Sales Training reveals the Other Four Letter word for Success

sales trainingDuring this Sales Training you will discover that whether you have the word Salesperson on your business card or not, you were involved in a number of sales conversations today, without even being aware you were selling or trying to sell something. Maybe you tried to influence a work college to see your point of view or you negotiated with your daughter, about her commitment to her schoolwork, or maybe you negotiated with your spouse about the movie you want to see on the weekend, etc.  This Sales Training course will highlight that in some shape or form you were involved in trying to influence someone to do something today. In other words you were involved in selling an idea, concept or something to someone today. In fact as long as you are in contact with other human beings every day, it is something you do, without even knowing you are selling to them. Influence in any shape or form is SELLING.

Being a skilled Influencer or Sales Person is a crucial life Skill

As you can imagine, the better equipped you are to positively influence the people around you, the easier your life will be and the greater will be your overall success in life. Selling is not only a necessary business skill, but it is an essential life skill, if you want to invite sustainable success into your life. Lose the fear about selling and rejection and realise that selling is nothing more than the ability to positively influence an outcome. It is not something mysterious or complicated at all. It is one of the most natural skills we all possess.

Action Idea: Approach every situation where you wish to positively influence an outcome, with a mind-set of fair exchange, where there will be two winners, trust yourself, listen to your intuition and you will be equipped to achieve the outcome you desire.

Lose the False Belief that you are not good at selling

You have been involved in influencing the people around you ever since you uttered your first cry as a baby. From the first time you cried as a baby, you influenced your parents to perform various tasks for you and as you grew older, you became more and more adept at influencing the people around you, to achieve the outcomes you wanted. It is time to shift your mind-set away from the mistaken belief that you are not good at sales. You have an innate ability to sell and influence the people around you. It is time to believe and to unlock your hidden abilities.

Shift your Perspective

Change the way you look at selling and no longer see yourself as selling anything. Rather see yourself as helping the people around you achieve better outcomes and solve challenges. Change from thinking about the four letter word “S-E-L-L” and instead shift your thinking towards, how can I “H-E-L-P” people satisfy their needs or eliminate challenges. This is not just a clever play on words, where you substitute one four letter word for another one. When you can seriously embrace the concept of always trying to “H-E-L-P” the people around you and you have a genuine commitment towards building mutually beneficial relationships with them, in a modality of fair exchange, you will exponentially improve your level of success.

Shift your Philosophy

When you can embrace the concept of helping other people and you approach every conversation with this new philosophy, you will have truly mastered your life. You will no longer be pitching for business with prospects, you will instead be enquiring how you can best support and help people you genuinely care about, improve their life experience. This will transform you from a salesperson, into a trusted and valued business partner. People will then not only buy products or services from you, but actually become raving loyal fans, who will support you in return for helping them and even gladly refer you to other people, who will also benefit from your value proposition.

Search and Discover

This Sales Training course will help you to explore every relationship in your life, especially your relationships with your customers, where you try to discover what the other persons goals, hopes, pains and challenges are. You will not only shift your own mind-set away from selling, towards helping, but the people around you will feel your authentic commitment towards them too. They will see from your approach and behaviour towards them that you are not just there to complete a single transaction, but that you really care about them and their needs and that you have their best interests at heart.

This new philosophy will help you to improve your sales results and it will no longer feel like you are selling anything, as you will become a business partner to your customers, rather than a salesperson. This will make selling or influencing people towards a desired outcome, far more enjoyable and fun, which will also bring far more meaning and fulfilment into your experience.
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