Sales Training expert asks you, if you see the Cyclic Nature of life?

Sales Training Courses 2013Sales training is the best way to understand that, everything in life operates in cycles. We experience four seasons every year, there is day and night every 24 hours and we operate best when we work in sync with the ultradian rhythm, which means that we operate optimally, when we work in cycles of 90 minutes, followed by short periods of rest. Our bodies are also tuned in to operate according to the circadian rhythm, which means that we sleep when it is dark and are awake, when it is light.

We operate optimally when in Sync with the natural Sales Training rhythms

The challenges placed on us, due to the pressures of the industrialised world we live in, has in many ways caused us to be out of sync with the natural rhythms or cycles of life. We force ourselves to stay awake far later than is optimal every day, we push ourselves to work through the circadian trough, which is that time of day, when our bodies are crying out for a second period of sleep. This is the period between one and three PM. We also try to act like marathon runners, pushing ourselves to keep performing all day. Whereas we are designed to operate as sprinters and operate best, when we work at high intensity for short periods, 90 minutes at a time.

Everything works in cycles

We also do not see that life flows according to similar rhythms to the four seasons we experience every year.


  • There are periods of plenty, where there is an abundance of business, property prices are at their highest and anyone can easily operate a successful business – “Summer”.
  • Then there are periods of famine, where business is scarce, property prices drop and doing business becomes very difficult – “Winter”
  • There are also periods where things turn and business starts to improve, property prices stabilise and it becomes a little easier to do business – “Spring”.
  • I am sure you have also experienced periods where property prices are too high, the banks are offering 100 % bonds, even your brother in law is a property developer, and then the bubble bursts and things start to decline – Autumn.

If you can tune in to the seasons of life, you will become very financially wealthy. You will be equipped to anticipate the change in season. So when everyone is buying at inflated prices, during the summer of life, you will be selling and when everyone is desperate to sell and is virtually giving their assets away, during winter, you will be cash positive. This will put you in a very favourable position to buy fixed property, struggling businesses and other assets very cheaply. So when the seasons change again, you can sell all these assets at a huge profit, allowing yourself to realise a substantial profit. Financial success really is that simple.

Use the seasons of life

Learn the art of tuning into the seasons of life and you will have access to crucial component, for creating incredible financial wealth. This understanding will also equip you with an understanding of when to really pour on the pressure, so that you can take advantage of the prevailing circumstances. You will also know when to take your foot off the accelerator and to let things ride, while you wait for the seasons to change. Stop allowing one year to blend seamlessly into the next. Instead learn the art of anticipating the change of season and you will reap incredible financial rewards. The cycle, where we go through all four seasons, takes between 5 – 9 years.
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