Sales Training – Invest Time to Grow and Become the Success you Desire

Sales Training

Invest Time to Grow and Become the Success you Desire

This sales training intervention will highlight the fact that we are in the home stretch of 2012, there are just on 76 days left until the yet another year is over. Look back over your successes to date. Are you satisfied with your performance this year? Have finally turned that corner and this year will have proved to be the one where everything has started to come together? Or are you still spinning your wheels and feeling trapped in a cycle of apparent busyness and limited effectiveness. Now that we are entering that last crucial portion of the year, it is time to begin finalising the outcomes you want to achieve this year or a perfect time to start setting the foundation for a great 2013.

Stop investing so much time into admiring and studying your favourite sports team and knowing every statistic about every player in the team and to focus your energy on growing and becoming. Commit to shift your focus from knowing and admiring the exploits of others and begin to focus more energy on getting to know and to grow yourself. Imagine how much you will grow and how much more you will become, if you make these few small but crucial shifts.

Instead of:

  • Reading the sports page and memorising every statistic about every player – you read a self-improvement book and discover one new success habit that you can apply in your life.
  • Listening to the news, sport and music in your car – you listen to an educational or inspirational cd.
  • Spending your weekends glued to the sports channel – You watch an instructional DVD or attend a seminar.
  • Spending hours discussing sports scores and player statistics –  You discuss your goals and dreams and the path you are taking to achieve them
  • Vegetating into front of the TV every night – you take one hour to read a book or meditate.
  • Reading sports or gossip magazines – you read success magazine or something similar.
  • Gossiping about other people  – you spoke about your life lessons and plans for personal growth

You Attract Success by the Person You Become

You attract success by the person you become, so how do you think those positive shifts, away from entertainment toward education and personal growth, would affect your own life scores and statistics?

Change Your EVE Ratio

I am not saying that you must completely reboot your life and stop all entertainment in your life. I am saying that, if you committed to make a few small shifts and you began to change your current entertainment ratio of about 500 hours of entertainment, to every one hour of education and you began to change this to a ratio of 50 hours of entertainment, to every one hour of education. You would see amazing results begin to manifest in your life.

Choose to Succeed

As this year closes and the New Year dawns, commit to finally make the choice to succeed and stop spinning your wheels. As long as you keep entertaining yourself to death and you never make time for your personal growth, you will see another year fly by in a blur of dissatisfaction. Introduce these few positive changes into your life and begin the process of expanding and become the type of person, who deserves the type of success you desire.

Stop the Pursuit and Start Becoming

After attending this sales training intervention you will realise that you should stop pursuing success, as anything you pursue will elude you and start attracting success, by becoming the type of person, who deserves the success that you desire. As you create better balance between the amounts of time you spend entertaining yourself and the time you spend growing yourself, you will finally have everything in place to start to realise all your dreams. Invest as much time into practicing, training, growing and developing your own skills, knowledge and abilities as the people that you watch at your favourite sporting events do. Imagine how that will completely transform your life?

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