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As one of the top sales training master teachers in South Africa, I will show you that unless you have a vast vision, which stretches you, you will just coast through life, never really challenging yourself. In order to expand your space and what you believe is possible for you to achieve, you need to expand your space – time horizons. I am sure you have a few real aha moments in your life, that when you think about them, you realize they were turning points in your life. One of those moments for me, was when I listened to the wisdom from an elderly man, when I was in my early twenties. His advice was for me to set goals for myself, my family, my community, my city, my province, my nation, the world at large that stretched beyond my own lifetime. This message has stuck with me for the past 25 years and has guided my thinking and planning since then.

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Set inspired goals

Ever since that day I have consciously set inspired goals, which have helped shape my future and allowed me to become financially independent, working every day in a vocation I love. The major lesson I have learned over the years is that you will never make a huge difference to yourself, if you do not have a vision, at least as large as your family. You can never make a real and lasting difference to your family, if you have not created a vision as large as your community. The message, I need you to get here is that, you need a truly vast vision, which stretches you, if you want to achieve greatness.

Unless you have a vast vision, which stretches you, you will just coast through life, never really challenging yourself. In order to expand your vision and what you believe is possible for you to achieve, you need to expand your space – time horizons. This means that you will need to accept greater responsibility or accountability for everything in your experience.

This sales training course will teach you the art of embracing both the supportive and challenging sides of life. In other words you must accept that, as you travel down the path towards the success you desire. There will be both periods where everything just seems to flow smoothly and other times when challenges will inevitably cross your path. Both are normal and are just the way life unfolds. The secret to sustainable success, is to accept that challenges are a normal part of any success journey. In fact the only thing, which separates you from other super achievers, is your ability to get up when you get knocked down.

As Les Brown said, “When you get knocked down, make sure that you land on your back. It is easy to stand up, when you can look up

Sales Training to help Expand your time space continuum

When you want to expand your world, look to expand the view you have of your world. Let me give you a few examples to explain my point.

• A factory worker has a limited time space horizon and lives in a world defined by hours and days.
• His supervisor has a slightly expanded view and lives from day to day and possibly, week to week.
• Junior management, who have a leadership responsibility and oversee the factory workers and supervisors, live in a world, with responsibilities, which span weeks and months.
• Middle managers explore their world and guide their team, with a longer time perspective, which spans months and extends up to one year.
• The most senior managers have a responsibility, which spans years and they are responsible for steering the business on an annual basis.
• The CEO on the other hand, takes a more strategic view of the business and guides the organization, focused on years and decades.
• In some really large organizations, especially in Japan, the CEO and his team think in terms of decades and even centuries.
• The wise sage, who is not limited by our limited concept of time, sees the universe in terms of centuries and even millenniums, giving rise to the concept of immortality.

The size and scope of your time – space continuum, which exists within your inner most dominant thoughts, will determine the magnitude of the experience you are able to create for yourself.

Expand your Time – Space Continuum

From the examples above, it should be clear that if you want to expand your world, you need to expand your vision and create a picture of possibility, which stretches you beyond your current limited view of what you believe is possible. So if you want to expand anything in your world, first start by expanding your time – space continuum, by expanding your vision. Learn the art of patience, using longer time horizons, to allow you to avoid the need for immediate gratification. Rather focusing on achieving longer term objectives.

Leading People

It is wise to remember that when you are leading people in your organization, you should delegate and lead according to the space- time horizons, they live in. It is unrealistic and pointless to give someone, who lives with a day to day vision, a year long project, which will require them to stretch way outside their comfort zone. This sales training course will show you the secret to make this work with your team, is to always lead your team, considering their perspective, rather than your own. When you speak to people’s values and can highlight the things, which are important to them, they are willing and eager to be part of the vision or goal.

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