Should you Change your Habits?

sales Ttrainig habitsOver 95 % of what you do every day is dictated by your current habit set. So, Irrespective of how huge your expectations may be, no matter how clear your vision for the future is, how much you may believe in yourself and your ability to bring your vision to life or even how certain you are, about exactly why you want to move in the direction of your vision. Nothing meaningful can or will happen, on a sustainable basis, unless your habits support you to take the right daily action, to succeed. You can literally change your life, if you change your daily routines or habits.

Change your habits – Change your life

If you continue to do things the same way that you have always done them There is no way you can expect to achieve different outcomes. If you want things or the results you are able to achieve to change. Then you need to change the one thing you control 100 %, namely you. You can immediately change the course of your life or shift the outcomes you can and will achieve in the future, if you identify what new success habits will support you to achieve the goals or outcomes you want and then turn them into habits.

Getting Started

Action Idea: The first step in the process is to look into the future with expectant eyes and allow yourself to dream. Have “Huge Expectations”. Explore those outlandish expectations and clarify them, by creating a crystal picture or “Vision” for the future. Your vision only creates direction, it is your “Goals”, which provide you with the blueprint or map to gradually guide you towards your vision. Goals however remain only milestones along the path towards living your vision. They serve no good purpose, until you convert them into daily activities, by creating an “Action Plan”. This plan allows you to move from where you are, along the path to reach each milestone or goal. Finally you need to create a routine or a set of “Success Habits”, to support you to take the right goal specific actions daily, so that you can reach each milestone or achieve each goal.

Success Habit Set

Your “Success Habit Set” is effectively a daily routine, which is carefully crafted by following the systematic approach described above. This systematic approach takes your dreams or expectations and turns them into daily activity. This is best explained with an example:


  • Expectations – create a financial wall around my family, which no one can break.
  • Vision – I am living in a protective unbreakable financial bubble, where my passive income exceeds my expenses.
  • Goals – (Goal 1) It is the 31 December 2013 and I have reduced my monthly expenses to $ 7000 per month and have created passive income streams of $ 20 000 per month. I am investing 55 % of this into my financial freedom account, every month.
  • Action Plan – I plan my day the night before, carefully logging my daily expenditure, so that it matches my monthly and daily budgeted expenditure. I review my day every day, assessing how I have managed to reduce wasteful expenditure or impulse buying. I invest 60 minutes a day exploring new passive income streams, such as affiliate marketing opportunities, book sales on Amazon, looking for new property investments. I spend 30 minutes a day managing my existing passive income streams etc.
  • Success Habit Set – Build a daily schedule, which encourages me to take the above actions every day. Using my willpower I keep carrying out the activities as described above, until they become entrenched success habits. Research shows that it takes about 66 days to completely entrench a new habit.

When you follow this simple formula as described above. You will get to live any dream or expectation, no matter how huge or outlandish it may seem, when you first get started.

Starting to Change

No matter how good someone’s intentions may be. They can never change you. If you want to achieve better results, you need to commit to make these crucial changes.

  • Admit that you have a need (expectations), stop looking for excuses about why you can’t. Instead explore and find all the reasons why you can and you will. Then simply accept 100 % responsibility and make the positive changes you need to make.
  • Remember that you can never change your current bad habits. All you can do is replace them with new ones, by layering new behaviour patterns on top of the old ones. Your habits are like submarines. They run deep and silent, so don’t expect to simply replace them in a day. It takes time to build new success habits, so have patience and be persistent. Building success habits happens daily, never in a day. Your habits are like a very comfortable bed. Really easy to get into, but extremely difficult to get out of.
  • Discover what the right daily routines are, which will support you to achieve your dreams or expectations. The next step to guarantee your success, is to turn these routines into your new success habit set. Once your new daily routines, become second nature and they are the way you operate, you will, over time achieve all your goals. Negative behaviour or negative habits lead to the loss of lifestyle, whilst positive behaviour or habits, lead to a winning lifestyle.

Perfect daily practice, will turn the right daily routines, into permanent behaviour or your new success habit set. You can invite any level of success into your experience, if you commit to discover the right daily routines, necessary to support you. All you have to do is use your willpower to help you to turn these into new entrenched success habits.

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