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Thank You

Your Secret to Sales Success

We are fast approaching the middle of 2013. How are you doing with all the promises and commitments you made to yourself earlier this year? Have you managed to achieve any of the goals, which you set for yourself in January or is this just going to be another year, which spins by and leaves you in a yet another coma, caused by all the missed opportunities and unused potential?

Before you know it, Christmas will be upon you again and yet another year will have rumbled past in a cloud of busyness and discontent. You still have more than six months of this year left to go. If things are going to be different this year, then now is the time to make it so. It is time to explore your world and to start to see it through a different set of eyes. You are surrounded with incredible abundance and so many things, which you can be grateful for. Dare to reach out and take advantage of all this wonder.

Pause and Appreciate

Allow yourself to pause for a moment today and every day and see all you have around you to be grateful for. Open your eyes and actually allow yourself to see and appreciate it all. Feel the glow of appreciation flow through you and to you. Now use this very positive feeling, to set the positive tone for how the rest of your day will unfold. When you learn the art of using all the things, which are working in your life, to inspire you and set you up for success every day. You are placing yourself in a positive creative place, one where you see possibility and are focused on carrying out the activities you need to achieve the results you want.

Appreciate and say thanks

When you wake up every day with the express intent of looking around your world to see everything there is to appreciate and you are 100 % committed to then share and express this gratitude with everyone around you. You and everyone you appreciate become winners. You feel great because you are in a positive modality, looking to appreciate those around you and the people you express your appreciation to, also feel fantastic, because they have been noticed and appreciated. This simple concept is very effective with your customers too.

Appreciate your Existing Customers

 Are you like most sales professionals, spending most of your time going after new customers? Do you accept that the customers you lose every year are just part of the normal sales process? I have worked with some companies, who have an attrition rate of almost 50 % in lost customers each year. The leadership have become so accustomed to this, that they have become to accept it as normal. Wow they are losing 50 % of their turnover and profits every year and that is OK. They explain it away by saying that they have either maintained or grown their sales for the year, through new customer acquisition.

I believe that by appreciating your existing customers, investing time to get to know them, honestly having their best interests at heart and by building genuine connection with them, you can retain most of your customers every year. Losing customers is preventable.   

Existing customers constitute 100 % of Sales and Profits

Your existing customers constitute all your current sales and profits. Yet by comparison, when examined from a marketing spend perspective, they cost way less to keep, than new customers cost to acquire.  

Maintaining your existing customers

There is no substitute for that personal touch. Plan how you use your available time really well and invest as much quality time as possible in front of your existing customers. Every call must have a purpose and you must look for as many authentic ways to show value and appreciation to them as possible.

Email, hand written cards and telephone calls, etc. all sent with a purpose are also great supplemental, ways of supporting your face to face meetings with your customers, but in no way are they substitutes for that face to face connection, which comes from actually showing up and connecting with them in a meeting.

In this electronic age, where everyone wants to get things done as quickly as possible, find ways to stand out, instead of doing everything electronically, hand write any message and hand deliver them to your customers. This shows you care and they are worth the extra effort. This message could be a simple thank you for your business etc.

Yes it takes work to be committed to your existing customers, getting to know them and their needs. But when you genuinely want to “HELP” them and you are constantly looking for ways to add value to them. They will appreciate you and become loyal fans, who will always buy from you.

Stop thinking of yourself as a vendor or supplier, show appreciation, look for ways to add value consistently exceed expectations and you will become a valued partner to your customers. One they cannot afford to be without.

Adding Value

  • If you sell houses – show your customers how to build equity
  • If you sell copiers – show them ways to become more efficient in the office.
  • If you are a lawyer – show them how to protect their personal assets and family
  • If you are a sales trainer – show them how to improve and enhance their personal and families’ personal development.

You know better what you sell or should I rather say the “HELP” you provide. Explore your own world and find innovative ways to add value to your customers. They will better connect with you and even grow to depend on you, when you are committed to always add value to them.

There are so many different ways you can show value to your customers. It just takes a little creative thought to take advantage of all you have to share. When you are adding value to your customers on a level beyond the obvious business relationship, they will think twice before they stop doing business with you and they may even become raving fans, who will refer other people to you.

Appreciate your customers and continually find ways to add real value to them and you will build connection with them, which will be very difficult or impossible to break.

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