Desire And Dedication Are The Two Ingredients For Greatness

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All greatness starts with desire and the level of success that you will enjoy will be driven by the amount of dedication you choose to apply to make that happen for you. Desire and dedication are the two prime ingredients required for you to become a top achiever. Desire helps you decide what you want […]

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Are You Just Drifting Through Life

Motivational Speaker

Too many people just drift through life, going with the flow, never having any direction about where they want their lives to go. They are like a paper cup that blows around in the car park at the shopping Centre. It is totally at the whim of the wind and it just floats around from […]

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Infallible System For Long Term Sustainable Success

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Success is Simple – It is just not Easy Success is simple. The only challenge facing you, as you travel the path towards the success you desire, is that it is not easy. The reason that success is simple, is that to become successful, does not require any specialized knowledge or skills, access to financial […]

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Would you like to Make Better Choices in Life and at Work?

I was just like you, until recently and naively believed that when faced with a choice, it was only possible to choose one or the other. Since reading a few books, articles and research papers on decision making and testing the principals myself, I believe that with a little creative thinking, it is often possible […]

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