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Opportunity – Where do you find it?

sales Training opportunityI was presenting a full day sales training workshop, to one of my clients recently, when one of the delegates asked a simple, yet profound question. “How can I find more opportunity”? I think my answer may have astounded all the participants a little. I had been speaking to them all morning about the importance of hard work, persistence and preparation, so I think they thought my answer would use this logic as an obvious starting point.

The team I was working with were in fact really hard workers and were actually doing quite well in respect of their sales performance. Their sales leadership team wanted to support this team of performers to move to the next level in selling. They were all great at discovering new opportunities or said differently new sales prospects in various markets. They were great seekers and were pretty good at always being on the lookout for opportunities, so I bypassed the obvious and shared the concept I have discussed below with them. I hope it will also help you to become better equipped to discover and take advantage of opportunity.

Attract – Do not pursue Opportunity

Obviously success requires preparation and hard work, but if you want to take things to the next level, you need to stop pursuing success and start attracting it. Opportunities are something you need to go after, with thorough preparation and hard work, but if you really want to achieve greatness and move to the next level, you need to invest in your personal development, so that you can start to attract success, because of the person you will become. After attending this sales training course, you will realise that opportunities and the success they bring are attracted to you as you grow and become more attractive.

I am sure that you have heard of sales people, who manage to close one out of ten deals with prospects, when they first start out in sales.  As they invest more time into growing and becoming better sales professionals, they eventually close five or even eight out of ten deals. Is this simply because they become better or is it simply an indication that they have become more attractive to their prospective buyers, because they have become more? It sounds like semantics, but there is a major difference between becoming more proficient at putting your value proposition forward and becoming more attractive to your prospects.

Both are important. The former allows you to show the value your product or service brings and will help close single transactions with your prospects, but the latter allows you to more easily develop long term sustainable relationships with people, who really connect with you and see the value, both you and your product bring. This allows you to create a long term sales relationship with people, who will want to do business with you in the long term.

Sales Training to help you Become More

You most certainly attract better opportunities and the incredible success they bring, because of the person you become, as you consistently invest into your personal development. As you gradually and consistently invest into your personal development, the right sales training and you continue to grow, so too does the quality and quantity of the type of opportunities you will manage to attract. As you continue to hone your skills, develop your character, improve your health and relationships, the more you will see opportunities, which may have seemed impossible to exploit before. Almost as if by magic, incredible opportunities will become attracted to you. Your reputation will precede you and people will actually want to do business with you. Accept that opportunity will be attracted to you as you grow and become more. Invest sufficient time into your personal development and on-going growth and a whole new  world of opportunity will open up to you.

This sales training course will show you that, as you grow, you will continue to become more and as you develop your skills, refine your character and reputation and you continually improve your language and speech, you will become more attractive to your prospective clients. Commit to refine all these areas of your life, you will become more attractive within your market place.

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Andrew Horton

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  • Bruce L Buchler /

    Superb advice Andrew !
    Many salespeople ask me about
    “cold calls”. I tell them to drop that locution and think PWP. (Prospecting With Purpose)
    One of my ten PWP laws is:
    REPLICATE. Every sales professional has an account they have successfully helped in some way. That account can be replicated with other similar businesses. That account can also be “third party evidence” of success. Replicate the successful

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