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Are you Really Serious about Inviting Success into Your Life?

As long as you view the effort and daily activity required, to invite success into your life as a chore or something undesirable, you will never have the ability to overcome all the inevitable challenges, which will cross your path. You will never have the energy, patience and persistence necessary to succeed, if you continue to view success as a possible option for you. If you continue to do this, you are doomed to fail before you even start.

Whose responsibility is Success Anyway?

Statistics in America, show that only 3 % of American households earned more than  $ 500 000 dollars last year. Well when you consider that there were trillions and trillions of dollars earned last year, where certain people earned millions and even billions of dollars each, during this same period, either the system is set up to marginalise the average person, or the other 97 % of people are treating success as something, which may or may not happen. They do not truly believe in their potential and so marginalise themselves and doom themselves to remain average.

The Top Earners are not Smarter than you

The average top earner is not any brighter than you and in many cases they do not even work any harder than you do, they are just more committed, focused and driven to succeed than you are. As long as you continue to live the lie, in which you believe that your success depends on the state of the economy, the president, interest rates or anything else over which you have zero control, you will remain trapped in average and never get to live your true potential.

Create the Life you want and live your full Potential

My experience has shown me that only a very small percentage of the population ever get to live the life of meaning and fulfilment they desire and incredibly very few ever realise their full potential. I hear people claiming that they want a great relationship, financial freedom, a vocation they love, a solvent and prosperous business and to be healthy and fit etc. and then they leave it all to chance. They do not go after it with the relentless belief and commitment they need to have to succeed and achieve any or all of these desires.

Be Relentless

The only way to invite any and all of the success you desire into your life is to go after them with a relentless and undying, “I will do whatever it takes”, kind of attitude, deep rooted commitment and belief in yourself and your abilities. Nothing less will inspire you to continue to take the daily goal specific action, you need to take, to succeed, especially when things get really tough and those inevitable challenges come your way.

If you want to Succeed – Ask yourself these Questions

  • Are you achieving your full potential or are you idling along, content to just get by?
  • Are you completely committed to your success?
  • Do you believe you have what it takes to succeed?
  • Will more success make your life better or worse?
  • Do the people around support and encourage you?
  • Are you expressing your true expectations or are you limiting yourself?

Explore your answers to the above questions and try to see what is limiting your progress and keeping you trapped in a life devoid of meaning and fulfilment.

Action Idea: Dare to dream and allow yourself to have huge expectations about all the possibilities available to you, believe in yourself, surround yourself with people who can support and encourage you, take goal specific action daily, measure your progress regularly, chipping away, until you succeed.

Demand the success you deserve, be committed to it and a world of new possibilities opens up to you. Stop approaching success as an option and instead see it as your obligation and your ability to achieve all your dreams will increase exponentially. Consider it your duty and obligation to finally live your potential, in fact go as far as making it your new obsession and nothing can stop you.

Success is a Journey

Inviting success into your life is most certainly a journey, but one you will only travel, if the destination you see possible in the future is attractive enough, to drive you to take action daily you need to take. If your dreams are too small and the prize in the end is not attractive enough, you will never be willing to pay the price necessary to achieve it. You must have something worthwhile to focus on; otherwise you will eventually look at all the effort required and give up.

It takes as much effort to set a goal to earn $ 10 000 a year, as it takes to set a goal to earn $ 1 000 000 a year. The difference is that the million dollars (the Prize) is something really big and as such it will inspire you to take the difficult actions you need to take daily, whereas the $ 10 000 (prize), is uninspiring and so you will quickly lose interest and give up. Don’t be afraid to dream big and to stretch yourself. The greater the prize, the more committed and driven you will be to achieve it.

See your Success as an Obligation

Shift your thinking and see success as your right and obligation. It is criminal to allow any of your potential to go to waste. When you see success as a duty, an obligation and your responsibility, you give yourself impetus and you will feel driven to succeed. Your success has nothing to do with luck or chance, it is all about activity. The more action you take the luckier your will get. You will more likely be in the right place, to meet the right person at the right time, if you are committed and taking action daily.

Every successful person out there has experienced challenges and setback in their lives. The reason they are successful has nothing to do with challenges or obstacles, but everything to do with their belief in themselves and their focus and commitment, towards daily action.

Approach Success Like a parent approaches their Child

All the great parents I know, approach raising their children, as both an honour and an obligation and they see it as one of their top priorities in life. When you can show the same degree of commitment towards your success as a parent shows towards their children, where you see your success as an obligation and responsibility, you will begin to experience the passion and drive you need to succeed.

Great parents will do whatever it takes to ensure that their children are well cared for. Nothing is too difficult. They get up in the middle of the night, clothe, feed and if necessary even fight for them. If you can use this analogy to highlight the commitment you need to feel towards your future success, you will finally have what it takes to achieve the meaning and fulfilment you desire.

You do have what it takes

Awaken your sleeping giant and commit to your success, by committing to raise it like one of your own children. Nurture it and give it all the support it needs and in time you will be living the dreams you have allowed to remain hidden for so long.

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    Awesome stuff. Some we know but we like to conveniently forget…time to keep reminding ourselves what our potential really is and the duty we have to achieve it!

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    Wounderful and inspiring article.

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