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Share in the Abundance all Around you

Encore Group offers one of the best motivational speakers presentations in South Africa. He will guide you to see the way to invite abundance into your life begins with approaching life and those around from a standpoint of appreciation.  When you learn to appreciate everything in your life, you consistently give and receive responsible love, show real caring and exhibit compassionate thoughts and actions, you will have found true wealth.

You always receive more of the things you focus on. As you know, what you think about and act upon, you bring about. So by consistently, genuinely feeling and showing appreciation for others and everything around you exactly that will flow back to you in abundance too.

Sincerely appreciating the people around you also builds influence with them and develops your leadership ability. My experience has shown me that whatever you focus your influence and appreciation on, will expand your life and invite abundance into your experience.

Share with Others

The very nature of the word abundance requires you to see that there is enough to share with everyone around you. Be open to share in this universal flow of abundance, which ebbs and flows all around you and you will become part of the flow. Possessions are only representations of energy at work in your life and are never the source of your happiness. If you want to enjoy true abundance, direct your attention toward things of true value, love, peace, passion and joy. You will be amazed at how focusing on this energy, will allow unlimited abundance to flow to you in many different forms.

Action Idea: Stop competing and start co-operating with everyone in your environment. Life is never about showing other people up; it is about creating an environment, which is conducive to sharing in the incredible abundance which abounds and then peacefully co-existing in a world, which is filled with happiness, joy and love.

Live a Life of Consequence

Experience shows that everybody wants their lives as fully as possible, to be of real consequence, to really matter and to make a genuine and lasting difference to everyone they touch. I believe that a satisfying life is lived when you strive to contribute as much as possible, giving freely of yourself and making a positive impact on as many lives as possible.

Stop looking around your world to find what you can get every day and rather look for what you can give. This shift will completely transform your life. Not only will you get to help others enjoy greater abundance in their lives, but you will see also the abundance you desire, begin to flow into your life too. We are creators and are her on this beautiful planet to create, share and assist. When you make the shift away from self and align yourself with this new way of thinking, being and doing. You will experience more abundance, meaning and fulfilment than even you could imagine.

Money is not the Root of all Evil

You will increase the flow of financial abundance, which surrounds and flows to you, when you change your focus from Dollars to creating abundant friendship, security, happiness, health and positive high energy. Money is NOT the root of all evil; it is the mindless pursuit of money, at the expense of everything else, which gives the accumulation of wealth this bad rap. There is nothing wrong with accumulating great financial wealth, if you maintain the flow of abundance and commit to keep sharing with others.

This presentation by one of the best motivational speakers in South Africa will show you that abundance ebbs and flows in perfect harmony all around us. You disrupt this harmonic flow, when you identify with lack and you feel the need to hoard the abundance, which does flow to you. Keep circulating the abundance within this limitless flow and you will share in the abundant love, joy, health, success, friendship, companionship, financial independence and freedom this practice brings.

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