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sales training strengthsOne of the secrets to invite success, meaning and fulfilment into your life, is to play to your core competencies. This sales training course, will show you that you can and never will be great at anything, which is not in your area of strength. Break the notion that you should work on your weaknesses. Your weaknesses are just that, parts of you, which are limiting and restricting you. They do not deserve the time of day. Do not waste any valuable energy or resources working on them. Rather get people with strengths in those areas where you have weaknesses, to support you. Put all you energy and effort into working on improving your strengths. If you want to deliver your best, you need to improve the areas, where you have core competencies, do what you love, love what you do and always look for ways to deliver more value, than you expect as payment or commission.

Discovering your Strengths

The schooling system is not designed to reveal people’s strengths to them at all. In fact quite the contrary is true. If you are excelling in Math, but your language mark is low. Instead of advising you to focus your efforts on improving your math mark even more, by focusing your time and energy there, you are instead encouraged to work on your weaknesses and try to improve your language mark. This sets the tone, for the rest of their life, where people believe that they should waste resources, working on areas of themselves, which are weak, at the expense of their core competencies. This wastes an incredible amount of resources and time, which is spent trying to fix the un-fixable, instead of growing in the areas, where you will easily excel.

During this sales training course, I will highlight the challenge when uncovering your unique talents, strengths or skills, is that they seldom, if ever show up as high grades or in your performance reviews. Your core competencies show up in the activities you simply cannot wait to perform every day. The sad reality is that these activities are often just used to perform hobbies or personal interests and not used in the profession you are employed. This means that a large majority of people are employed in professions, which do not fully utilise their natural gifts, which means that people are not performing optimally and are simply employed in careers in which they merely show-up, put in the hours and then go home to pursue and do the things they love and enjoy.

Super Achievers do not accept this

One of the things, which really stands out for me, with super achievers, is that they all love what they do. You can never excel at anything, unless you truly love it and enjoy doing it.

A Sales Training Action Idea for you and other Super Achievers:

  • Discover you core competencies and then find a way to earn a living using them.
  • Find a vocation, which is aligned with your core competencies and is the most rewarding and interesting and then use your strengths to excel at it.
  • Don’t get trapped in a familiar place, where you are unhappy, doing something you hate. Have the courage to make a few career and job changes, to test and discover your core competencies, discover new talents, until you find what you love.
  • Use you vocation as an integral part of your life; do not idle in a job you hate. Use your vocation to live, to love, be mega happy, to gain knowledge and to be of service to others.

You are born with your Talents

I believe that you are born with a certain set of natural talents, core competencies and personality traits. Behaviour patterns, routines and habits are all learned over time, due to social and environmental modelling. The earlier in life you are able to uncover your natural talents, discover ways to improve them and then find ways to use them to earn a living, the happier and more successful you will be.

Uncovering your hidden treasures

It is never too late to conduct an audit of your life and discover your strengths or core competencies.

Use the action ideas from this sales training course to help you to do this.

  • Take a test online to help you identify your strengths. The Ball foundation has an excellent online test, which is really user friendly and easy to use. The test will help you uncover 19 different competencies or innate strengths, which you possess.
  • Explore your memories as a child. Find some quiet time and sit and think about all the things you loved to do as a child. Forget about your report card, think about all the extra-curricular activities or hobbies, you loved to do. These memories will help reveal your hidden talents. Think about all the things you loved doing after school, on weekends, whilst on vacation. They will reveal a plethora of information about your strengths and core competencies.
  • Explore you current hobbies and interests. I know it is difficult for some people to remember what made them feel really good as a child. If you have found it difficult to discover anything useful, when exploring your childhood memories, then the next thing to do is to explore your current hobbies or interests. What really turns you on the most after working hours and on weekends? What do you think about all the time and just can’t wait to do after work? If money was no object, how would you pass the time?
  • You can also invest into a Winslow personality test. This can also be done online. The cost of this test is high, but the comprehensive report you will get after completing the test, is well worth the investment. The results I got when I did this test were incredibly accurate and really helped me.

Do you have a deep rooted desire burning in your belly, driving you to be excellent? If not, then don’t expect to break out of the life you are trapped in right now. The research from this sales training course has shown that one of the most crucial predictors of super achievement is ones desire for excellence. All the most successful people both I and other researchers have studied, have found that super achievers, attained their greatness, because of a burning inner desire to use their talents or core competencies to the max. All great achievers are inspired by the torch, which burns from within, driving them to express the very best they have to offer.

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