Building Dream Teams

The individuals in each of your teams are the most valuable assets your company has. To realize the greatest value from each team member, you must invest into, converting the existing individuals into passionate and productive contributors, who add value to your team’s business synergy.

If however, any members are unwilling or unable to change, then it is imperative that you have the foresight to assess this as soon as possible and the courage to make the changes you know are necessary. This will allow you to make room to attract the people that do meet your team’s needs and performance criterion.

Begin working with passionate, productive, driven people that are working toward a common objective and vision, you have the makings of a “DREAM TEAM”. Each member of the “DREAM TEAM” does not only become a powerful contributor to the overall success of the team, but also gets to really enjoy what they do, thereby gaining richer and deeper career satisfaction along the way.

To leverage the maximum benefit form everyone in your team, you need to become “QUALIIED” to lead them. This means that each team leader needs to be an example of the productivity, passion and results they want their teams to realize.

Carry out an audit of each team leader and assess if there are any leadership or other skills that need to be improved. Ensure that these issues are urgently addressed and corrective action taken immediately to remedy these shortcomings. You cannot ever have a “DREAM TEAM” without great leadership and example from each team leader.

Each leader must focus on leadership basics and strive to lead by example and their teams will become magnets for top talent and teamwork. The team’s processes will become organic and effortless, allowing the team to realize all their objectives.

The strength of your team is only as strong as the weakest link

Team building is about teamwork . When you are conducting any team building exercises it is crucial that, authentic leaders acknowledge their responsibility toward encouraging real enthusiasm within their teams. They help each team member develop a real, sense of pride and self motivation and inspire their teams with the example they set.

The results that you will enjoy from your teams, is limited by the weakest link in each team, so understand the strengths and weaknesses of each team member. Invest sufficient resources into developing everyone in your teams, so that you can ensure that every one is operating at the required standard necessary to succeed.

Empower team members by completely delegating tasks to them 

Delegate tasks to your team members and have the confidence to give them enough latitude to assume a leadership role and to shoulder full responsibility. Offering greater levels of autonomy to your team members, this will motivate them and allow them to feel valued and an integral part of the team.

Team building is all about understanding that this added autonomy allows people to feel more challenged and keeps them focused on the opportunities offered within your teams. This will help you to retain the most valuable members of your teams. This will allow them to feel valued and that they are working toward a common and necessary purpose.

Commit to be an authentic leader, one that has a crystal clear understanding, why the team exists and one that has a vivid picture of the purpose and vision the team must fulfill. Ensure that this is regularly communicated and understood by all team members and that everyone is working toward a common goal. This allows for the formation of better teams and will always result in a superior team effort.

Grow your “DREAM TEAM” from the ground up – Greatest Business Speakers

The first step when creating a “DREAM TEAM” is to acknowledge that you as the leader are accountable for every team member. When you accept that you are fully responsible for ensuring that you have the right people to fill your teams, you have created a perfect foundation for building a “DREAM TEAM” that matches the plan and model necessary to achieve the desired results.

The acronym T.E.A.M means Together Everyone Achieves More. It is seldom necessary to completely reboot your teams and start everything from scratch. In most cases it is merely a small shift in the way teams are structured or led that result in massive positive changes.  The difference between mediocre team performance and stellar team performance is often in merely refining and defining certain small details. The building blocks for creating your “DREAM TEAM” are in essence, merely creating a core business model that is communicated to and understood by all team members.

Poor team performance is very often a symptom and expression of the lack of a clear vision. This can be rectified by reworking, refining and updating the overall vision and ensuring that each team’s vision is aligned with the overall vision.

We can only perform at the level of our knowledge and understanding of our real vision and purpose. If this is unclear or ambiguous, the results that will flow will be less than satisfactory.

Team building is all about understanding that, we need to look at the heart of the challenges that are limiting the performance of our teams. There must be a total commitment to rejuvenate our teams, with the drive coming from the front. This entire process is driven by great leadership and a clear set of common goals and objectives that are clearly communicated and understood by everyone. This will allow the team to flourish grow and thrive and each team will become completely focused and driven by a common purpose and clearly defined set of goals.

To encourage real transformation you must commit to apply a new recipe for teamwork to all your teams. If you continue to use the same tired patterns, systems, habits, motions or even staff you will continue to get the same results. When you are creating a real “DREAM TEAM” you must ensure that you are not merely rearranging your old ineffective team, but that you are altering the basic components of the team and ensuring that a common vision exists for each team. This vision must be understood and constantly communicated to each team member.


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