Leadership Skills Training – Are you Willing to Give up To Go Up?

Leadership Skills Training

Are you Willing to Give up To Go Up?

Leadership Skills Training - Give Up to Go Up

Give Up to Go Up

We are instinctively programmed to seek pleasure and to avoid pain at all costs. This worked really well and served us when we lived in primitive societies, where our survival depended on us not taking unnecessary risks, by doing anything out of the ordinary. We unfortunately still operate from the same standpoint today, in our modern society, where we are not faced with the same type of physical risk and danger. Allowing ourselves to be limited by this same instinctive response, keeps us trapped in “AVERAGE”. A so called comfortable place. We live lives we don’t necessarily hate, but are not completely fulfilling or satisfying because  we allow our fear to stop us from living our full potential.

This fear of breaking out of our self imposed comfort zone keeps us trapped in mediocrity and we never achieve the success we deserve and are capable of achieving. There is nothing wrong with being average and part of the herd, if that is what makes you happy. If on the other hand you want to begin to explore the limits of all the possibilities, which are available to you. Then it is time to confront your self-imposed comfort zone and to begin to stretch yourself towards new limits.

This concept of stretching yourself beyond your comfort zone requires you to trade something you value that you currently possess, so that you can gain something more valuable, which you don’t. This is the only way to grow and escape from “AVERAGE” and realise your full potential. If you want to become a super achiever, you must accept a certain amount of risk and be willing to stretch yourself beyond your comfort zone.  Unless you are willing to trade your time, energy and resources and accept some short term pain and risk, you will remain trapped in an unfulfilling life and will never discover the limits of your potential.

If you are comfortable where you are and the thought of extending yourself beyond the limits of your comfort zone is really terrifying, then you need to explore your life and see if the additional pain associated with success is worth the effort and risk.  Jim Rohn said it so well when he said “The pain of discipline weighs ounces, but the pain of regret weighs tonnes” Are you going to allow yourself to remain trapped in a “safe place”, which is not really meaningful or fulfilling, because you are afraid of taking a risk or applying yourself daily, to take small disciplined actions, which will result in major success later. I feel it is far easier to escape from your comfort zone today and apply the light weight of discipline to everything you do, rather than coasting through life, never realising your potential and living with the huge weight of regret later.

Once you make the decision to break free from your comfort zone and start down the path of discovering the limits of your potential. You can mitigate the risk by having a crystal clear mission defining exactly why you want to achieve anything great and a vision which will give you a clear picture to focus on, showing you exactly what you want to achieve. Armed with this build a blue print for success or a strategic plan, which defines the individual daily actions you must take and you have the makings of great success.

Once you have accepted that you must break free from your self imposed comfort zone, the next step in the process is around ensuring that you are taking action at the right time. Success or failure either as a leader or in any endeavour you undertake depends on knowing when the right time is topull the trigger and to start firing on all cylinders. Timing is often the difference between success and failure. Great leaders know that when to lead is as or even more important than what to do or where to lead your team.  When a leader intuitively knows when to lead or when to take action at the right time, they and their team become unstoppable. Great leaders intuitively know when to do the right things and when the right time is, to do these things.

The secret to become a great leader is not cantered only on taking the right actions. If you want to lead your team to success, then it is important to explore and discover whether you are leading your team and encouraging them to take the right actions at the right time. Don’t allow yourself to only explore the actions your team will take, invest time to think about the timing of these actions. Look around your environment and try t discover whether there something going on, which could affect the outcome you want to achieve?  Should you wait or should you begin taking action immediately?

Action Idea: Explore any initiatives which may have failed in the past and try to determine if the failure was due to the wrong action by your team or whether it was due to bad timing? See what you can learn from that experience.  Armed with the experience you have gained by exploring any failed projects; examine all your new and existing projects. You can mitigate the risk and enhance the possibility of success with any project, if you have better information and insights.

Examine all your current or prospective projects. Answer as many of the questions below as possible:

  • Is the project aligned with your vision and mission?
  • Have you got a clear set of goals and daily actions for each team member?
  • Does each team member know their individual roles in delivering on the vision?
  • Is it the right time to be tackling this project?
  • Is the morale of your team conducive to success?
  • Are the market conditions right at the moment?
  • Is there any leverage that can help to accelerate progress?
  • Are there any factors, which may work against your team?
  • How can you mitigate or eliminate them?
  • Do you and your team have a clear understanding of the current conditions and market situation?
  • Do you believe in what you need to do?
  • Can you initiate and influence your team to take action?
  • Have you explored the intangibles, such as market conditions, morale and momentum?
  • Have you done enough homework to explore the project and discover any potential challenges or pitfalls?

Not all these questions will be appropriate for your business, but my experience has shown me that, the more questions you answer from the list. The better prepared you are and the higher the probability of success. Always remember that when you take the right action at the right time you virtually guarantee success.  Andrew Horton is one of the top team building and leadership trainers in his field.

Author: Andrew Horton Leadership Training and Team Building South Africa



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    Living an average comfortable life works for some people, but if you want more have a look at the book Of Land, Sea and Sky on Amazon or website of the same name as the book.
    For some people Think And Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill might prove inspirational.

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