Do you believe that you are a winner?

sales TrainingI have adapted this saying from the very well-known phrase by Henry Ford. “Whether you think you are a winner or think you are not, both ways you are right”. Allowing yourself to feel like a winner and believing that you have what it takes to be one, is a prerequisite to become one. You will never achieve anything extraordinary, unless you have expectations that something exceptional will happen for you. If you continue to focus on failure or even the consequences of failure, how can you possibly expect to experience anything other than loss, disappointment and failure?

Gary’s Story

A few years back a close friend of mine, Gary wanted to start his own business. He had built up a small nest egg, from his corporate job and felt that he was ready to go it alone. He was very excited at first and did the usual thing most people do when starting a new business. He rushed out and bought an expensive desk, computers and some designer office furniture. As you know the desk, chairs and computer, do not mean you have a business. All they mean is that you have somewhere to pretend to have a business. You only really have a business, when you have customers, who buy your goods and services.

Gary was a really upbeat, positive person, so when I received a call from him, in a very negative and overwhelmed state. I was quite shocked. He had miscalculated a number of things and the business had not taken off as quickly as he had hoped. He had effectively hit the terror barrier and was completely overwhelmed by all the new responsibilities, which come with running his own business. All the setbacks he had encountered had left him feeling lost. He just didn’t feel like he had what it took, to make a success out of his new venture. This was coming from a really successful man, who had risen through the ranks in the corporate world and had ended his career on a seven figure income.

Breaking the Cycle

I knew how badly Gary wanted to get his own business going and all the sacrifices he had already made in order to allow him to live his dream. Although quitting and returning to the corporate world seemed like the only alternative for him at that moment. I knew he would always have regrets, if he gave up, before he had really tried his hardest. To help him escape that really dark place, I asked him to remove himself from the negative environment of his office and to spend the rest of the day focused on his past successes. I asked him to sit with a notebook, writing down all his accomplishments, which he had achieved throughout his life.

The next morning I got a call from a completely new Gary. He was inspired, passionate and driven to succeed once again. The act of removing his focus from everything, which was overwhelming him and instead focusing on all the positive things, which had occurred in his life, had completely changed his emotive state. To further enhance the exercise, I suggested that he create an achievement board, which he hung on his wall in front of his desk. He then had a pictorial representation right in front of him, every day, to remind him about what he was capable of achieving. Gary went on to build a huge business in the travel industry.

The Secret

Your emotions are an incredible success tool, which will support you to become the winner you know that you want to be. The negative emotions you feel, when you focus on failure, depress your drive and passion. Limiting you and thus keeping you trapped in average. The same is also true about positive emotions, which you will feel when you believe in yourself and your ability to achieve greatness.

Action Idea: Use your gift of imagination to project yourself into the future. Once there allow yourself to bask in the incredible feeling of being a winner and the huge success, you know you can and will be.

When you do this, you create an environment of positive expectancy. This allows you to feel positive, driven, passionate and inspired to take the daily action you need to take to succeed. Allow yourself to feel these positive emotions as often as possible and you will be setting yourself up for success.

Capitalise on Short Term Victories

Another great tip to help you get into the right positive mind-set, to support you to achieve the greatness you desire, is for you to start capitalising on short term victories. This can start very simply, by you focusing on achieving even the tiniest victories. The smallest success achieved by completing even one tiny task successfully, can serve as an incredible catalyst to support you to take more similar positive actions every day. Start really small and gradually take on more and more challenging tasks. Nothing ever succeeds, as well as success does. Success most certainly supports you to remain in that positive place; you need to be in to achieve greatness.


Success is far easier to achieve in a positive environment. It is for this reason that allowing yourself to feel gratitude for all the things, which are working in your life, first thing in the morning, sets you up for a very positive and successful day. There are so many things to be grateful for in your life. Sit quietly every morning and allow the glow of satisfaction to flow over you, as you focus on all the wonderful things you have to be grateful for. This sets the tone for a positive, productive and very successful day.

Reflect on Success

Success percolates and comes to the boil, in a positive environment, when you feel positive emotions. That is why I have suggested that you focus on the positive feeling associated with each tiny victory, throughout your day. If you are going through a challenging period and even those small victories seem scarce. There is another technique which also works really well. I call this success tool the “REFLECTION METHOD”.

Using the Reflection Method

This method will help you during those times, where achieving even small successes, may feel impossible. To do this effectively, you need to project back to a time where you achieved something exceptional. It could have been winning a sports event, graduating high school, making a huge sale, delivering a great speech, performing really well at a school play etc. As you reflect back, focus on that winning feeling, which you felt at the special moment and allow yourself to recapture and channel that powerful positive emotion, into right now. The positive emotion, which those past successes conjure up, will help put you into the positive place you need to be in, to discover your drive and passion once again.

Merely focusing on the positive emotions associated with past or present success or feeling gratitude for all the things, which are working in your life, will be the boost you need to change your emotive state. Spend some time and identify that something, which will allow you to get into the positive emotive state, you need to be in, to support you to feel driven and passionate about your success, once again. You can only win and achieve greatness, when you are feeling confident, empowered and you are in a positive place.

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