Do you LOVE to HELP people get what they want?

If you want to excel at sales, you can no longer afford to blunder blindly into meetings with your customers and prospects, where you sit with your feet braced firmly against the desk. Maintaining a one sided perspective, where you are looking to get as much as possible from every individual transaction or interaction, with your customers or prospects. Rather ensure that you every time you meet with them, you have a meaningful and well thought through purpose, for calling on your them, where you authentically always have their best interests at heart.

Everyone is pressed for time nowadays and as such they have very little time available in their day to merely catch up with people and have a pleasant chat with someone, who wants to “SELL” them something. Most people do however have time or they can make time, to invest with someone, who is well prepared and has a sincere intention to “HELP” them mitigate challenges, reduce costs or better satisfy any needs they may have.

“SELLING” is Easy and very Ineffective

Of course “SELLING” is easy and does not require much preparation or planning at all. It is also extremely ineffectual and may see a sales person close a few individual transactions a month, which is hardly enough to become a sales super star.

“HELPING” the Right People makes Closing Sales Simple

HELPING” people, by firstly knowing what value you can offer them, thoroughly researching your prospects and customers, ensuring that your value proposition is a perfect fit for them and identifying innovative ways to show them the value you offer, requires “WORK”. But once the initial work is done, closing the sale and building a long term mutually beneficial relationship with people who can see the value you bring, is simple and sustainable.

Sales Success comes to those who consistently “Think, Plan and Prepare”

Closing sales is no longer about just showing up, unprepared, with no plan or purpose, at someone’s door hoping that they will want what you sell. Then by using various clever closing techniques, you then selfishly manipulate them into completing a single transaction with you.

Long term success as a sales professional, is about:

  1. Doing what you love
  2. Believing in what you sell
  3. Knowing the value you bring.
  4. Believing that the value you offer is greater than the price your customers will have to pay.
  5. Believing that what you offer will add real value to your customer and make a meaningful difference in their lives.
  6. Thoroughly researching your markets so that you can discover prospects and customers, who are a perfect fit for your value proposition.
  7. Creating a plan to introduce the perfect prospect to your value proposition.
  8. Ensuring that the needs of your customer are always placed above your own.
  9. Ensuring that you are prepared and have a specific purpose, before each sales call.
  10. Promising plenty, but always delivering more.
  11. Making your customers so happy that they gladly refer you to other prospects.

Taking responsibility for the entire sales cycle, from start to finish. Getting involved to ensure that your customers are always happy, despite the fact that it may be another department’s responsibility to support your customer.

Follow the recipe for sales success, described above and commit to introduce the tools and concepts described in this article, into your life and your sales will just keep improving and growing. Sales success is never achieved in a day, but can and will be achieved daily, through your commitment towards being of service, your drive to always help and then discovering ways to consistently add value to your customers and prospects.

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