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Sales Training Courses

Sales Training Courses 2013

We offer Sales Training courses to Sales Teams, who struggle with a lack of daily motivation and who would like to improve the use of their available time, so that they can consistently achieve their sales targets and optimize their ability to sell.

What separates us from any other sales training organizations is that, in addition to our practical proven sales training tools and techniques, we also offer innovative, proven sales training support tools, which enhance the sales training process, through repetition, reminders and the formation of a sales success habit set.

As a result our clients see their sales teams positively shift their behaviour, as they apply the sales tools they have learnt and consequently also improve their ability to sell. This means that they get to see improved sales results, improved motivation and a sales team, who effectively utilize their available sales time every day, all of which means that they see a return on their sales training investment.

I am one of the most sought after sales training experts in South Africa, who you can trust to deliver every time. I teach sales professionals how to make a few crucial shifts to their sales philosophy and daily behaviour, so that they can develop a new sales habit set to support their sales success and optimise the use of their available time. This equips them with new positive sales routines, so that they can get the most out of each sales day.  I inspire sales teams to greatness, helping them to achieve and even exceed their sales targets.  I am so confident that I can exceed your expectations and get real and lasting results for your sales team, that I offer a 100 % money back Guarantee.

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Sales Training Courses Testimonials

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Bio Sales Training Courses

I am an expert Inspirational Sales Speaker and Sales Training expert, very successful entrepreneur and Positive Behavioural Shift Expert, who specialises in offering practical Sales Training Courses, which guide sales teams to dramatically improve their sales performance and results. As a PHD student, I am researching human behaviour and how small shifts in personal daily habits, a few crucial behavioural shifts and the development of a success habit set, results in massive improvement to the outcomes you will enjoy.

My purpose when I offer these sales training workshops, is to empower exceptional people, winning sales teams and authentic sales leaders, inspiring them to shift their behaviour and attitude, thereby encouraging sustainable and on-going sales success, personal growth and sustainable long term development. 

I will act as the catalyst for sales success within any organisation.

This Sales Training Course is for:

  • Sales professionals who want to take their sales to the next level by no longer selling, but rather helping their clients and prospects, by developing mutually beneficial relationships with their them. Thereby forming mutually beneficial supportive partnerships with both their prospects and clients.
  • People that are frustrated with the quality and quantity of sales they are managing to generate with their current sales methods.
  • Sales professionals who want to become more productive and maximize the quality and quantity of sales they manage to achieve within their available time.
  • Sales professionals who want to learn how to use people’s positive emotions to help them make sales decisions.
  • Sales professionals who want to learn how to develop a better understanding of their markets and clients.
  • Sales professionals who want to improve their presentation skills and face to face contact with their clients
  • Sales professionals who want to develop a winning sales strategy to become a sales superstar
  • Sales professionals who want effectively close sales with their clients

Content of our Sales Training Workshop:

  1. Effectiveness – You will be guided to identify, prioritize and carry out the right sales activities each day.
  2. Efficiency – You will be taught a system to leverage the maximum from your time, so that you can efficiently perform all the right sales activities each day.
  3. Activity Management – We will guide you to manage your sales activities and leverage the maximum from you unique circumstances.
  4. Energy Management – We will help you to maximize your energy and get the most from your day.
  5. Self-Management – Learn to create new sales routines and then convert these into a success habit set.
  6. Effective Planning – We will guide you to stimulate effective sales habits, through focus and planning.

What will you Learn?

  • Understanding the concept of relationship building as a sales tool for building partnerships with clients.
  • Exploring my clients and prospects – how well do I know them?
  • Understand how we function best – How can I use my natural strengths to generate sales and build relationships.
  • Building power routine to support my selling efforts.
  • Building an effective self-management system for selling success
  • Creating a unique customised activity management system to help you manage the right sales activities.
  • Understanding why you sell and creating a crystal clear sales vision for the future.
  • Identifying the right daily sales activities needed to succeed.
  • Turning goal setting into goal achieving.
  • Turning your personal and organizational purpose into sales value.
  • Accumulate real value with your sales efforts and discover long term sustainable selling success.
  • Sales presentation practice
  • Closing sales

This Sales Training workshop can either be presented as a one or two workshop. We cover the same material in both. The two day workshop however allows more time to cover each concept, leaving each delegate with a more comprehensive understanding of the tools offered.

This Sales and relationship building workshop will guide you to gradually introduce new skills to maximize your sales efficiency and effectiveness and help you become a sales superstar

We are what we repeatedly do, excellence is not an act, it is a habit

Additional Resources offered during this sales Training workshop: 

  1. A daily inspirational message is sent to each person that attends this workshop. This is an opt-in system that delivers an inspirational message right into the email of everyone that signs up on Andrews’s website. The inspiration or motivation may fade after attending my sales and relationship building workshop. This daily inspirational message is designed to help maintain the momentum created by the workshop.
  2. A Positive Affirmation CD. This CD is an audio recording containing positive affirmations. This resource is used daily to create a positive start to every day and helps to remove those nagging negative thoughts that flow so freely through our minds every day. When used consistently this CD will give you a positive start to every day and set the tone for an amazing day.
  3. An audio recording detailing the concepts that are highlighted during the workshop. This CD serves as a reminder after the event, to help the sales professionals stay on track and serves as another source of positive information to keep people on track.
  4. A CD recording, containing positive statements and affirmations. This resource is designed to serve as a reminder to stay on track. This CD is a powerful motivator and will empower you on those days when you feel uninspired or down.

My no. 1 goal during this Sales Training workshop is:

  1. To ignite magic in each audience member, to connect with them, so that I can help them to renew their vision, discover a lost belief or even birth a new one.
  2. To create a spark in as many people in the audience as possible or to inspire them to take action so they can achieve exactly, what they desire!

My relaxed and humorous style ensures that my message is remembered long after the workshop is over

I have designed this sales training workshop to support, uplift and inspire sales professionals to explore the limits of their potential and awaken the sales giants, which resides within all of them. This workshop is aimed at providing sales professionals with a powerful toolkit of sales skills, powerful ways of developing mutually beneficial sales relationships with their clients and an activity management system to maximise their use of their available time each day. These tools and powerful tried and tested techniques will help any sales professional up their game and become real sales and marketing giants, within their markets.

My main objective when I offer this sales training course is to help all attendees to start to make the crucial shift necessary to unlock the sales superstar, which is hidden inside all of them. I will highlight a few simple, yet extremely effective ideas, which will help everyone, make the crucial shift towards driving effective sales activity. Everyone who attends this workshop will leave with a method to immediately improve their daily sales efforts, by giving them a system to encourage and promote the most effective and productive daily sales activity.

We will also provide all attendees with tools to help them to move away from old school hard selling, to new age relationship building and sales influence as a selling strategy. This workshop will teach you a number of tools and techniques, which will allow you to see that selling is never about telling, but rather about fostering mutually beneficial relationships with partners. The objective has got to be about solving challenges and completely meeting the needs of your partners, by supplying them with products or services, you completely believe in, and trust.

You will be taught a simple, yet very effective system for building relationships and forming partnerships with your clients. This workshop is all about application and my role is one of facilitation. My objective is to provide a continuous flow of thought provoking questions throughout the workshop, which will allow all attendees to build a very effective process, which will work in their unique circumstances.

This sales training course will challenge all attendees to take a close look at their current sales efforts and look for ways to use people’s positive emotions to help them make decisions about their products and services. They will be guided to develop an intimate knowledge about their markets, prospects and clients. This knowledge will put them in a great position to positively influence their prospects and clients to know, like, trust and see their product or service as the one that offers them the best value.

This sales Training course will show you that by developing a keen knowledge of their markets and individual prospects within those markets, they will no longer be selling products to their clients and prospects; they will be forming partnerships with them, where they get to help their clients solve problems, when they purchase their products or services. People buy from people they know, like and trust. As the sales professionals develop mutually beneficial relationships with their clients, they are no longer selling; they are building connection and fostering relationships with people, their products or services can help and support.

What Can you Expect from Our Sales Training Workshops


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Sales Training Workshop

Sales Training Workshop

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