Sales Training – Are your Customers Selling for you Everyday?

Sales Training

Are your Customers Selling for you Everyday?

Have you invested so much into building connection with your customers that they are such raving fans, that they are one of your best-selling tools? Research shows that happy customers will readily refer you to people they know, if they have enjoyed a wonderful sales experience with you. People are very busy with their lives and even if they are really satisfied with their entire sales experience with you, they may only refer you if they are asked a direct question by someone else or if you request them to do so.

Word of Mouth Strategy

Your word of mouth strategy is never about sitting back and hoping that people love your value proposition so much that they will actually go around telling other people about you and what you have to offer. Although this does happen on occasion, to really get the most from your “Word of Mouth strategy”, it must be an orchestrated process, whereby you actually ask your satisfied customers for referrals, when you see they are the most satisfied with what they have received. The better your relationship with your customers, the easier it will be to ask them for referrals.


The best sales activities take place between, your customers and prospects, between friends and colleagues and come in the form of recommendations or advice on what they feel is a good buy and who they feel offers the best value proposition. Yes people are going to volunteer information on how great you are and how fantastic your value proposition is, when asked a direct question in this regard or if they are so extremely satisfied with you and your value proposition, and they just can’t help themselves.

The most effective way to make this work for you is to strive to develop really great mutually beneficial relationships with your customers, so that you can actually ask them to pick up the phone and call one of your prospects or someone else they feel would benefit from your value proposition and to edify you. To get the most from your ‘Word of Mouth Strategy” you must actually drive the process and actively seek out customers who can edify you with other people who need what you have to sell.

 Acquiring new Customers

It is extremely expensive and difficult to continually acquire new customers, without the support of your existing very satisfied customer base. So if you want to reach the top as a sales professional, it is crucial that you learn how to leverage the most from this really simple and effective selling strategy. The more you can wow your existing customers, the more likely they are to want to support and edify you. The more satisfied your existing customers are with what you have to offer, the more likely they will want to support you and open doors for you.

If you want to reach the top and virtually effortlessly achieve your sales targets, then it is crucial that you strive to develop mutually beneficial relationships with all your customers. When your existing customers are really satisfied with you and your value proposition they will gladly open doors for you.

If you invest into ensuring that your customers are extremely satisfied with you, your product and your company, you will never need to make a cold call ever again, because your customers will do all your selling for you.

Action Idea: Treat every existing customer as a potential source of “Word of Mouth Advertising” and invest as much time and effort, as possible to ensure that their experience with you, your product and your company is exceptional. It may seem really daunting to do this at first, but if you target a few of your existing customers and you gradually start to wow them, it will eventually become the way you do things and all your customers will become raving fans and supporters. Research shows that on average, people know about 300 other people, so happy customers, can be a very lucrative source of new business, if you us this strategy properly.

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