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The greatest challenge facing anyone, who needs to purchase anything, is the risk that the product or service they will buy, will not meet their needs. If that is the single biggest obstacle stopping anyone buying from you, then simply eliminate the risk and you will significantly increase your new client acquisition and multiply your revenue. I am in the consulting and professional speaking business. It is often difficult for the leader of a large corporate to invest a significant amount of money into my fee and risk, not being satisfied or worse, being disappointed. The best way to secure the business is thus to remove the risk to the client completely. I offer to consult, offer training or present a key note address and if they are not 100 % satisfied, they do not have to pay me a cent.

I am sure that you are in a similar position, where there is often a great divide between you and your prospective buyers. You know that your product or service is absolutely perfect and will meet or exceed your prospects expectations. You are completely certain that once your client gets to experience what you have to offer, they too will see the fantastic benefits it offers. The challenge for the customer though, is that for you to open the door and show them how great your product or service is, they will need to take a risk and as you know, people are risk averse. So most people will not take the risk and offer you the opportunity to share your great product or service with them.

Build Mutually Beneficial Relationships

As you are in the business of building mutually beneficial relationships with your clients, both you and your client lose, if they do not have the opportunity to see what your product or service can do for their business. The secret to open the door and to start to build the partnerships and relationships you want with your prospects is to eliminate the risk completely. Instead of expecting them to work with you, with blind faith, where they take all the risk, eliminate the risk completely. In other words show them how much you believe in your product or service, put your money where your mouth is and offer to supply it free of charge, if it does not meet their expectations and needs.

You know that you cannot build mutually beneficial relationships and form lasting partnerships with your clients, unless you are authentic, believe 100 % in what you are selling and know that what you have to sell will eliminate pain and exceed the needs and expectations of your clients or new partners. You therefore know that what you have to sell is fantastic, so have the courage of your convictions and show it by removing any risk to your client.

Accept all the Risk

I was involved in on-going negotiations with a large manufacturer and after months of negotiation, it looked that, even though I knew my service would eliminate a whole lot of pain for them, I was going to lose the deal. To secure the deal and to begin the process of building the relationship, I asked the CEO what she felt the risk was and how could we eliminate the risk. She felt that if we wasted time on doing the necessary research, went through the training process and they did not see any positive results, she would look bad and have incurred a big expense for nothing.

I immediately eliminated the risk completely and offered to do the research, offer the training and deliver a final keynote address at their annual conference. I told her that, should she not be 100 % satisfied with the results, I would offer the entire service free of charge. By eliminating the risk and showing complete confidence in my work, I gained a great new client and have built a really great partnership with this company. We both benefit from this great on-going relationship.

The secret to create sustainable success and to ensure that people get to know’ like and trust what you have to offer. Is to firstly believe in your product or service, know what it can do for your clients and then remove any risk to your client. By following this simple strategy, you will very quickly grow your business and achieve the sales success you desire.

 Author: Andrew Horton Sales Training



  • Joseph Mokoatle /

    Andrew, great article once again. I loved it so much that I even reshared it on my Facebook and Twitter accounts.
    You make such a compelling argument here, and if anything, force seller to evaluate just how much faith they have in their product/service.
    In fact, your post has given me an idea with a proposal I’ve been working on regarding getting donations for my NPO. Will update you in due course.

    Thank you very much sir.

  • Tumi Sibanda /

    Andrew, real food for thought. This is true more fore new start-up businesses. It is a tall order to convince prospective clients to buy into your product(s). I believe it is a clever strategy to show prospects how much you believe in your products. I however wonder if this strategy will not be seen as desparation on the seller’s part. Your take on that?

    • Thanks for the feedback Tumi. I do not see this strategy as desperation at all, quite the contrary. When you show 100 % faith in your product or service. Your client or prospective client will grow to trust what you have to offer. As you know people buy from people and products and services they know, like and trust. I hope this helps

  • Russ Schon /

    Thanks Andrew,

    Based on your inspiration, I will offer more 100% guarantees for my services.

    I think the overall benefit will out weigh the risk on my part.

  • Eliminate Risk from your prospective client completely!

    Andrew, thank you so much for this inspiration. So many of us only go into business to win on expenses of others. Such businesses don’t last long as they will close the business links wherever they go due to bad product and services. Even if Iam in business for 14 years, and I hold my clients dearly, I have never taken the approach of removing risks from new clients to win their trust.From now on I will use your idea and will communicate with you of new clients I gain using your inspiring approach. Looking forward to learn more from your wisdom.

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