Sales Training – Are you Confusing Motion, with Inspired Action?

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Are you Confusing Motion, with Inspired Action?

I see people all around me every day, who arrive home after yet another really long day at work, exhausted, yet they never seem to get the important things that they need to do done. This leaves them overwhelmed and unable to achieve their goals. Do you know anyone like that, or worse, is that how you feel about the treadmill, which is your own life? Do you feel like you are spinning your wheels every day, working really hard, yet you feel trapped and unable to make any headway towards achieving your goals and dreams. As Benjamin Franklin so aptly said “Don’t confuse motion with action”.

Improve your Focus

Are you frantically busy every day, but no matter how hard you seem to work, you are unable to get any closer to achieving your goals and dreams. Well if this sounds like your life and you want things to change, then invest some time to read this article. I have packed a few really powerful tips into this article today, which I use personally every day, with great success in my own life. I am certain that if you use some or all of these tips, you will be able to get far more from your available time. The reason you are struggling to achieve your goals is not because you do not have enough time, it is because you lack focus and commitment.

Ditch your Routine

If you want anything in your world to change, you cannot change the president, economic conditions or interest rates, but you can change one thing – yourself. So if you want to change the results you are currently enjoying in your life then, accept that you must change the one thing you have 100 % control over, namely your attitude, level of inspired daily action, prioritisation and the amount of focus you give towards achieving your goals each day. It is time to ditch those daily routines, which have kept you trapped in average and for you to try a few of these new ones I will share with you today.

Meet your Future

Meet your future is simply where you schedule time every day to allow you to carry out your goal specific inspired actions. I refer to this time as “meeting your future” as it is a really important meeting, which you must conduct every day, to create the future you want. If you called these “meetings with me”, it would be far easier to cancel the meeting every day, because something more important came up. Your “meetings with your future” are more important than any other meeting you need to attend and so if something else really important does come up, you would reschedule, but never ever cancel one of these crucial meetings.

Your Big Five Daily Inspired Actions

Choose one of your goals and see what five daily inspired actions, if repeated daily will help you to achieve your goal.

If for example you were in sales and your goal was to smash your sales target in 2013, “Your Big Five” could be the following:

1)    Visit five customers with a purpose to build relationships..

2)    Qualify three prospects and make contact with them.

3)    Visit two prospects to show them your value proposition.

4)    Telephone five customers with a definite purpose to develop relationships and offer support.

5)    Follow-up with fifteen existing clients, via electronic media to develop relationship. This could include commenting on their blog, sending an email with an article they find of interest, sending birthday wishes or sending wishes via LinkedIn or Facebook, etc.

Your circumstances are unique to you, so to make “your Big Five” work for you, you must take a close look at your goal and choose the right five daily activities, which when repeated consistently, will help you achieve your goals. No matter how big the tree is, if you take five chops out of the tree every day with your axe, eventually the tree will fall down. Your goals are the same, if you take consistent action, where you carry out five goal specific actions daily, eventually you too will achieve anything, no matter how big your goal may be.

Get up Earlier

To make this work for you, you must first get clarity on your vision, goals and daily priorities; so that you can start each day empowered and focused on carrying out the tasks, which really matter. Once you have clarity on your vision and goals, you can use this time of day to connect with your vision and to review goals. This daily reminder will help you to reinforce your commitment towards carrying out the goal specific actions you need to carry out daily, to achieve your goals.

This time, first thing in the morning, free from distractions, is also a perfect time for conducting your meetings with your future. The only challenge with using this time to “meet your future” is that, should you need to call or meet with other people, it would be impossible at this time of day.

Make a Difference this Year

If you want your life to change and to finally start achieving your goals, then try some or all of these tips I have shared with you today. You have nothing to lose, but disappointment and so much to gain in the form of fulfilment and meaning. Dare to do things differently this year and you will see miracles start to happen. Your goals will no longer be just thoughts in your mind that never materialise, they will finally become something tangible, which you will live and enjoy every day.

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