Do you want to stand out from the crowd?

The world’s population is exploding and the ever changing business environment is becoming hyper-competitive. In this new environment, the only way to break through to your prospects and make a lasting impression on them, means you need to stand out, you need to find innovative ways to break through all the noise and clutter. You need to not be just another voice in the herd.

The old school concept, where you could follow the formula of telling everyone how great you are, with your state of the art solutions, commitment to customer service and best value for money in town, just won’t, cut it anymore. You need to be different, unique and find innovative ways to stand out from the noise and differentiate yourself from the crowd.

Try the following:

 Be Unique – Do different things. The best way to stand out and be counted, is to find innovative ways to do things other people are not doing. The only way to really beat your competition in this hyper-competitive world, is to be unique, you need to do things that other people are not doing.

Do Things differently – When you commit to do things differently. You effectively demonstrate your understanding about “how” can be more important than ‘what”. The secret is to find creative ways to add that special touch of elegance and class. Your goal is to find ways to make the common seem special.

Spread Happiness and Stir Emotions Your objective as a sales professional, who wants to stand out, is to explore and discover ways to stir positive emotions in people. When you are regarded as the ray of sunshine, motivation or peace of mind for your customers and prospects, you consistently send a message that there is more to you and your product than meets the eye. This will inspire your customers and prospects to keep coming back for more.

Consistency wins the day – The secret to make the first three methods for standing out from the crowd, work for you, means that you must always be consistent. No matter how insignificant, any interaction with your customer or prospect may seem, you must always be consistent. The way you do anything is the way you do everything. When you are consistent, you have an identity, which people can identify with. They then learn to know, like and trust you. All of which are crucial elements for success in selling.

When you consistently stand out from the crowd and you show your commitment to be unique and special. You will stand become an integral part of the value you bring. If you are expecting to succeed, by just selling a product or service, you will just be another commodity out there. You can only excel in life and as a sales professional, if you offer something unique and special.

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Andrew Horton

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