people, which will support and drive your sales success. Connecting with the right people, looking for ways to support them, and eliminate challenges from their lives or businesses, is your gateway to unlock sales success and become a sales superstar.

Becoming an Effective Networker

If you truly want to become a sales super star, it is time to lose your fear about networking and to immerse yourself in the crucial process of connecting with the right people.  As you hone and master your skills as a successful networker, and relationship builder, you are setting the foundation for creating meaningful mutually beneficial relationships with people who matter and who can help you to make a real difference in your life.

Be Authentic

The secret to becoming an effective networker is to be authentic and to allow your real self to show. Pretending to be something you are not is a sure fire way to fail at networking. People will see right through your façade and they will never get to know, like or trust you. The only way to build connection with people is to never pretend or try to be someone or something you are not. Commit to be completely authentic and always be on the lookout for ways in which you can assist fellow networkers. The easiest way to build connection with people is to have an abundant mentality and to help them to connect with someone else who can support them. As Zig Ziglar so eloquently said, “The more people you can help to get what they want, the more people will help you to get what you want”.

Identify the Right People

Learning the art of effective networking to help you drive your sales success, is about connecting with the right people, who can make a real difference in your life. Always have an open mind and never allow anyone to intimidate you. Yes, it is true that the very people, who you need to connect with, often seem larger than life. They even seem scary, imposing and too powerful to even approach. The truths is that behind the façade of fancy press releases and elaborate packaging, lies a normal, sensitive, frail, hopeful and generous human being, who is flawed just like you.

They are Real Just Like you

The challenge we face when we want to approach people, who we believe are of high stature, is that all we see is the façade, which is created around them, not the real person underneath. I have had the honour of meeting a number of so-called celebrities or super achievers. After the first few seconds of meeting them, they appear as just normal people. Yes, these people may have achieved great things and they most certainly have amazing personal philosophies, which they can share about the wisdom they have gained along the path to their success, but they are still just people wrestling with the same frailties we do.

Remember that people are just flesh and blood, ignore the packaging that has been bestowed on them by their press agents or how society has built them up as heroes and see them for what they are. Human beings that have fears, hopes and unfulfilled desires and needs, just like everyone else. Each of the so-called super achievers is merely a normal person, who has pulled the trigger, taken action and become successful. They are you in a few years’ time, after you have connected with them, built mutually beneficial relationships, which support your sales success and become a super achiever yourself. Allow your fear to evaporate and remove your tendency to hesitate when you want to reach out to network with any one and I mean anyone and you will gradually build the sales success you deserve and desire.

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  • Thanks for the feedback Colette. I believe that the more people we can network with and help get what they want the more people will help us get what we want. How can I support you?

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