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Your Ability to Influence Others, is a Crucial Life Skill?

sales training new influenceSales training to show you that before any motor race, the drivers of the various cars compete with one another to try to be the fastest during the qualifying rounds, so that they can earn pole position at the start of the race. The driver in pole position starts in the front of the race and does not need to work to try to pass anyone else during the race. He simply needs to hold his position and he or she will win the race. Conversely, the drivers who perform badly during the qualifying rounds, start in the worst possible position and as such they need to work really hard to pass other drivers, if they want to place or win the race. They are stuck behind other cars and as they are extremely disadvantaged, they have a very low chance of winning the race.

Sales Training helps you to Start your Success Journey Well

Every moment in your life is a micro window into your future. The way you approach each moment, each day, each project or goal offers you a window into how successful you are going to be at each. Therefore if you are giving less than your best, during any part of your life, you are setting the tone for poor performance in the future. Just like with any race car driver, needs to qualify as well as they possibly can, before any race. So too do you need to prepare as thoroughly as possible before starting on any new day or success journey. The better your preparation before you start each day or any success journey, the less work will be necessary to remain on track, as you travel along that path.

I am by no means suggesting that you get paralysed by your preparation and never ever pull the trigger. I am however recommending that you understand that the race must begin at the scheduled time, i.e. you must pull the trigger within a reasonable time, but the better your preparation, the easier and more successful will be the journey. The stronger your start, the easier will be the journey.

Plan your day the night before

Like I said before every moment is a micro window, which predicts how your future will unfold. It is for this reason that I apply the preparation rule, which I use before tackling any new goal or project to design each day too. I plan my day the night before, so that I can design my game plan for the next day. This daily ritual allows me to have all my preparation done for the next day, before I shut shop for the day, which allows me to firstly switch off when at home and recharge my batteries as I know my day is under control. Secondly I start the next day very strong in pole position, as I have optimised the use of my available time.

When I neglect my planning the night before, I have observed massive adverse effects to my performance the next day. The first thing I notice is a loss of purpose and focus. Instead of getting to design my day and choosing how and where I get to spend my day, I cede control to whatever circumstances randomly arise. Secondly I spend the day spinning my wheels, squandering my time and wasting my energy, as I have no direction. I just float from one activity to the next and get very little important priority stuff done that day. I also feel overwhelmed, throughout the day and reach the end of a pointless day, exhausted, having achieved little.

Use your first 90 Minutes very wisely

As you know we operate according to the Circadian and Ultradian rhythms, which mean that we sleep when it is dark and are awake when it is light and we also operate best during 90 minute high powered segments. So based on this, the time of day when you are most energised and able to perform at your best is obviously for the first 90 minutes of your day.

During this time you should isolate yourself from any distractions and narrow your focus towards completing the most important task for that day. This is the one task, which you identified the evening before, during your evening planning session, to be the one, which would deliver the most value to you the next day, the one task which when completed will turn your day into a success.

View each Day as a Masterpiece

Continue through your day, utilising the ultradian rhythm, by breaking your day up into 90 minute segments of high energy, followed by periods of rest. Use breakfast, lunch and dinner strategically to allow for longer periods of rest. You should have a minimum of 5 – 10 minutes of rest after each 90 minute segment. Use your time as efficiently as possible throughout your day, ensuring that you get the most important things done first, while your energy is at its highest. Leave the least important tasks for later in the day.

The secret to have a successful day every day is to remain present and focused 100 % on the task at hand; do not allow any distractions into your day. Distractions are the thief of focus and success. Narrow your focus for each day and ask yourself “Just for today, how can I be a success during the next 24 Hours”? See each 24 hours as the most important 24 hours of your life and place a premium on how you use your time each day. See each day as a masterpiece.  

Finish well

Each driver during a race knows the importance of starting well, but they are also very aware of the importance of consistency and finishing well during the race too. If they lose concentration for even a second, they could crash or lose position. Regardless of how incredible the driver may be at manoeuvring his car during the race, if they are not in front when they pass the checked flag, they do not win the race. They need to be focused throughout the race and particularly as they approach the end of the race, or they will forfeit their position.

Granted your energy is at its highest first thing in the morning and as such this is the time to tackle and complete your most important task for the day. But if you learn to utilise your natural rhythms properly and you work at high intensity for 90 minute segments, followed by time to recover throughout your day. You will get the maximum out of your day, every day.

Next understand that we all hit a natural low between 1 and about 3 pm every day. This is called the circadian trough. This part of the circadian rhythm, and requires us to sleep for a second time, during each 24 hour cycle. To utilise this part of the cycle and operate optimally, you should try to sleep for between 10 and 20 minutes between 1and 3 pm daily. When you do this you are rewarded with a second maximum energy segment. In other words, by sleeping for only 10 minutes in the afternoon, you completely recharge your batteries and can operate optimally for the remainder of the day. This will effectively give you the boost you need to finish each day very strongly.  

Focus your attention on today and right now, because yesterday is gone forever and tomorrow is out of reach. Sales training shows that right now and today is what really matters. Know the importance of starting each day as strongly as possible, be consistent and focused throughout your day and strive to finish each day as strongly as possible, by reviewing how you did and planning your day for tomorrow. Work according to your body’s natural rhythms, don’t forget to schedule rest into your day and always remain focused on working as optimally as possible, throughout your day.

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