Stress Management – Small Insignificant Daily Actions, Add Up Into Super Achievement

Stress Management

Small Insignificant Daily Actions, Add Up Into Super Achievement

How are things going this year, with those big dreams and goals you had earlier this year? Are you still allowing yourself to stand on the side-lines of your life and are you still making those small daily errors in judgement, which are adding up into poor performance and results. Not reading 10 pages of a good educational, inspirational or transformational book every day, does not result in instant failure. Not using your willpower to develop a success habit set, which will support your daily goal specific activities, has no noticeable effect on your life either. Arriving home every night and simply flopping into the chair, pressing the on button, to switch on the TV, feels good in the moment and also does feel like it is negatively effecting your life either. It is the daily accumulation of all these negative behaviours, which over time ads up to the poor results you are currently enjoying.

Or should I rather say can add up into the success you want to invite into your life, in the future. If you work to improve yourself by only 0.33 % every day, you will not be able to even measure the difference after one day has passed. After three days you will be about 1 % better than you were. This will also be pretty difficult to measure. This is why so many people don’t even bother, it just seems like nothing is changing at all. It is only after a year has passed and you look back that you will realise that those small daily efforts to improve yourself, by only 0.33 %, each day, have now resulted in you being 100 % better than you were when you started, a year before.

Success or failure for that matter does not happen in a day, it is the accumulation of great decisions in the case of success and very poor decisions in the case of failure, carried out over time. So if achieving success is so easy, why does everyone not just do what it takes and take those small insignificant daily actions, which will over time result in the success they desire. I do not know the answer to this simple question, but I do know that we have freedom of choice and so, as easy as the actions are to do every day, so easy are they not to do. Not carrying out a goal specific activity for one day or even a week, does not feel like it has had any effect at all. So people neglect to carry the activities they need to carry out every day, instead, looking for instant gratification, in the moment.

They choose to sit and vegetate in front of the TV because that feels good in the moment. They do not apply their willpower, encouraging themselves, to experience a little discomfort in the moment, delaying their gratification, so that they can achieve the results or outcomes they want. Are you going to continue to sit on the side-lines, taking the path of least resistance and remain trapped in an unfulfilling and empty life? Or are you finally going to do the uncomfortable every day and gradually, over time, build the future you desire, one tiny insignificant action at a time.

Are you finally going to be that person, who achieves their goals, or are you going to allow yourself to remain trapped in the average. Have the courage to finally step away from the side-lines and allow yourself to move toward daily action. Overcome the inertia, which is holding you hostage to a life, which you don’t want and allow yourself to do the small uncomfortable activities every day. These tiny actions will finally bring the meaning and fulfilment you want in your life. Success is not an event; it is the accumulation of numerous good decisions, which over time add up into the great outcomes you want.

Open the door on a future, where you can finally see that you are amazing and by using the simple process of compounding your daily activity, you will soon realise that you have few or no limitations at all. Success is never achieved in a day; it is brought into your experience daily, with consistent and focused effort. Dare to be different and take those small uncomfortable actions every day. They only weigh ounces and cost almost nothing. The weight of regret on the other hand, which will manifest in your life later, as a result of not taking those small insignificant daily actions, weighs tonnes and will manifest in the form of failure, bankruptcy, divorce or damaged health. I don’t know about you, but I choose to be a little uncomfortable in the moment, to take those insignificant daily actions and to enjoy the fruits of my labours in the future.

Author: Andrew Horton Stress Management


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