People will always remember how you make them feel

We all want to make a difference during our lifetimes, to leave a legacy after we have completed our time on this planet. Making a difference is not just about volunteering to assist people that come from a less advantaged background than you do. You should shift your thinking away from seeing making a difference […]

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Effectively Managing your Activities within the available Time

After we have now invested our time very wisely and developed an effective, meaningful list of activities that when consistently actioned will deliver the future we desire. To begin moving on the path of success, we must now commit ourselves to persistently carry out these actions every single day. We are now able to introduce […]

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Discover and live your Purpose

Once you have discovered your true calling or your purpose in life and you align your vocation with this. You have discovered the secret to live a completely fulfilled life, where you are always doing what you love. After discovering your true purpose and gradually making the changes you need to change your life, so […]

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