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You Can Never Exceed Your Own Expectations

Regardless of your age, gender, ethnicity or even how big or small your dreams may be, self-confidence and self-esteem, coupled with a healthy dose of belief in your potential, are the crucial ingredients for inviting any level of sales success into your experience. No matter how amazing the product or services you are selling may be, you are ostensibly selling yourself. People buy the full value proposition, which obviously includes the products and services, but most importantly they buy the value you the sales professional ads to the offering. The final buying decision is always an emotional one, in which the buyer’s final decision is based on the value the sales person adds to the deal. You can only bring great value to any sales experience if you believe in yourself and what you have to sell.

You get Branded everyday

We all know that people should not judge each other and that they should look beyond the obvious outside appearance of other people. But unfortunately people do judge each other. Just as products or services are branded as “the best”, “cheapest”, “Ineffective”, ”good value for money”, or “unreliable”, so too are individuals branded too. They are either branded as “winners” or” whiners”, which one are you?  The picture you project to the world about who you really are, speaks volumes. You cannot project a self-conscious doubting image to the world and expect people to have confidence in you or the product or service you are attempting to sell.

People Buy your Confidence and Belief

Everybody loves to be around people who exude an air of healthy self-confidence and who believe in what they have to sell. They are able to then see the full value proposition you offer, which includes the product and service you are selling, but most importantly, they can see your quiet confidence and belief in yourself and what you have to offer. We all love to buy from confident winners, who believe in themselves and what they offer. Are you confident and do you believe in yourself and what you are selling, because until you can acquire confidence and real authentic belief in what you are selling, no one will buy from you.

Nature or Nurture

Yes some people are naturally more confident than others, but I do not believe that we are born with self-confidence. I believe that we develop our self-esteem and self-confidence daily, by keeping all the commitments we make with ourselves and everyone around us. The challenge we face when trying to develop our self-confidence, is that many of us were forced to play inferior roles to adults as children.

These adults frequently reminded us of our faults and shortcomings, instead of supporting us to see our strengths and abilities. This has made us doubt ourselves and instead of keeping the commitments we make with ourselves to lose weight, improve our knowledge, and achieve any goals we set for ourselves. We instead doubt ourselves so much, that at the first obstacle we give up, reinforcing our lack of belief in ourselves. This forces us to doubt ourselves even further.

Your Opinion Matters the Most

No one else is responsible for you or how your life unfolds or for that matter how many sales you make or fail to make. It is for this reason that no one else’s opinion about you matters. You are ultimately responsible for all your daily actions or lack thereof, so do not listen to the opinion of anyone else, other than as a means of gathering feedback. The only opinion, which matters, is your own opinions and beliefs, which will ultimately inspire you to take action daily.

Conversations with Yourself

Whether you are conscious of it or not, you are engaged in a running conversation with yourself all day. Your thoughts and ideas are talking to you, encouraging you to believe in yourself, guiding you to take positive actions to help you achieve great success or discouraging you by filling your head with all the reasons you may fail throughout the day. It is time to wrestle back control of these conversations and for you to teach yourself how to constantly speak to yourself in a supportive and re-enforcing fashion. You know the value of spending time around supportive people, who genuinely believe in you, praise and reward you. It raises your belief in yourself and makes you see possibility. Try to instil the same qualities into the conversations you have with yourself every day and you will gradually begin to grow your self-belief daily.

Believe in Yourself and your Potential

There is no greater driver for inviting sales success into your experience, than your own belief in possibility and your ability to achieve it. It is seldom, if ever that you will exceed your own expectations about what you can achieve. You can never build or create great expectations, unless you believe in yourself and your abilities. So is it not time to start removing those nagging doubts and to unlock your unlimited potential to become the best person possible, by finally believing in yourself. You are truly magnificent, dare to finally see it.

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