Sales Training to Create Your “POWER SCHEDULE” for Sales Success

Sales Training

Create Your “POWER SCHEDULE” for Sales Success

sales Training DairyThis sales Training course will reveal the background to the research I am conducting and my personal experience, which has shown me that we operate best when we schedule time every day to carry out our VIP’s (very important priorities) or those activities, which when performed daily will bring the most value to our experience. Unless we do this, we spend our days spinning our wheels, achieving very little.

All the people, without exception, who have adopted a power schedule, in which they schedule time into their day to do the important stuff and they stick to their commitments, have managed to achieve remarkable results in their lives within a reasonable length of time.

You too can do the same, if you just schedule time into your dairy and stick to your commitments to use this time to carry out your daily priorities. As long as you never allow distractions or other peoples insurgencies to stop you from doing the things you need to do daily. Over time you can achieve remarkable results, as your daily focused efforts will compound into achievement.

Building your Power Schedule

When you start building your power schedule, you first need to look at what you want or need to achieve. Explore your vision and goals and identify the tasks you need to carry out every day, which will allow you to achieve both.

Example: If you are working as a sales professional and you need to achieve your sales target for the year, there would be certain activities which are crucial to your success. Things like prospecting, visiting existing customers, researching your customers, prospects and markets, completing your administrative tasks and your on-going personal development. If you want to achieve your sales targets as sales professional, you will need to include all five of these crucial into your “POWER SCHEDULE”.

Your circumstances are unique to you and there is never a one size fits all method for building a “POWER SCHEDULE”, which will deliver the best results. I have however found that once you identify the crucial activities necessary to achieve your goals, it is best to schedule all of them into your dairy every day. This may not suite your unique circumstances, so try a few different alternatives, until you find the perfect schedule, which delivers the best results for you.

Sales Training helps you Identify the right priorities

Your “POWER SCHEDULE” can only be effective if you ensure that you first discover the right activities to include in it. Choosing the right activities will depend 100 % on what you are attempting to achieve. Start this process by first clarifying exactly what you want to achieve. Explore your vision and goals for the future and identify a few crucial daily activities, which if performed daily will deliver the results you want. These are the crucial activities you must include on your “POWER SCHEDULE”. Once you have the right activities, all that is left to do, is to schedule time every day to perform all of them.

Schedule your VIP’s

As one of the top sales training experts in South Africa, I am 100 % certain that most people remain trapped in average, not because they lack the talent or the ability to achieve greatness. It is purely because they don’t make time every day to carry out the crucial tasks, which they need to do every day to succeed. Commit to put worthwhile items or crucial priority goal specific tasks on your schedule every day, make time available to perform these tasks, don’t allow anything to get in the way of actually doing them and the compounding of these activities, over time, will add up into remarkable results for you.

Your “POWER SCHEDULE” ensures that you are able to get the most from your day. Instead of running aimlessly on the hamster wheel of discontent, you get to use your time productively and actually get to do all the things you need to do, to achieve the outcomes or results you want, every day.

I hope you are convinced by now and can see all the benefits, “POWER SCHEDULE” offers and will put in the work necessary to create your own.

Time Wasters

Before we get into the crucial part, where we create your own “POWER SCHEDULE”, I want you to first invest some time to identify the real time wasters in your life. Explore your current schedule and try to identify all the wasteful actions you perform daily. These are actions, which in no way contribute to improved productivity and do not enhance how you feel about yourself in any way.

Once you have your list of wasteful activities, decide if you need to include them on your “POWER SCHEDULE” and if you feel you must have time for them. Schedule the minimum amount of time possible into your schedule, to perform these activities. The best option is obviously to eliminate them altogether if possible. If you must perform them, try to put them all into one time slot and work without distraction until they are complete.

Creating your “Power Schedule”

Having sufficient energy available to successfully complete all your VIP’s every day, means that you need to be getting sufficient sleep and rest. So when creating your “POWER SCHEDULE”, use sleep and rest as your starting point.

Weekly Plan – Sales Training

I find it most effective to plan my week in advance, on a Sunday evening. Your circumstances may dictate that you choose a different day. The first thing I put into my schedule is a minimum of 24 hours of uninterrupted rest time. For me this time is from 12:00 on Saturday morning to 12:00 on Sunday. During this time I switch off completely, do not think about work and just focus on resting and investing quality time with my family.


Secondly I decide on a time when I am “DONE FOR THE DAY”, every day. This is a time I schedule into my calendar every week, to guide me to stop working and to switch off and rest. The time I choose for this is 20:00 every day. As soon as I get to 20:00 I do two things. I firstly review my day, learning all the lessons my day had to offer, filing these away to use the next time I encounter a similar challenge or obstacle in the future. Next I check to see if there are any tasks, which I had scheduled for that day that I did not manage to get done. These are then transferred to my schedule for the next day, during my planning session, which follows.

Review and Plan Day

Once I have finished reviewing my day, which takes no longer than 5 minutes, I move into a quick planning process where I “PLAN MY DAY” for tomorrow. This process is a quick review of my daily priorities and commitments for the next day, ensuring that I have time available to perform them. I also review my appointments and To-Do’s, ensuring that everything is workable the next day. This daily commitment to review and plan for the next day, allows me to leave my day content, satisfied that everything is in place. This allows me to switch off, rest and recover, ready to make the most of the next day.    

The reviewing and planning process only takes about 15 minutes every day. It however gives me a huge advantage, in the form of having a head start every morning. I also wake up every day with an organised schedule, with time to carry out my VIP’s and I am completely in control of my day.

Schedule time to carry out VIP’s every day

The next crucial element when creating your “POWER SCHEDULE” is time every day to carry out your VIP”S. We operate and live according to the circadian rhythm, which means we sleep when it is dark and are awake when it is light. According to these rhythms, our energy levels are at their highest, first thing in the morning. So it makes the most sense for me to choose this time of day, to perform my most important tasks for the day, namely your VIP’s.

Ultradian Rhythms

Another rhythm, which affects our daily performance, is the ultradian rhythm. This is a 90 minute rhythm, which repeats throughout our day. We are not designed as marathon runners, where we can keep slogging away relentlessly all day. Our bodies work best when we work at high intensity for 90 minutes, followed by rest. When designing our “POWER SCHEDULE”, we must build these 90 minute cycles into our plan. I always try to choose the first 90 minutes of the day to perform my VIP’s. I am at my most energised for the day and thus at my best. I then design the rest of my day, incorporating the ultradian rhythm into my planning.

Creating your Day

  • Start creating your day by first putting the time you will go to sleep and the time you will wake up. I choose 21H30 to go to sleep and 04H30 as my wake-up time. This gives me 7 hours of sleep every night, which is believed to be a minimum, if you want to operate optimally. Research shows that if you are sleeping less than 7 hours a night, then there is a 1 in 80 chance you are getting enough sleep.
  • Next I put my first 90 minute segment into my day, namely my time to complete my VIP’s. I refer to this time as “MEETING MY FUTURE”. By calling it something as important as a meeting with my future, I give it the priority attention it needs every day and ensure that I never cancel or postpone it. This is your most important meeting of the day and nothing short of a death or major catastrophe should ever allow you to cancel one of these meetings.
  • After each 90 minute segment I schedule time to rest. To operate optimally, you need to change your sprint rhythm, which you engage in every 90 minutes, for one where you slow down and relax. This allows you to rest and prepare for the next sprint, during the next 90 minute cycle. During these rest periods, you can, do some exercise, such as a few jumping jacks, mediate, call to a friend to discuss something unimportant etc. Anything to allow your mind time to rest and relax. This rest can be as short as five minutes, but should not be any longer than 10 minutes.
  • Working from the first 90 minute segment and scheduled rest periods, build the rest of your day, in 90 minute segments.
  • Next I schedule breakfast, Lunch and Dinner into my schedule. These are scheduled to coincide with the ultrradian rhythm.

This sales training course will reveal the secret to make this “POWER SCHEDULE” work for you is to ensure that you have sufficient time available, every day, to perform all the tasks you identified as being crucial to your success. As long as you make enough time available to perform these tasks and you use this time effectively to carry out these actions every day, you will succeed at anything.

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