Sales Training to help you Earn more

sales training 123After attending this sales training intervention I will show you that every one of us has a certain amount of possibility or potential pent up inside of us. We have the potential to enjoy great health, fantastic relationships, a fulfilling career, spiritual connection and yes the potential to earn and accumulate great financial wealth. My question here is this. In which of the areas of your life, which I have described above, should you perform at levels below your potential?

Dream Big and Believe it is Possible

The answer is simple; you are here on the beautiful planet as a creator, with enough pent up potential inside you, to achieve remarkable things, in all the areas of your life. Your ability to achieve exceptional results in your life is limited by only two things, your ability to dream really big dreams, where you allow yourself to have huge expectations and secondly your belief in yourself and your abilities to achieve those dreams. So “NO”, it is not OK to perform at any level, which is below your potential. You have an obligation to use your God given talents as optimally as possible and to achieve the best possible results you can, in every area of your life.


  • If you can improve your health should you?
  • If you can find a career, which satisfies and fulfils you, should you?
  • If you can grow spiritually, should you?
  • If you can improve all your relationships, should you?
  • If you can learn more, should you?
  • If you can earn more money, should you?

I have not met a person on this planet, who would not answer yes, to every of the above questions. So if you answer yes to every question and I know you can achieve more in every area of your life, then why are you not doing so? Stop wasting any more potential on excessive entertainment or instant gratification. It is time to stop spinning your wheels and to start living your potential.

Sales Training to help you Earn More

I am sure that by now you have realised that you do want to achieve more and that you have the pent up potential to do so. The question you must now be asking is “HOW CAN I DO IT
This strategy, I will describe below, will work in any area of your life. I have however chosen to use your financial wellbeing and growth to describe the process to you.

Action Idea: As you know the quality of every facet of your life is directly proportional to the quality of your questions. So the obvious place to start is by asking positive, questions about your earnings. Explore your world and ask the question “How can I earn more”? It does not matter, whether you are the CEO, a sales person or the cleaner. By consistently asking yourself a positive question and having an enquiring mind, you have sowed the seed and have programmed your brain to start exploring and discovering ways to invite more income into your life.

Visualise more Money in your life

Once you have sowed the seed and programmed your mind to invite more earning into your life, the next step is to support yourself to believe it is possible for you. This is achieved by programming your mind to firstly think positive thoughts. What you consistently think about, you will inevitably bring about. You can support yourself to think more positive thoughts by creating positive affirmations, which you repeat to yourself throughout the day.

Sales Training Positive affirmations:

  • Each day in every way, I am better and better and I have what it takes and will do what it takes, to earn more money.
  • I am a genius and use my wisdom daily, to invite more money into my experience.
  • Money comes to me, easily and often.

These are three of the affirmations I have used, with great success, in the past to support me to improve my belief around money. Money is everywhere. Change your mind-set about money and the value you have to offer the world and you will immediately earn more. Think positive thoughts about money, believe you deserve more, consistently increase your value and money will flow to you in abundance.

Give yourself a Raise every day

When I finally accepted that I deserved more money and I believed in the value I had to offer the world, my income immediately began to grow at levels, which seemed impossible before. Become hungry, believe in yourself and your abilities and actively look for ways to give yourself a raise every day.
If you want to earn more, consistently look for innovative ways to put yourself in an environment, where there is money or the potential for you to increase your value. Getting more money is not, about wishing for more, it is about believing you deserve more and then going about getting more. The more you think about how you deserve more, the more you put yourself in places where you can earn more and the more you surround yourself with people who earn more than you, the sooner you will actually start to earn more.

Wake up every day, Determined to Earn More

When you actively program yourself to find ways to earn more every day, you consistently increase your value through learning and personal development and you believe you deserve more money. It will freely flow to you and through you.

Spend time in Environments with more money

As you know there is no more money at your house. Neither money nor improved success, will ever come to your home, break down your door and announce its arrival. If you want more money, then you need to get off your butt and go to places where the money is. Spend time around people, who have more money than you have and they will firstly highlight possibility and secondly they will inspire you to take the action you need to take, to invite more money into your experience.

Keep asking Positive Questions

This sales training course will encourage you to wake up every day and ask positive questions about, how you can earn more money. Repeat these questions throughout the day, believe you deserve more, keep increasing your value, push yourself to be great and you will start to see the money pour in.

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