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sales trainingAfter attending my workshop, offered by one of the best sales training experts in South Africa, you will know the secret to living a meaningful and fulfilling life is to wake up every day and love what you do. The greatest challenge with this though is; what if you have allowed your life to gradually unfold in a direction you do not like and you find yourself in a place, where you don’t “LOVE”, what you do? This situation leaves you with one of two choices. You can either allow yourself to remain in a place you do not like and continue to live a life with no meaning or you can change your focus and instead of loving what you do. Rather focus your energy on “LOVING” the opportunity, which you have available to you right now, to create the life you love.

Love the opportunity

Stop focusing on lack and everything you don’t have in your life right now, where you wake up every day, wondering how you are going to get through your day. Train your mind to focus on possibility and all the incredible wonder the future holds for you. Focus on all the incredible opportunity available to you right now, which will allow you to move your life in the direction of meaning and fulfilment, you want. See the incredible opportunity you have to build a future, which has all the elements you desire, namely great health, fantastic relationships, awesome career and all the financial wellbeing possible.

Allow yourself to “LOVE the OPPORTUNITY” and everything in your life immediately changes. You no longer wake up every day wondering how you are going to get through your day. Instead, you wake up inspired and passionate about possibility, eagerly looking for ways to get as much as possible from each day. Yes of course knocking on someone’s door, to show them your value proposition, may not be something you love to do, but learn to love the opportunity, which awaits you behind that closed door and doing the difficult things becomes far easier.

Even Digging Ditches is Ok

Yes of course digging ditches may not be the ideal career for you. Can you or should you love digging them? The truth is that you never need to love digging ditches at all. What you need to focus on, is the wonderful opportunity you have, as a result of you digging the ditches. Digging ditches gives you your first entry point, onto the ladder of success, where you can say to yourself. “I am so glad I have this opportunity to dig ditches. I am going to do it so well in fact that I won’t be here long, before I get a better opportunity to do something more fulfilling and inspiring”.

Can you love Discipline?

As you travel down the path towards new horizons, new levels of success and achievement. Of course you will be thrust out of your comfort zone, of course you will need to introduce new disciplines into your life, which will not be comfortable, and of course you will not love everything you need to do daily. In fact you don’t have to love any of it. All you need to do is to appreciate all you have and “LOVE” the opportunity your labours will bring to you. Learn the art of loving what you have and loving the prize, which you will get to enjoy once you have paid the small price of discipline today and life, becomes an enjoyable journey, packed with wondrous possibility and opportunity.

Embrace Opportunity

If you can make the shift, where you no longer look for what is missing in your life right now and instead focus on what you have, namely incredible opportunity. You will find that you immediately feel so much better about your life, your self-confidence grows and you awaken your ability to believe in possibility. I have no doubt that your life is filled with opportunity and possibility. Learn to focus on what you have right now, namely the opportunity to live a life of meaning and fulfilment and forget about what is missing and you will have discovered the key to unlimited joy, happiness and success.

Long Term

Success, achievement, meaning and fulfilment are your birth right, so do not allow yourself to ever be discouraged or tempted to give up. All it takes to live the life you desire is long term commitment, belief, vision, discipline, a great positive attitude, daily inspired action and the patience and persistence, to move from one stepping stone to the next. Of course you won’t “LOVE” every stepping stone along the way. Learn the art of “LOVING” each stepping stone for the opportunity it brings and you will have uncovered the secret to enjoy your journey through life and pathway to live the success you desire.

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Andrew Horton

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