Sales Training – What do People expect from you?

Sales Training

What do People expect from you?

As you know becoming successful in life or in sales, is all about relationships. The better the relationships you are able to form with the people around you, the better will be the results you will be able to enjoy in the long run. Success in life or in sales Is not only based only on what you know, but more crucially on who you know.  The more people you know and the better the relationship you have with the right people, the greater will be your altitude in life. So look around your world and discover who you already know, or who you need to get to know, to support you, to achieve the results you want to achieve.

Getting to know the right people

In life, first decide with absolute clarity exactly what you want to achieve. Once you have this clarity look around your world and find people on a similar path to your own, or people who have achieved something similar to what you want to achieve.

In sales, discover exactly what you value proposition is, the benefits it offers and then look around your market and discover people, who need exactly what you offer.

Action Idea: Find innovative ways of connecting with these people and invest time and energy to develop long term mutually beneficial relationships with them. In life find people who have achieved what you want to achieve or who are on a similar path to your own. They have a recipe for success, which is working. All that is left for you to do is to discover their recipe and then to adopt it as your own.

So by spending time around these people, you are eventually going to mirror their behaviour. You will read the books they read, spend time at the places they visit, dress like they do, speak like they do and even eventually even think like they do. These crucial behavioural shifts, will over time allow you to emulate their recipe for success and you will gradually invite similar success into your own experience.

In sales once you have discovered who needs what you offer. Research the people you want to target and discover as much information about them and their needs as possible. This will equip you to explain your value proposition as clearly as possible, so that they can see how you can support them and be of service to them.

Spending time with these people

You can never approach people, either in life or in sales with a one sided, intent of picking their brains or just selling them something and then simply discarding them once you have learned all they have to teach or they have bought your product or service. If you want to be successful at finding the right people to spend time around, or discover the perfect customer to build sustainable lifelong relationship with. You must as with any relationship approach them from a standpoint of “how can I be of service to you” and how can we develop a mutually beneficial relationship, where both parties are going to be able to get something out of the relationship.

When you have this approach in life or in sales, people will feel your willingness to connect with them and will quickly see your commitment towards building long term mutually beneficial relationships with them too. Nobody wants to be around people who are only in the relationship for what they can get from them. Be authentic and have a genuine interest in ensuring there is always a modality of fair exchange in any relationship, which you build and you will not only find building relationships far easier, but you will also manage to get far more from each relationship that you do have.

Law of Reciprocity

People are programed to want to support other people. So when you are always focused on every relationship, looking for ways to be of service, people sense it and will automatically want to reciprocate and be of service to you in return. This approach of always looking for ways to be of service to others, before trying to get anything from any relationship, will stand you in good stead. People will see the authentic you and realise that you are not only around them for what you can get from them. They will respond to you in the same way and try to be of service to you in return.

Successful relationships in life or in sales are always about mutual benefit and fair exchange. When you adopt this philosophy and you approach every relationship including your sales relationships, from this standpoint, you will be equipped to build long term sustainable mutually beneficial relationships, with people, who will want to support you and help you achieve the results you want.

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    I found your article most inspiring. I am an accountant in practice and i have always had challenges drumming up new business. Will start practicing on your advice.

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