Sales Training Manual

Sales Training Manual

This Sales Training Course will ask you whether you learning from the Top Sales Performers in Your Organisation?

I find it astounding that the same sales professionals achieve the top sales results, year after year, whilst others sit back and wonder how they could achieve similar results themselves. When I work with sales teams, I ask one simple question. I ask them if they know who the top three sales people are in their organisation. The answers I get vary from I have no idea, to some people who have a pretty good idea, but they are not 100 % certain. The challenge I have with people not knowing who the top sales people in their organisations are is that they are wasting one of the top resources they have in their business. The sales people who are performing well are clearly doing something right and if the other sales people follow their lead, they too can become top performers.

All the other sales people in the organisation should be looking at the top performer’s daily behaviours, routines, sales systems, the relationships they have with their clients and try to discover why they are able to consistently outsell everyone else in their organisation. The top performers have a recipe for sales success, which is working and if the other sales people want to achieve similar results, they must invest the time to try to find out what is working and why it is working and then apply a similar strategy in their own sales process. I know this sounds really simplistic and it is. The challenge is that, although this is common sense, it is seldom common practice in many organisations.

This sales training program will show you that too many organisations allow one of their most valuable resources, namely their top sales performers, to never share their knowledge with the rest of the team. Achieving success in any area, especially sales is all about consistently taking the right actions every day. If someone is achieving great success as a sales person in your organisation, they have obviously discovered the recipe for sales success, which works. If the other sales people can drive their daily activity and behaviour, using a similar recipe for sales success, they will obviously achieve similar or even better results.

The top sales people in any organisation have an incredible amount of knowledge, great daily habits, the right positive mental attitude, great relationship building skills and the recipe for influencing people to see the value their product or service offers. This knowledge and skill is transferable and any sales person, who is willing to invest the time and effort into learning from the top performers, will gradually grow into a top performer themselves.

Yes these top performers do have a fantastic daily sales routine, great sales habits, the ability to build great relationships with their clients, they believe in what they have to sell and they consistently take the right actions every day, to build their sales success. These can and should be learned by anyone who wants to emulate their performance and improve their sales within any organisation. The one thing that really stands out for me with all the top performers I have observed, is that they have very definite goals and a very detailed sales plan, which includes individual daily actions to help them achieve their sales goals.

Action Idea: This sales training intervention will ask you to Identify the top sales performers within your organisation. Approach them and offer to buy them lunch. Prepare a number of questions you have about their sales process and ask them these prepared questions whilst at lunch. You will be astounded how willing people are to speak about themselves and their sales success. Repeat this with all the top performers in your organisation. Identify the behaviours, sales processes and methods they use to build sustainable relationships with their clients and build your own sales process.

If the top performers will allow, try to spend a day with them and observe how they operate and discover their daily behaviours, routines and the way they interact with their clients. This will be invaluable information and will allow you to build a similar set of behaviours and routines into your day. You can become a top sales person, if you have the will and can develop the right daily sales routines and habits. The only thing stopping you from succeeding and becoming a top sales performer yourself, is your daily activities or your recipe for success, is not yet aligned with the results you want to achieve.

Invest the time to acquire the right sales recipe and success is inevitable, have clear sales goals and build a detailed sales plan, which will drive your daily activities. You are already a sales champion, once you align your behaviour and daily routine to support this, you will finally have everything you need to unleash your full sales potential

This sales Training program will ask you How do you want to Project yourself to the World?

If you were asked to describe yourself in one word, what would that word be? Would it be something like, honest, obsessed, driven, compassionate, humorous, empathetic or any myriad of other possibilities? Write down the one word you would use to describe yourself. Is it the same word other people would use to describe you?

I like to refer to that one word, as the foundation for you to state your personal brand, a reflection of who you really are and how the world perceives you to be. The most crucial element of your personal brand, if you are to be successful, is that you must be authentic. The picture you project to the world and the one people see, must be a true reflection of who you really are. People will see right through anyone who is pretending to be something they are not.

After attending this sales training program ask yourself Is your Personal Brand the right one to Bouy you to the Success you Desire?

Is your personal brand, showing the people around you that they can trust you? Are you reflecting and building a reputation filled with integrity and is it adequate to support you to achieve your personal and business goals?

Action Idea: Explore the brand you wrote down previously, see if it is authentic and ask yourself if it is supporting or sabotaging your efforts?

Sales Training – An Authentic Personal Brand will Stand the Test of Time

Once you have built a strong personal brand, which allows the people around you to get to know, like and trust you. Your personal brand becomes your best asset, a constant reminder to everyone around you that, despite the whirl wind of change all around us, your authentic personal brand is reliable, trustworthy and a bastion of strength. No matter what the future may bring, your personal brand offers security for the future.

Your Personal Brand is not your Sales Business Card

When thinking about your personal brand, get the notion out of your head that your business card, website or marketing materials are your personal brand. You can strive to design these to reflect your personal brand to the world, but always remember that your personal brand is that really powerful, crystal clear image or positive idea, which springs to mind, whenever people think about you. It is the foundation of what you stand for, reflecting your values, philosophies, attitude, abilities and commitment.

Who are you as a sales Professional?

Your authentic personal brand tells the people, who you associate with or who you do business with, who you really are, whether you can be trusted, what you do and what makes you unique. It is a reflection of the value you project to the market place. The challenge we face is that, whether we are aware of it or not, we are projecting a personal brand to everyone around us. You can continue to project a personal brand to the world, over which you exert little or no control or you can use the awareness which flows from this article to start to sculpture an authentic brand, which will support you on your success journey.

Sales Training and Shaping your Personal Brand

You have been shaping and building your personal brand ever since you took your first breath on this planet. Every interaction you have, how you communicate with people, every time you enter a room, look someone in the eye, shake their hand, communicate with them or even every blog you post, picture you post on your social media platforms, is projecting your personal brand to the world. Everything you do or fail to do every day, add another chisel mark to your personal brand. Is the picture of your personal brand, which the world is seeing, the kind of reflection you want them to have or does it require some polishing?

Action Idea: Explore your authentic self and the brand you want to reflect to the world. Get a crystal clear picture in your mind of what your personal brand is. Now try to encapsulate this picture into one word, which will allow you to develop, package and reinforce your personal brand. Capturing your personal brand and stating it in one word allows you to get absolute clarity about what you stand for and makes it easy for you to get everyone around you to understand and support you and your personal brand.

Once you have identified the word, which best describes your personal brand. It is crucial that you project exactly that to the world; in the way you dress, show-up, speak, interact with people and deliver on every commitment you make. Become intentional with how you project your personal brand to the world; always strive to demonstrate your values and what you really stand for. Strive to walk your talk and be authentic

Sustainable Success as a sales professional is Built on the Foundation of your Personal Brand

The world around you will continue to change at an ever increasing pace and over the next twenty years, you may even be selling products or services into markets that don’t even exist yet. The one thing that you and everyone around you should be able to depend upon and, which will keep you competitive and valuable, no matter how the world around you will change, is your personal brand. How well you authentically position yourself and build your personal brand, is one of the key factors, which will determine how successful you will be in the future.

You will always have Your Personal Brand to Fall Back on – sales training

The best security you have to ensure that, despite any challenges or setbacks you may face, you are able to bounce back and continue travelling down the path to success, is a personal brand, which people can depend upon. Who you are speaks volumes and when you live in alignment with a consistent personal brand, which adds real value to the people around you. Your personal brand will stand the test of time, allowing you to triumph over adversity, earn the support and buy in of people who matter, allowing you to build and sustain mutually beneficial relationships with them.

Shaping your Personal Brand as a sales professional

Your authentic personal brand must obviously be aligned with your mission and vision for the future. So when designing your personal brand and crafting your personal brand statement, it is crucial that you ensure, you craft it to support, both your mission and vision for the future.

Developing your Personal Brand Statement as part of this sales training intervention

Examine your mission and vision for the future. Try to discover an authentic personal brand, which is in alignment with both, but is a true reflection of who you are. People will very quickly see through you, if you are not authentic and you are trying to reflect an image to the world, which is false and not who you really are inside. Build a crystal clear picture in your mind of what that personal brand is and find one word which encapsulates that image. This one word will now form the foundation for crafting your personal brand statement.

Who are you, What do you do and Who do you service as a foundation of this sales training intervention

Using that one word, which encompasses and describes your personal brand and what you stand for as a starting point, start to craft your personal brand statement. Your personal brand statement is effectively a statement which aligns you and what you stand for with your mission and vision. My personal brand statement is “I share the gift of inspiration with high performance business professionals”

Action Idea: Now invest the time to craft your own brand statement. Strive to ensure that it reflects who you really are, what you stand for and that it is aligned with your mission and vision.

Packaging your Personal Brand is an integral part of this sales training intervention

If you think about any great brands, such as Apple, Starbucks, Harley Davidson or Nike, they all have a story behind their brand, which we can relate to on an emotional level. Their stories allow us to get to know them, connect with them and in many cases even fall in love with the brand. Ask any loyal Harley rider or Apple computer user, if they would consider using any other brand and they will give you a quizzical look and shake their head. Every great brand that exists out there has a fantastic narrative, which is compelling and awe inspiring. One which arouses emotions illustrates what they stand for and illuminates the values they project to the world.

Action Idea: Explore your own story, which defines who you are and what values you stand for. This is one of the most difficult parts of the process and requires you to open your mind and to allow it to walk freely into your past. Explore your life and uncover a few stories you remember from your childhood or any stories in your life, which were defining moments for you.

This is a very difficult step, if you are struggling to come up with any stories. Interview your family, or friends who you have shared a common history with and try to piece together stories, which could help you to have stories to support your brand.

I know it is difficult to talk about yourself, but to build your personal brand, it is crucial that you have stories to tell. People relate far better to you, if they see that you too have vulnerabilities, can laugh at your own mistakes and that you are real. Your stories will help you to better engage, connect with people and allow you to have a far greater impact on your world.

Sharing your Personal Brand as a sales training strategy

As you move around in your world, share the stories which reflect your personal brand. These stories must reflect who you really are, where your passion lies, what your values are and must reflect what makes you unique. Social media offers us a wonderful opportunity to tell our stories and to build our personal brand. What story are you telling the world via your social media platforms, is it the picture you want and need to have in place to realise your mission and vision into the future.

Walk your Talk as a sales training process

The final step in the process of telling the world about your personal brand requires you to live according to it. This means that you must be living your brand 24/7/365, not only in business settings. You are your own giant billboard. Whatever the world sees projected from this billboard is what they use to make decisions about what your personal brand really stands for. For example my personal brand stands for “Inspiration”. I work very hard to project an image of inspiration to the world in everything I do. I always try to project an inspired and energised persona, where I try to exceed people’s expectations.

Are you living up to your Personal Brand all the time? Are your personal actions reflecting your personal brand all the time? If not what adjustments are you going to make to bring it into line with what you need to be doing? Once you have invested into building your personal brand, you will become an unstoppable force, which will succeed, despite any current or future economic conditions.

Sales Training – Effective Networking is one of the Top Sales Skills Required to Succeed Today

One of the most important skills you need to develop as sales professionals is your ability to build meaningful, mutually beneficial relationships and real connection with people who matter. Dare to take inventory of your current relationships right now. Are the relationships you have, supporting or retarding your sales efforts? The higher the calibre of people you are connected with, the greater will be your level of sales achievement in the future.

Sales Training – Connect with the right People

The number one selling skill, which has always been the prime factor, which predicted how successful any sales person will be, is measured by their ability to network effectively, connect with the right people, build mutually beneficial partnerships and then get them to know, like and trust them. No matter how great your product or service may be, it is your ability to network, build mutually beneficial relationships and connect with the right people, which will support and drive your sales success. Connecting with the right people, looking for ways to support them, and eliminate challenges from their lives or businesses, is your gateway to unlock sales success and become a sales superstar.

Becoming an Effective Networker as a sales training technique

If you truly want to become a sales super star, it is time to lose your fear about networking and to immerse yourself in the crucial process of connecting with the right people.  As you hone and master your skills as a successful networker, and relationship builder, you are setting the foundation for creating meaningful mutually beneficial relationships with people who matter and who can help you to make a real difference in your life.

Be Authentic and sales training becomes simple

The secret to becoming an effective networker is to be authentic and to allow your real self to show. Pretending to be something you are not is a sure fire way to fail at networking. People will see right through your façade and they will never get to know, like or trust you. The only way to build connection with people is to never pretend or try to be someone or something you are not. Commit to be completely authentic and always be on the lookout for ways in which you can assist fellow networkers. The easiest way to build connection with people is to have an abundant mentality and to help them to connect with someone else who can support them. As Zig Ziglar so eloquently said, “The more people you can help to get what they want, the more people will help you to get what you want”.

Sales Training – Identify the Right People

Learning the art of effective networking to help you drive your sales success, is about connecting with the right people, who can make a real difference in your life. Always have an open mind and never allow anyone to intimidate you. Yes, it is true that the very people, who you need to connect with, often seem larger than life. They even seem scary, imposing and too powerful to even approach. The truths is that behind the façade of fancy press releases and elaborate packaging, lies a normal, sensitive, frail, hopeful and generous human being, who is flawed just like you.

They are Real Just Like you as a sales training process

The challenge we face when we want to approach people, who we believe are of high stature, is that all we see is the façade, which is created around them, not the real person underneath. I have had the honour of meeting a number of so-called celebrities or super achievers. After the first few seconds of meeting them, they appear as just normal people. Yes, these people may have achieved great things and they most certainly have amazing personal philosophies, which they can share about the wisdom they have gained along the path to their success, but they are still just people wrestling with the same frailties we do.

Remember that people are just flesh and blood, ignore the packaging that has been bestowed on them by their press agents or how society has built them up as heroes and see them for what they are. Human beings that have fears, hopes and unfulfilled desires and needs, just like everyone else. Each of the so-called super achievers is merely a normal person, who has pulled the trigger, taken action and become successful. They are you in a few years’ time, after you have connected with them, built mutually beneficial relationships, which support your sales success and become a super achiever yourself. Allow your fear to evaporate and remove your tendency to hesitate when you want to reach out to network with any one and I mean anyone and you will gradually build the sales success you deserve and desire.

Sales Training – Connect with the Right People and you will Dramatically Increase your Sales

It is a well-known fact that people buy from people they know, like and trust. So if you have a desire to increase your sales, then you need to stop sitting with your feet braced firmly against the table, with a desperate look on your face trying to sell your products or services. Instead you need to invest effort into fostering mutually beneficial relationships with business partners. Your objective, when developing these relationships, must be to go about solving challenges for your new partners, or rather providing them with solutions, which meet or exceed their expectations. This can only be achieved if you are supplying products or services; you completely believe in and trust yourself.

Learn the art of listening twice as much as you speak and ensure that you completely understand the needs of your partners. If any partnership is going to work, you must be certain that your product or service can completely satisfy the needs of your new partner. When you listen and completely understand their needs, you believe in your product or service and trust that it is exactly what they need. You have the ingredients you need to begin creating that mutually beneficial relationship, which will ensure that any relationship will be sustainable.

Your main objective when you work with any client, has got to be one of building mutually beneficial relationships and creating partnerships, which will be of value to both parties. To become successful and to move “YOUR BUSINESS” to the next level, you must change your mind-set around the relationship you need to foster with your clients or partners. When I refer to “YOUR BUSINESS”, I do not care whether you own the business or you are an employee at a business owned by someone else. Unless you look on the portion of the business, where you are selling products or services as your own, you will struggle to get your mind-set right, to enable you to build the mutually beneficial relationships, you need with your clients and prospects.

You must believe 100 % in what you are selling and see your products as solutions to your partner’s challenges. If you look on your products or services as a commodity, it will be impossible to convince anyone you are committed to build a mutually beneficial relationship and that your product or service is a solution to any need they may have. As long as you allow the relationship to remain one where, you are the sales person and they are the buyer of your product or service. They hold all the power and you are a subservient junior partner in the relationship. The person, who holds the purse strings, is in charge. Until you build connection with your customers or rather business partners, you become remain merely an order taker, who merely writes down the instructions of someone, who needs the commodity you have to sell.

When you believe in the value proposition of your product or service and you always have your clients’ or rather your new partners, needs as the prime objective. Your partners will very quickly see your pure intentions and will eagerly partner with you and your product and service. They will start to buy from someone they know, like and trust and someone they believe will add real value to their business. You can awaken your own sales giant today, if you are willing to make the crucial shift away from trying to sell a product or service, which you view as a commodity. Toward seeing your products or services as a real value proposition, which when integrated into your partners business, will solve their challenges and meet their needs.

As you build mutually beneficial sales relationships with your new partners, there is an immediate shift in power. You are no longer viewed as a junior partner and provider of a commodity, but an important cog in the wheel of your new partners business. As you shift away from the old school hard selling tactics and begin to use new age mutually beneficial relationship building and sales influence as a selling strategy, you will unlock your hidden sales super star and you will become unstoppable.

Action Idea: Explore your current sales strategy and answer the few questions posted below. This audit will help you to start the journey, to move your current ineffective selling strategy and transform it into a relationship building and value proposition strategy, which will have incredibly positive results in your sales bottom line.

  • Do you believe in the product or service you are selling? Would you want to buy what you have to sell?
  • Do you really believe your product or service is a good value proposition for any client?
  • Do you believe that your product or service is value for money?
  • Are you just an employee, trying to get through the day, or are you involved in building your own business?
  • Do you have the intimate knowledge of your market and partners business, necessary to become a partner and challenge solver in their business?
  • Would you like and trust you, if you were the client?

Invest sufficient time to answer the questions above and after conducting an honest audit of your current selling strategy. Begin the process of improving all the areas in your business, which may be below par, so that you can make the shift you need. Where you move away from selling, towards building partnerships with people who know, like and trust you and who see your product or service as a great value proposition.

As you develop a real belief in what you have to sell, you completely understand your market and individual partners needs within that market, you will no longer just be selling products or services. You will be forming mutually beneficial relationships with partners and solving any problems they may have. As you continue to grow into this new modality, you are no longer selling; you are building connection and fostering relationships with people, your products or services, help and support.

As long as you really know your markets and individual partner’s needs within those markets, you always have your their best interests at heart and you believe 100 % in what you have to sell, you will succeed in growing your sales beyond even your wildest dreams.

Sales Training – Building Meaningful Networks

Means You Won’t Need to Succeed Alone

We all have gifts and amazing natural strengths in certain areas of our lives, yet no matter how well we may perform in these areas. There are still parts of our lives where we need support and are not very adept or strong. These areas where we have weaknesses cause us to reach a chasm in our lives or businesses, where we are unable to proceed without the support of someone else. Identifying people with whom we can form mutually beneficial relations, who can assist us and whom we can support or help get what they want in return. Will accelerate our daily progress and help us achieve our goals.

This presentation by one of the top motivational speakers in the field of time management training will guide you to see that, Identifying and connecting with the right people, with whom you can form meaningful connection, is one of the main reasons for building a successful, mutually supportive network. Trying to build a successful business, without building a supportive network, using face to face networking events or the various Social Media platforms as tools to support your efforts, is like carrying a heavy suitcase without wheels at the airport. You very quickly feel tired and overwhelmed.

Creating an effective networking platform of mutually supportive people, who really connect and can depend on each other for support, is like walking at the airport along one of those travelators, with a perfectly balanced suitcase on wheels. You have momentum and quickly reach your destination. The same is true when you engage in effective networking and you form meaningful, mutual beneficial connection with the right people. You support each other and accelerate each other’s success.

After attending this presentation by one of the most informative and entertaining motivational speakers in the field of time management training, you will see that the support you get from an effective, carefully chosen support network will make succeeding in both your personal and business lives feel effortless. It will feel like you have a travelator under your feet, speeding you along the path of success. Mutually beneficial connection with the right people is the catalyst, which will accelerate your ability to achieve all your goals and dreams.

Meaningful Relationships – sales training

The Dunbar 150 theory states that we can only realistically have 150 meaningful relationships at any one time. The average Facebook user has around 130 friends. So this theory seems to hold true even with social media. This means that even though you may have built huge networks of connections via your social media platforms, you will only ever be able to communicate with these individuals on a daily basis; you will never be able to form any type of meaningful connection with them.

Oprah Winfrey, Donald Trump and Richard Branson have revealed in their biographies that their incredible success was supported and accelerated by about one to two dozen people. Your life is no different; the energy you are wasting on attempting to build meaningful connection with thousands of people via your various social media platforms is wasted. You would be far better off using your social media presence to support your networking efforts, where you can form meaningful connection with a smaller group of targeted individuals.

There are some opportunities that will come from communicating with a broader base of individuals via social media. You get to consistently communicate with a huge spectrum of different individuals. This opens up possibility and people, who you did not even think were potential connections, may contact you to connect. This has happened to me on a few occasions over the past few years.

In October last year I was contacted by someone from Dallas Texas to come over to the US and speak. I had never thought of going to Dallas, it was not even on my radar. The gentleman in question had been following my daily quotes for about eight months. He enjoyed my work and having seen the consistent quality of work I could produce, he wanted to see me speak in Dallas. I have enjoyed a couple of these windfalls over the past few years. I must however state that these have all been great experiences, but have contributed very little to the overall growth in my business. The consistent growth in my business has come from identifying targeted individuals within carefully chosen organisations and then building connection with them.

This presentation by one of the top motivational speakers in the field of time management training will allow you to see that the very nature of social media offers us the opportunity to have thousands of connections. These connections open doors, which may have never opened, had we not had these connections. I must however state that if you are basing your entire marketing and networking strategy on building connection with thousands of strangers and then hoping they are going to contact you. You are going to struggle to get your business to grow.

Communicating with thousands of strangers via your social media platforms and then waiting for them to contact you, is like waiting to win the lottery before you become successful. Yes people do win the lottery, but the odds are really stacked against you. Use a strategy of consistently communicating to a wide base of people via your social media platforms to create awareness of who you are, build the perception of a huge presence in the market, create the perception in the market that you are an expert and in the rare case, to get people to contact you and do business with you.

There are many ways to expand the number of superficial connections you have. To get the maximum benefit from this part of your networking and marketing strategy, you can use some really powerful CRM software to assist you. By using customer relationship software it is possible to effectively connect with significantly more people. Your CRM software when managed properly will help you to keep track of your extensive network and to more effectively communicate with them. They by no means are a substitute for real face to face contact and relationship building. There are great tools available like, and that make managing your social networks easier and more streamlined.

This sales Training course will show to treat everyone you meet like a VIP.

It is clear from everything stated above, that building a successful business is about developing meaningful connection with a targeted group of individuals. All other strategies are supplemental to this and in effect only support your efforts to connect with the right people. When you meet the right people, either via social media platforms or face to face networking events, ensure that you have their express permission before you add them to any mailing list or newsletter. You will very quickly alienate people if you follow this reckless strategy.

You build meaningful relationships by making people feel special – sales training

It is crucial that you take a real interest in everyone you meet and that you strive to treat them as VIP’s. Always try to go the extra mile by glancing at their bio on LinkedIn, Facebook or twitter, before going to any meeting with them. It is always great to have something to comment to people about when you meet them. Things like, it is great to meet a fellow engineer etc. will stand you in good stead to start a conversation and eventually develop meaningful connection with them. Even better would be to have an understanding of their interests or hobbies. People love to speak about their interests and will readily connect with you, if you have researched them and know a little about their background.

There is one word people love to hear more than any other, their name. Use people first names as often as realistically possible in any communication with them. This applies whether you are speaking to them in person or if you are communicating with them via email or on any of the social media sites. By using the sweetest sounding word in their vocabulary will build great rapport with everyone you interact with. Please make sure that you pronounce and spell people’s names correctly.

Connection is Crucial as a  sales training professional

Get out of the idea that you must always be in broadcast mode. This applies at face to face networking events and on your social media platforms. No one likes to interact with people that only push content or information one way. Respond to as many people within your social media network as possible. I try to comment on at least 3 targeted people’s blogs every day communicate with 5 targeted people on Facebook every day and join one or two targeted twitter conversations a day.

Strive to be someone, who always adds value to everyone around you, who helps and connects with people daily. Someone with whom people can connect to with confidence, form mutually beneficial relationships with, which will serve both parties, leaving everyone better off after making the connection. Successful networking either face to face or via social media is all about looking for ways to connect with and support other people. Always try to contribute as much as possible to the people in your network and they will return the favour.

These contributions must never be made with a hidden agenda. You must be completely transparent when supporting people in your network; people will know when you are not being authentic. As you build your social equity you will attract the right type of people into your network. The law of reciprocity will most certainly be activated and you will form great long term sustainable relationships with people that matter

Sales Training – Become a Sales Super Star

Selling is an art form or should I rather say that it is an on-going process of fostering relationships with people, who have a need or challenge, you can solve, by supplying them with the product or service you offer. Selling is most certainly never about telling, or a single event. It is a process, which develops daily over time, never in a day, by fostering mutually beneficial relationships with people, who you view as partners. When you view your clients or prospects as partners or potential partners, your approach to them and the way you will interact with them is very different to a traditional sales person, who is sitting opposite a “BUYER” with their feet braced against the desk, desperate to make a sale at all costs.

The sales professional, who approaches every client or prospect, with a view to forming a mutually beneficial partnership with them, will be constantly looking for ways to add value to their partner. Anyone who is entering a partnership with someone else is always looking for ways to foster good relationships, to support them and to build trust with them. You can never be authentic and foster the meaningful relationships you need, if you do not believe 100 % in your product or service. You will be very quickly found out, if you try to sell something you do not completely support or believe in yourself.

As you know your new partners will only buy from people they know, like and trust and they believe, is adding real and meaningful value to them or their business. When your intentions are not honourable and you try to pretend that you have your clients and prospects best interests at heart, but in fact you are only there to try to close a sale. You will be found out. We have an inherent ability to read peoples body language, their tone and pitch of voice and the cadence and volume of their speech while they talk. Your client will very quickly see through any facade or false intentions.

Plan your Sales Calls and become a sales giant

Just like anything in life, you need to plan every sales call or relationship building process, before the meeting. Yes you can wing it and walk into the meeting unprepared, and in some cases may even get away with a lack of preparation. Attempting to go into a sales meeting with your client or partner unprepared, is like allowing yourself to be a paper cup blowing around with no direction in a car park. You will just get shunted around in the meeting at the whim of your client or partner. They will be in control and you will be in a weakened position, where you will be forced to tell to try to sell. Have a clear intention or purpose for every sales call.

Change the Way You Look at Your Clients as a valuable sales training strategy

If you want anything in your world to change in an instant, then simply change the way you look at it and it will immediately change. As soon as you are able to make the shift in your mind, away from viewing yourself as a sales person, who desperately needs to sell your wares, and instead you see yourself as a value adder. Someone who has a fantastic product or service, which can be included into someone’s life or business, to remove a challenge they currently face or to satisfy a need they may have. You equip yourself to become a relationship and partnership builder. Approach every client or prospect with a mind-set of let’s go do it, rather than I am here to sell you something, now you go do it. See the relationship you are developing, as a way of doing something with and for your client or partner.

As soon as you change your philosophy and truly believe in what you have to sell and you authentically believe, that it is a real value adder within your partner’s life or business. You are ready to start the journey to become a relationship builder and partnership developer. Your intent will always be crystal clear, when you work with any client. They will see right through any facade you may try to create. When you are authentic and you always act with your clients or partners best interests at heart, you will build long term relationships with people who will get to know, like and trust you and obviously buy from you.

Dare to explore the limits of your potential and awaken your full sales potential. It is time to up your game and to set your sales giant free. Unlock your hidden sales super star and finally make the shift away from old school hard selling, towards new age relationship building and sales influence, as an effective selling strategy. As you build relationships with your new partners you will be equipped to use their positive emotions to show them how your product or service will add real and lasting value to their business

Sales Training – Practical Sales Tools and Techniques, to Support your Sales Efforts

Building relationships and long term mutually partnerships with your clients, is the best way to, get your prospects and clients to know, like and trust you. It also changes the relationship dynamic, when you deal with them, on this level. They are no longer in the power position, with you merely taking instruction from them. You become an asset to their business, an additional tool, which will serve them and their business. When you work from this modality, they know that you have their best interests at heart and will only offer them the best value for their business. This all sounds great, but how do you start to build this relationship, how do you begin the journey to build a mutually beneficial relationship with them?

As you know when you meet with a prospective client for the first time, the tension levels are fairly high. This is most certainly not the time to sit with your feet braced firmly against the desk, regurgitating the benefits or features of your product or service. This is the stage for small talk and an opportunity for you to start to build rapport with them and to begin the process of developing a good business relationship, which shows your commitment to support them.

Past Present and Future – Sales Training

We all love to speak about is ourselves. When I approach any new decision maker, I encourage them to speak about themselves, by using the past, present and future as a focal point for the conversation. As I walk into the decision maker’s office, I look around and immediately look the decision maker in the eye, saying “Wow it is amazing to see that you have this amazing position with such an incredible company. How did you get started?” This immediately breaks the ice, as nobody has asked them that question for years. The decision maker is obviously very proud of what they have achieved and how well they have done in the company. I have heard many different versions, but they usually go something like this “eighteen years ago I started out as a filing clerk and I worked my way up…..

The secret to start building any relationship is to listen twice as much as you speak. Simply sit back and listen intently, showing real enthusiasm and authentic interest. People will very quickly see through you if you are merely feigning interest and pretending to care. I have learned an incredible amount of really valuable lessons, by listening to people’s success stories, so there is real value to be had by listening and learning from people. You can glean a massive amount of valuable information from the decision maker during their chat about their success journey.

The next question I ask is about the present situation. I would ask a question like “Could you tell me about the current situation and how you have managed to achieve so much success? At this point, the decision maker will disclose even more valuable information, by telling you something like “I have 25 people reporting to me, we have plans to expand our production facility and have plans to open three new branches…… Again sit back, listen and make mental notes. The decision maker is not only having a chance to speak about their own favourite subject, but they are supplying you with valuable information, which you can use to find innovative ways to show the decision maker how your product or service can serve them and their business.  I cannot stress enough, how important it is to ensure that you show real interest in what the decision maker has to say.

The next way to lead the conversation is towards the future. This is probably the most important part of the conversation. Ask a question like “Where do you see yourself and your company, five or ten years from now?” This is your opportunity to sit back, show real interest in what they have to say and at the same time be on the lookout for buying signals. They may say things like we are looking to modernise our production facilities, grow our sales, reduce costs or improve product quality. Listen intently and just make mental notes of all the possible opportunities for your products or services to help support the decision maker, achieve these outcomes.

Research, innovate and be Creative as a sales training process

This information will serve you going forward and help you to build and cement the mutually beneficial relationship, which you are attempting to build with them. After the meeting, record your thoughts and any valuable information, which may help you later, to develop the relationship. I have an electronic sales recording system, where I carefully record this information immediately after the meeting. I then use this information to research the client and explore actual company results or outstanding achievements, related to their tenure at the company. I record this in my electronic sales recording system, for use at the next meeting with the decision maker.

Remember the emotions expressed by the decision maker, while they were talking about the past, present and future. Those emotions will help guide you towards an innovative way of showing the decision maker how your product or service will serve them and their business. As you know logic makes people think, but it is emotion which makes people act. Always focus on the decision makers emotions when developing your sales strategy.

After the meeting explore all opportunities you have identified in the meeting where your product or service can support them, by either eliminating some pain or helping them to better achieve any desired outcome. This process requires you to be a little creative and to innovate. It is crucial to stop thinking like a traditional sales person. Look for innovative ways of supporting them and helping them in the long term. Focus on building a mutually beneficial long term relationship. Forget about trying to make a quick short term sale and focus on how you can utilise your product or service to help them in a meaningful way. I hate this old cliché, but “think out of the box”.

Always look for ways to serve your clients and to add real value to them and their business. The decision maker is going to use their emotions to buy and will only buy from someone they know like and trust and who will add real value to them and their business. Keep this as the focal point, during all interactions with your clients.

Sales Training – Practical Sales Tools and Techniques, to Support your Sales Efforts

The greatest challenge facing anyone, who needs to purchase anything, is the risk that the product or service they will buy, will not meet their needs. If that is the single biggest obstacle stopping anyone buying from you, then simply eliminate the risk and you will significantly increase your new client acquisition and multiply your revenue. I am in the consulting and professional speaking business. It is often difficult for the leader of a large corporate to invest a significant amount of money into my fee and risk, not being satisfied or worse, being disappointed. The best way to secure the business is thus to remove the risk to the client completely. I offer to consult, offer training or present a key note address and if they are not 100 % satisfied, they do not have to pay me a cent.

I am sure that you are in a similar position, where there is often a great divide between you and your prospective buyers. You know that your product or service is absolutely perfect and will meet or exceed your prospects expectations. You are completely certain that once your client gets to experience what you have to offer, they too will see the fantastic benefits it offers. The challenge for the customer though, is that for you to open the door and show them how great your product or service is, they will need to take a risk and as you know, people are risk averse. So most people will not take the risk and offer you the opportunity to share your great product or service with them.

Build Mutually Beneficial Relationships and build sales success

As you are in the business of building mutually beneficial relationships with your clients, both you and your client lose, if they do not have the opportunity to see what your product or service can do for their business. The secret to open the door and to start to build the partnerships and relationships you want with your prospects is to eliminate the risk completely. Instead of expecting them to work with you, with blind faith, where they take all the risk, eliminate the risk completely. In other words show them how much you believe in your product or service, put your money where your mouth is and offer to supply it free of charge, if it does not meet their expectations and needs.

You know that you cannot build mutually beneficial relationships and form lasting partnerships with your clients, unless you are authentic, believe 100 % in what you are selling and know that what you have to sell will eliminate pain and exceed the needs and expectations of your clients or new partners. You therefore know that what you have to sell is fantastic, so have the courage of your convictions and show it by removing any risk to your client.

Accept all the Risk as a sales training winning strategy

I was involved in on-going negotiations with a large manufacturer and after months of negotiation, it looked that, even though I knew my service would eliminate a whole lot of pain for them, I was going to lose the deal. To secure the deal and to begin the process of building the relationship, I asked the CEO what she felt the risk was and how could we eliminate the risk. She felt that if we wasted time on doing the necessary research, went through the training process and they did not see any positive results, she would look bad and have incurred a big expense for nothing.

I immediately eliminated the risk completely and offered to do the research, offer the training and deliver a final keynote address at their annual conference. I told her that, should she not be 100 % satisfied with the results, I would offer the entire service free of charge. By eliminating the risk and showing complete confidence in my work, I gained a great new client and have built a really great partnership with this company. We both benefit from this great on-going relationship.

The secret to create sustainable success and to ensure that people get to know’ like and trust what you have to offer. Is to firstly believe in your product or service, know what it can do for your clients and then remove any risk to your client. By following this simple strategy, you will very quickly grow your business and achieve the sales success you desire

Sales Training – Sharpen Your Selling Skills and Seize Opportunities

The numerous changes we see all around us every day and the roller-coaster economy, has presented us with a few new and interesting challenges. Everything has changed, the markets are not the same, peoples buying habits and demand for products has changed. Innovation is driving new products, services and ways of doing business. Research has shown that a new concept is developed every 30 seconds.

To Thrive as a sales training professional you Cannot Remain a Creature of Comfort

The challenge sales people need to overcome to take advantage of all the great new opportunities, which present themselves every day, is that they need to break out of their comfort zones. They can no longer afford to be creatures of comfort. They must reach out to unknown and untapped prospects as this is where the opportunity for huge success lies in the new world.

You need to Shake Things up a Little to improve your sales training

If you have ever committed to weight training program and followed a training routine to the letter. At first you make fantastic progress and you see great improvements and results. After a while, although you go to gym for the same length of time every day, you do the same routine, yet the results seem to plateau and progress slows and even stops altogether. At this point, you need to re-evaluate your weight training routine and shake things up a little.

It is much the same for any sales person who wants to remain successful. As you know most sales people target prospects, who fall into their comfort zone. People much like themselves, from a demographic and psychographic standpoint. This is a great strategy at first and they do very well selling to these people to start with.

However once that sphere of influence has been thoroughly explored and exhausted. It is necessary for the sales professional to step outside of their comfort zone. This will allow them to continue to grow their numbers and succeed on a grand scale. To succeed in these ever changing markets, it is crucial that sales people research and sell beyond their comfort zones.

Sales Training – Rejection is a Fallacy

Sales people are like every other person on this planet, in that they will do anything to avoid pain and attract pleasure. Sales people will do anything to avoid the pain of rejection and so they continue to call on their current loyal customers, as this is where they feel more comfortable and have a stronger level of influence. As long as you keep doing what you have always done as a sales person, you will remain trapped where you are.

Dare to break out of your comfort zone and look around you, there are incredible new opportunities opening up every day. Overcome the irrational fear of rejection, as there is in fact no such thing as rejection. Before you approach a prospect with a proposal, you have not made a sale. If they do not accept your proposal, you still have not made a sale. Nothing has changed. Things only change if they accept your proposal and agree to buy from you.

Sales Training – Stop Avoiding Difficult or Uncomfortable Situations

The only way for sales people to break their sales plateau, is to accept that they must break out of their comfort zone and do the uncomfortable. They must stop avoiding situations where there is the potential to fail or make mistakes, as this is the greatest limiting factor of all. If you do not put your neck out, do the uncomfortable and try to succeed, you will remain trapped where you are and have zero chance of success. If you do the difficult and keep doing this every day, the odds are stacked in your favour that you will eventually succeed.

As you keep expanding your comfort zone, you will eventually transform something, which was really uncomfortable into something familiar. This opens up all sorts of new doors, which may have remained closed to you, had you not dared to step outside of your comfort zone. Have an open mind as a sales person and try to identify new trends and possible new markets for your products or services. The more you are willing to look outside of your comfort zone, the more you will increase the possibility of using these ever changing times to your advantage.

Sales Training – When Selling, Lose the Fear and Make the Sale

When sales professionals avoid any situations, where they have the potential to fail or make mistakes, they are limiting themselves and are in fact positioning themselves to fail. The fear of failure or rejection holds far too many sales professionals hostage. They have the ability and the perfect product or service, to help them create long term sustainable, mutually beneficial sales relationships with their prospects and clients, yet they remain trapped in mediocrity, because of their irrational fear.

The only way to break through the self-imposed glass ceiling of your sales potential and move to the next level of sales success is to see your comfort zone, as an expanding bubble of possibility. Make a conscious effort every day to test the limits of your comfort zone. See how far you can step outside it, by making strides to do things every day, which will gradually push you outside your comfort zone and test your resolve.

As you gradually test the limits of your comfort zone, by approaching prospects in a different part of town or in a different and unusual industry, you are expanding your comfort zone, by gradually transforming what was once very uncomfortable, into something familiar. This simple process of gradually expanding your comfort zone, opens the floodgates of possibility and will bring many new opportunities, which were previously hidden from you into clear sight.

Picking your New Targets as a sales training process

Ok so when the sales professional finally wants to break out of their current comfort zone and expand their sales world to include all these new possibilities, in new markets, industries and areas; where do they start? These prospects do not exist for them and are not even on the radar, so how do they identify and find them? As is often the case when faced with new difficult or challenging ideas or concepts, it is best to go back to basics.

Ask the following questions about your product or service:

  • What problems, challenges or needs does my product or service provide effective solutions for?
  • Are there any new markets you have not explored, which have similar needs or challenges?
  • Is there any other innovative ways my product or service can be used, to satisfy other needs in my existing or prospective clients businesses?
  • Has my current market changed, due to any new innovations or for any other reason and how can my product or service satisfy this new need?
  • What type of organisations will benefit from my product or service and where can I find them?

When conducting this exercise, stay focused on the problem your product solves or said differently concentrate on the underlying benefit your clients and prospective clients will enjoy, as a result of building a long term sustainable sales relationship with you and your product and/or service.

This process of discovering new innovative ways to sell your products and services is achieved by looking for problems your product or service can eliminate from people’s lives. Then search and discover industries, markets, businesses and individuals, with these challenges and then work to gradually build mutually beneficial long term sales relationships with them.

Sales Training – Focus on the Needs of Your Clients

When you make this shift where you focus squarely on the needs of your client, rather than any similarity, which may exist between you and them, or you sell to them because it feels familiar and you have a great relationship with them, you become far more objective and the world opens up to you.

New opportunities which were hidden before will almost magically open up to you. Look around your world with an open mind, know with absolute clarity what your product and service can do, program your mind to constantly search for new possibilities, especially in unfamiliar and uncomfortable places and your sales universe will expand every day.

Sales Training – Choosing your Magnificent 50 Clients?

I am in the final stages of selling one of my businesses and will be focusing all my energy on my consulting and professional speaking business, going forward. This new focus has made me take a really hard look at the strategy I have employed to date, to effectively grow my consulting and speaking business. It has highlighted the need for me to focus on building a core of clients or what I refer to as my “Magnificent 50”. These are 50 carefully selected clients, who I will focus most, if not all of my attention on going forward.

Prioritise Your Efforts as a sales professional

When you focus your energy on a few priorities, or in this case a few carefully selected clients, you are able to dramatically improve your productivity, efficiency and effectiveness. In other words your carefully selected “Magnificent 50” clients, who give you 100 times more than your average client in sales revenue, cost you a lot less headaches and are easier to service, offer you a far greater return for the amount of time you spend working for and with them. When you are able to narrow the universe of available clients down to only your magnificent 50, you will get to give and get far more value from each client.

Sales Training – How do you Identify your “Magnificent 50”

The best way I have found to identify and filter the perfect client, to become one of my 50 priority clients is to look at three criteria:

  • Do they need the product or service you have to offer and when presented with your product or service solution, can they quickly recognise the value you bring.
  • Do they see the great value proposition you offer and once converted, do they present you with a huge lifetime sales value, because of their transaction size, frequency of purchases, upsell opportunities and potential to offer you great referrals to other qualified clients.
  • Are they are easy to reach, resulting in low marketing, advertising and sales time and effort. (This is less important than the first two)

Sales Training – How do you Select and Service a “Magnificent 50” Client

Action Idea: Explore every potential prospect, using the three criteria above and narrow your list of prospects and clients down to only 50. This prioritisation will allow you to focus your energy and will allow you to not only get these perfect clients to know, like, trust and see your product or service offering as the perfect value proposition, but because you are focused, you will consistently exceed their expectations. Effectively closing the door on anyone else, who may want to take one of these clients from you.

Making This Work for You – Sales Training

Action Idea: Once you have identified your “Magnificent 50” client list. The next step is to start the process of building a mutually beneficial relationship with them. Put yourself in their shoes and ask yourself the following questions:

  • What are they lying awake at night thinking about, how can you help them to stop worrying?
  • What challenges, concerns, fears or worries do they experience, which you could eliminate for them?
  • What outcomes are they trying to achieve and how can your product or service assist them to achieve their goals?
  • What needs do they have, which you can satisfy, with your product or service? It is crucial that you identify their real need, not one you perceive them to have.

Offer them a Tailor Made Solution

After exploring all the elements described above, develop a tailor made solution for their unique challenges, pains and desires, offering specific solutions, by focusing on what matters most to them. This customised approach will allow you to dazzle them with your understanding of their unique needs and drive them to choose you as a preferred supplier and partner in their business.

No Need to Ever Make Cold Calls Again

Cold calls are for rookies and are a very ineffectual way of working with any new prospects. The way to begin working with any new prospect is to first discover a relationship bridge, between you and your new prospect. Use LinkedIn or some other credible networking source to get referred to any of your “Magnificent 50” clients.

The more trusted the source, who is referring you, the easier it will be to start building the relationship. If you brainstorm and think about any prospect enough, there is always someone who can refer you. Explore your LinkedIn connections and see if there is a connection. Try to identify who their vendors are (accountants, attorneys, or any other clients you may have in common). The secret to make this work for you is to find someone credible to get you personally introduced.

Knock Their Socks off

Once the door is open, make sure that you have researched them and that you have identified their specific needs. Now simply present them with a really unique, tailor made package, which will wow them. Stay focused and work on your priorities daily. As you grow your “Magnificent 50” you will dramatically increase your profitability and reduce your stress levels. This is an incredibly valuable strategy, which will serve you going forward. The time and energy you put into this now, will offer you massive returns in the future.

Sales Training – Drive Sales Success, Give More to Fewer Clients

Unless you are in the business of selling a complete commodity product or service, which relies exclusively on massive numbers of people buying your easily substitutable, low value product or service, you will find that the Pareto principal applies. Where 20 % of your clients give you 80 % of your business and 80 % of your clients give you 100 % of your headaches and only account for about 20 % of your sales.

For me this looks like a no-brainer, you must obviously invest as little time as possible focused on the 80 % of your clients, who give you only 20 % of your revenue but seem to give you 100 % of your challenges and focus as much energy as possible on the 20 % of your clients, who give you the majority of your revenue. The best way to do this would be to create an effective system to service the 80 %, so that you could free up your time to focus on the 20 % who are giving you the return you want. Or even better eliminate the 80 % of low value clients from your business altogether and only work with the right valuable clients.

Narrow Your Focus and Target your Clients.

I have found that the key to generating more profits is never about constantly trying to acquire more and more clients. The key to sustainably growing profits in your business is about acquiring only really valuable clients and then investing everything possible, into providing them with the most incredible levels of service and the perfect solutions to their challenges. The objective of any good sales person has thus got to be around, discovering, prospecting, and building mutually beneficial relationships with the most suitable or most valuable clients possible.

This strategy will see you easily grow not only your sales, but your margins as well. Less in this case is most certainly more. It is not easy to identify and qualify the right or most valuable clients, but in the long run it is most certainly worthwhile. It requires you to have a very clear understanding about your own product and service and what it can do for your clients. You must also have a crystal clear understanding of your prospects and clients’ specific needs and most importantly you must be clear on what you want to achieve with them.

It All Starts with a Clear Vision

This can only come together if you have a focused, razor sharp and crystal clear vision, about exactly what you want to achieve. Once you become clear about what you want and you are clear on exactly what you can offer in the form of products or services to your clients, discovering which client’s suite your right client or most valuable client criterion, becomes simple. Successfully selling, building margins and generating sustainable profits in the new age of business, is no longer about acquiring large numbers of clients. It is about focus, research, understanding your markets, and product or service offering and then investing time to build mutually beneficial relationships with the right or most valuable clients.

All the information you need to successfully follow this new sales strategy is available and easily accessible on the internet. The challenge to make this work for you though, is that you are going to need to make a paradigm shift to the way you approach sales. Remove the need to provide service to low value clients, so that you have the ability to provide outstanding levels of service to the few select, valuable clients, who contribute the most to your bottom line and your profits will soar and your challenges and headaches will disappear.

Sales Training – Learn the Art of Positive Influence and Become a Sales Superstar

One of the greatest success skills super achievers develop is the ability to build meaningful, mutually beneficial relationships with their clients and to add real and meaningful value to them, when they sell them either their products or services. When I talk about sales I am not referring to the traditional definition of selling. Where someone with salesman on his business card arrives at your door and tries to convince someone to buy something. I am referring to the crucial skill of influencing people to do something that will be mutually beneficial to both parties.

Everyone is involved in Sales

Everybody on this planet is in the business of selling or put a little differently, influencing the people around them to do something differently. We constantly try to influence people all the time, we sell our partner on the idea of going to see a movie we want to see, we sell our children on the benefits of only hanging out with the right type of kids, or you sell our boss on all the reasons why we need a raise or a day off. As you can see the better you are at selling or influencing the people around you, the better the quality of your life and business will be.

Selling is a Life Skill

As you can see, selling is not just a crucial business skill, where you influence someone to buy you product or service. It is an essential life skill. It is time to make a small, yet crucial shift to the way you view traditional selling in your business and to remove your preconceived ideas about how much you hate selling. Forget about the traditional picture a salesman conjures up in your mind.  Selling is not mysterious or complicated; it is simply the ability to positively influence people to act in a certain way, which will be result in a mutually beneficial outcome for both parties.

It is time to make the shift away from the notion that you are not a good salesperson and that you hate the idea of selling. Shift your perspective toward identifying that sales or influence is not difficult or mysterious. Stop thinking of yourself as a sales person, who sells a product or service and rather focus on the value you add, in the form of improving your client’s lives or businesses.

When you focus on consistently adding value to your clients and prospects, you are truly committed to building mutually beneficial relationships with them, and you have a genuine desire to help people improve their circumstances, selling or influencing them becomes really simple, as there is a level of fair exchange and everyone wins.

Add Value and Offer Fair Exchange

Strive to always discover innovative ways of adding meaningful value to your prospects and clients and consistently have their best interests at heart. Be authentic and always have a sincere and genuine interest in helping them to remove pain from their lives or businesses and always work to ensure that there is a flow of value to them, where they feel that there is always a level of fair exchange. This shift will make the selling or influencing process far easier and more enjoyable for all concerned. This new perspective or philosophy will help you to change your approach to every conversation or interaction you will have with any clients.

Listen for Ways to Add Real Value

You will no longer be pitching to clients, you will be enquiring about how you can best serve and help them. You will be listening and focusing your energy on uncovering ways to add value to their lives and businesses. Learn the art of listening and search until you uncover their real needs and desires. When you do this effectively, you are better able to offer solutions, which will help them improve their lives and businesses. Understanding your clients’ needs and adding meaningful value to them in the context of fair exchange will help you to become a valued and trusted partner in their business. Someone they know is there to help them, someone that they can confidently refer to someone else, who they believe will also receive great value from you too.

Help People get what they want

When you are genuinely committed to helping as many people as possible get what they want. The law of reciprocity comes into play and almost magically, people around you will begin to help you get what you want in return. Embrace the philosophy of authentically helping as many people as possible solve challenges or get what they want and you will see the magic begin. You will no longer be a sales person desperately wanting to make a sale, you will be a partner, who adds real and meaningful value to people.

Become a Keen Observer

Look at every relationship, every opportunity where you interact with other people as an opportunity to discover their goals, hopes, pains and challenges. Then figure out a way to add value to their lives and businesses. Try to help them wherever you can. This shift where you change your mind-set from selling to helping, adding real value and always ensuring there is a level of fair exchange, will transform your behaviour. This positive shift in your behaviour will influence people to respond differently to you and your sales results will improve. Approaching people with the objective of helping them, makes it a whole lot easier to sell and makes your life more rewarding and meaningful.

Commit to sharpen your “HELPING” skills and you will have discovered the key to unlock your competitive advantage in the market place. You will transform your life and business; you will begin to experience amazing, profitable results and amazing success.

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