The Cycle of Success

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Summary of the cycle of success

I have summarized a time tested “life of achievement system” for you that I have used very successfully in my own life. This system has allowed me to achieve outstanding and sustainable results in all of my business ventures. I want to share this system with you tonight and guarantee you that if you apply it in your life, you will enjoy unlimited success.

Techniques to develop new habits

Learn to apply a set of tools and techniques that will improve your current efficiency and also act as a compass to guide you on the path, to realizing all your dreams.  Identify techniques that will allow you to better manage your time and energy. By introducing some very simple new habits that will improve you use of your available time will streamline your day and accelerate you toward the life of your dreams.

Change your Habits and beliefs that do not serve you

We are what we repeatedly do, excellence is not an act, it is a habit. “Aristotle”

We are creatures of habit and almost everything we do is governed by our beliefs and habits.  For us to begin to live in the world of our dreams, we must first accept that we are filled with habits and beliefs that are not serving us and then take the necessary action to change them.

Finding the Path to the Magic of Life – Speakers Motivational In Gauteng

If you are one of the fortunate few, living in the magic of life and you are all that you can be, then all your habits and beliefs are serving you.  If on the other hand you are like the majority of people on this beautiful planet and you are filled with self doubt and limiting habits and beliefs. You must identify the habits that are keeping you trapped in mediocrity and by following a phased approach you must work to adopt a new set of habits and beliefs that will serve you and put you on the path to living your dreams.

Before we can begin to determine our purpose, vision and goals in life, we need to first follow a phased approach, that will allow us to develop a new set of habits and beliefs, which will guide us along our chosen path and lead us to our dreams.

Understand what has held you back until now

Having a clear understanding of what has limited your growth in the past is important, as it gives you a set of guidelines, which show you what to avoid in the future.  The behaviors, habits and beliefs that have held you away from your dreams until now, are merely neural pathways that can be altered.

Identify new success habits for development

We have focused on changing habits and beliefs that do not serve you in chapter one.  Your habits are responsible for between 96 -98 % of your behavior.  We now take a critical look at your habits and will take the necessary action to replace them with ones that will lead you to your success.

Code of Personal Achievement – Speakers Motivational In Gauteng

This is a unique set of rules or codes that you set for yourself. This code acts as a daily reminder for you to carry out activities that will help you learn new positive habits. Over time as you apply daily discipline and you carry out your codes or personal daily commitments, you instill a new set of behaviours that eventually evolve into your new positive habit set.

The process to develop your new “Code of Personal Achievement” is very simple

1)      You first identify areas where you have habits that are not serving you or consistent challenges that are keeping you trapped in mediocrity.

2)      You then identify a “code” or new positive behaviour that will help you eliminate the bad habit or challenge from your life.

3)      You list a maximum of 5 new positive behaviours on a 2 X 5 card.

4)      You read your card first thing in the morning every day and you commit to carry out every new behaviour or code before putting your head on the pillow that night.

5)      Re-read your card at lunch time and review your progress toward your commitment. if you have not completed the required activities then commit yourself to carry out any remaining activities or “codes” before going to bed that night.

6)       Read your card again just before you are done for the day and once again check that you have carried out all your commitments or “achievement codes”

7)      Do everything in your power to ensure that you meet your commitment to carry out your “Code Of Personal Achievement” The only way to learn new habits is to practice them consistently over a period of 30 – 40 days.

The best way to describe this process to you is by example:

1)      You are neglecting your commitment to ongoing learning and growth.

2)      New Code.

  1. I will listen to audio tracks daily while commuting.
  2. I will read for 30 minutes every day.

3)      List these two new codes or positive behaviours on a 2 X 5 card that you carry around with you all day.

4)      Read the card during the day and remind yourself to cary out the new positive behaviour.

5)      Review your progress daily and ensure that you carry out the commitments you have made to yourself.

Speakers Motivational In Gauteng – Take 100 % Responsibility for your Life

Most people believe that there is something lacking in their lives, they either have a lack of money, romance, success or joy that is holding them away from discovering their true happiness. The key to changing this is to accept that greatness exists in all of us and that all we have to do is look inside and find a way to pull that greatness out.

For you to live in the abundance that is every ones birth right, you must take 100 % responsibility for achieving the lifestyle, relationships, financial freedom and opportunities you want to experience in your life. This is a very empowering new attitude and allows you to see that you have the power to choose and create any future you want in your life.

When you accept 100 % responsibility for everything in your life and you no longer blame your environment for the results you are observing, you separate yourself from the herd and set yourself up to be a super achiever. Many people face the same external or environmental factors yet they achieve very different results. Why is that?

The difference in results is directly proportional to the individual’s attitude and their commitment to their success. We all face the same economic challenges, interest rates, legislative road blocks etc. Blaming any of these external factors that you are unable to change for your lack of results is merely a waste of energy. To become a super achiever you must accept 100 % responsibility for your life, change the things you can, accept the things you cannot change and find ways to overcome every challenge that comes your way.

What is Success?

How will you know when you are successful?  What will need to happen for you to know that you are successful?  It is crucial that you clearly define exactly what will need to happen in all the areas of your life to allow you to accept that you have achieved success. This is a crucial step in the achievement process as it gives you something concrete to aim for as you move along the path to sustainable and fulfilling success.

Identifying Purpose

The path to living in the magic of life is found by identifying, acknowledging, honoring and living according to your life purpose.  I believe that our life purpose is hidden within all of us.  Take the time to discover your life purpose by using the tools recommended in this chapter. When you live according to your true purpose in life, everything will be easier and realizing and living your dreams will be automatic.

Finding and Living a life of Balance.

When you live your life purpose, finding balance and fulfillment in all the areas of your life is guaranteed and following a course of inspired action to realize your goals and dreams is effortless.  Program your inner Global Positioning System by clarifying your vision, having a crystal clear picture of the destination you want to arrive at and then you can start moving in the direction of your dreams.

Speakers Motivational In Gauteng -The Goal Setting Process

If you allow the size and scope of our goals and dreams to overwhelm you, you will never take the action necessary to achieve your dreams. This chapter provides you with a set of tools that will help you identify your goals and then gives you a set of guidelines on how to break these down into manageable chunks.  Consistent daily effort and inspired action is all it takes to live your dreams.

The goal Achievement Process

Once you have begun to make progress toward living your dreams, your momentum and excitement will build. By applying the rule of five and consistently doing five tasks every day toward living your dreams is a certain recipe for success.  We are what we repeatedly do, excellence is not an act it is a habit.

Shifting Mindsets

To change the results that you are currently enjoying in your life you must change your internal (thoughts, beliefs and habits) and external (behavior) responses to events that occur in your life.  In this chapter we identify your current responses and using a set of time tested tools and techniques you will develop a plan on how to change them to better suite your needs.

Acknowledge and build on your Successes

By acknowledging your successes and using them as a platform for building the life of your dreams, you create a solid foundation for living in the magic of life.  Never focus on any setbacks you may encounter, find solutions to these setbacks or roadblocks. Once you have discovered a solution to overcome any challenges or even better found a way to turn a challenge into an opportunity, move forward and do not revisit them again. Challenges or difficulties serve only one purpose and that is to serve as a learning experience for the future. Remember to acknowledge and recognize your positive past, learn for your challenges of the past and acknowledge your current progress and sustainable success will follow.

Learn the keys of effective planning – Speakers Motivational In Gauteng

You have now created a clear vision of your ideal life and the goals that will get you there.   We now need to create a link between the vision you have created and what will actually happen on a daily basis.  That link will become apparent as we design your plan and allocate time to your plan.

Develop your personal Time, energy and activity management System

To implement your plan and take the necessary inspired action to achieve your goals, you will need a system to manage your time, energy and activities.  Your time, energy and activity management system must be effective and allow you to allocate time to important issues, whilst ignoring time wasting things, which do not serve your purpose or fit in with your vision.

Systems for monitoring Progress

When on the path to achieving your goals you will need to have consistent and regular checks, to ensure that you remain on track.  Always remember that, ‘Whatever gets measured, gets done” By monitoring your progress on a regular and frequent basis, you will only need to make small corrections to keep you on your path to success.  It is imperative to have a set of predetermined ways to measure and monitor your progress. The system we use will allow you to have a view of the bigger picture and allow you to evolve and improve your plan over time.

Regularly Seek Feedback on Your performance

We receive feedback on our performance all the time, whether we acknowledge it or not.  The key to becoming and remaining successful is to increase your awareness of all feedback you receive, so you can take regular and consistent action to continue to adjust and refine your performance.  Consistently assess all the feedback you receive to assess whether the actions you are taking are bringing you closer to your goal or taking you off track.

Speakers Motivational In Gauteng Gather and Receive Performance Feedback

We must be open to feedback from every one around us, as this is one of the most valuable tools we have to keep us on the path to our dreams.  Both positive and negative feedback are great sources of information.  Never become defensive when you perceive any feedback as negative. This type of feedback is extremely valuable and will act as an early warning system, which will allow you take the early corrective action necessary to keep you on track.   You must actively seek feedback and encourage everyone around you to freely offer feedback to you.  Your effective response to all the feedback you receive will determine how quickly you begin to live your dreams.

Identify ways to build your successful character

To become and remain successful you must be authentic, dignified, graceful and always maintain your dignity.  You must always reflect your own self confidence and self esteem but most importantly you must assist others to build their own esteem and confidence.  Try to be the kind of person that would inspire you and always deliver more than expected.

Identify your money personality.

We all have an internal association with and a corresponding feeling toward money.  Our comfort zone has very specific parameters relating to our current financial position and relationship with money.  This module allows you to identify your current beliefs, thoughts and behaviors around money and if necessary to shift or change them for ones that will allow you to realize your goals.

Blue print your financial success

This chapter gives you set of tools to help you identify and decide what you want.  Once you have decided what you want, you must unwaveringly believe that it is possible and actually see yourself already living your dreams.  Combine this with the willingness to pay the price necessary to live in the magic of life and commit to follow a disciplined action plan with sustained effort over time and your financial dreams are yours for the taking.

Speakers Motivational In Gauteng -Identify standards of preparation for optimum performance.

This chapter prepares you for the additional resources that you may require to achieve your goals.  You will have to reach a certain level of proficiency to perform at the level required to live your dreams.  Everyone starts as a beginner, be very objective and using the tools provided, identify what you will need to learn and do to achieve each goal.  Assess what price you will need to pay to live your dreams and decide if it matches the price you are willing to pay.  Decide if you are indeed willing to pay the required price, including the initial massive price necessary to get your goal off the ground.

Discover the power of exceeding expectations

Exceeding people’s expectations on a regular basis, forms a very strong foundation for building trust and strong long term solid relationships, which will help you live your dreams. You will be far more likely to receive appreciation and recognition from people that can remove barriers and obstacles from your path.  You will create a network of loyal customers, build job security and will become an invaluable member of any team.  These crucial relationships that you develop will become loyal members of your network.  Any help you give to others will come back to you in abundance.

Build Effective communication Skills

Developing mutually beneficial relationships is an integral part of creating the life of your dreams.  Effective relationships are the catalyst that helps you create the happiness you want in your life.  They are also crucial for receiving the help and support you need to realize your goals.  The only way to develop these positive, effective and mutually beneficial relationships is through effective communication.

Understand the impact of Appreciation

To create abundance in all the areas of your life begins with approaching life and those around you with appreciation.  You always receive more of the things you focus on, by consistently showing appreciation for others and everything around you, appreciation will flow back to you in abundance.  Sincerely appreciating others also builds influence with them and develops your leadership skills.  Whatever you focus your influence and appreciation on will expand your life.

Understand the Power of Positive Influence

The path to living your dreams is far shorter and a lot less lonely if you surround yourself with the right people.  It is important to surround yourself with people from whom you can learn, gain support and help, and get the encouragement you will need to keep going even when things get difficult.

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