Sales Training experts show you How you are you Investing your Prime Time, every day?

sales trainingAccording to the Circadian rhythm, we operate optimally when we sleep when it is dark and are awake when it is light. We also operate best when we work at high intensity, for periods of ninety minutes at a time. This helps us remain in sync with the ultradian rhythm, which means that we operate optimally, when we divide our day up into 90 minute segments of high intensity effort, followed by short rest periods. So if you want to get the most from every day, you should strive to get a minimum of seven hours of sleep every night and schedule your day, around the ultradian rhythm.

Sales Training experts show you how to use your prime Prime Time

The first prime time in your day is, obviously the first ninety minutes, straight after you wake up in the morning. This is the time, every day, when you are the most energised, rested and able to deliver your best performance of the day. This should obviously be the time you invest into your most important, priority task of the day. How are you spending your most valuable, energised prime time each day?
Are you reading your smart phone, on Facebook, pushing the snooze button, opening emails, so that the rest of the world can hold you and your time to ransom for the rest of the day? Or are you scheduling time during your most important and energised prime time of the day, to work on achieving your goals, reading a great educational, inspirational or transformational book, carrying out the most important and valuable task of the day?
It is really easy to get wrapped-up in the hype of modern life and to never plan or schedule anything, allowing technology and everyone else’s needs to dictate how you will invest your time every day. If you do this, it is a sure fire way for you to feel really busy all day, spinning your wheels and yet achieving very little. This is the way to remain trapped in average.
Action Idea: If you want to finally break the bonds of average, then it is time to plan your day the night before, schedule your most important task, for first thing in the morning and for you to break your day up into ninety minute segments, of high intensity inspired activity, followed by planned rest periods. When you do this you are aligning yourself with your natural rhythms and you will be equipped to operate optimally, where you will get the most from your available time.

Creating Second Prime Time every your day

The second prime time of your day can occur in the early afternoon, if you align yourself with your natural daily rhythms. To take advantage of this, you need to listen to your body’s need to sleep for a second time every day. This need to sleep or early afternoon tiredness is due to the “Circadian Trough”, which occurs between 1 and 4 Pm every day. According to this daily rhythm, our bodies cry out to sleep for a second time between 1 and 4 pm every day. We fight this natural tendency, by drinking stimulants, like coffee etc. If we work in sync with this rhythm and we schedule time to have a ten or twenty minute nap, every afternoon, we re-energise our bodies and we will experience a second highly energised period, or a second prime time, just after our power nap, every afternoon. This time can be scheduled to carry out another important task or goal specific activity.

The Third Prime Time each day

Yes of course we all refer to prime time, as that prime TV watching time between 6 and 10 Pm every day. Commercials flighted during this time, are the most expensive as, during this time most people are glued to the seats of their couches, watching the idiots lantern and all the violence, negativity and pointless nonsense it pours into their minds. Yes of course a little TV is OK, but to sit glued to the TV for 3 – 4 hours a night is most certainly not going to help you to change your life or create the life of meaning and fulfilment you desire. It is a certain way for you to just continue down the path to no-where.

Third Prime Time of your day

From 6 – 10 Pm daily, I see this time as your third prime time of the day. Imagine, if everyone else sits trapped in a bubble of entertainment, whilst you invest this time every day, towards growing and expanding, your knowledge, skills and abilities. How do you think you will leave everyone else behind as you grow and become more? Your ability to achieve the success you desire, will take a quantum leap, when you stop investing one of your prime times each day, into watching other people making money off you, with all their expensive adverts. Instead invest this time towards performing things, which will help you to achieve all your goals and dreams.
Time never stops; it is the ultimate equal opportunity employer, as it continually and endlessly spends itself in every now. If you continue to waste your now’s, on entertaining yourself to death, every night, you will just remain trapped in the herd. Make a better choice and instead, invest your most valuable possession, namely your time into creating the future of your dreams and the sky is the limit. The time spent idling in entertainment is lost forever, whereas, time invested into your growth and learning, is converted into unlimited possibility and potential for the future.

Wasted Hours

Time wasted is gone forever, whereas time invested will remain with you forever. Of course you need some time each day to relax and unwind. You also need time to learn, expand and grow. Find a way to balance your need to relax and entertain yourself, with your need to learn and grow and you will have mastered your life.
Action Idea: If you are struggling to break your addiction with Television. Try to go cold turkey for a week, by going away to a venue, which does not have television at all. Fill your evenings with productive activities and start to build a new routine around none or less TV. Try to invest your evenings into hands on real-life experiences, which you can touch, feel and really experience.
The time away from your TV is creative time, developmental time and time you will grow and expand. Time in front of the TV on the other hand is potentially negative time, as your head is filled with negativity, violence and pointless entertainment. I choose growth and expansion, what do you choose?
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