Team Building – Always Arrive in a Room “Thinking There you Are”

Team Building

Always Arrive in a Room “Thinking There you Are”

When you arrive in any situation where you are investing time with the members of your team, what is your state of mind? Do you walk into the meeting thinking “I am here” or do you walk into the room thinking “there you are” Both states elicit very different responses from both you and the people you are dealing with. When you arrive in a room, focusing your energy on your own self-importance, with your chest puffed up looking around to see who has noticed that you have arrived. You are in a state of own self-importance and you are inward looking.

The other people in the room may as well not even be there. You are so focused on what you need to do to re-enforce your own self-importance, that you have very little energy left to invest into looking at ways to work with our team. This attitude also makes your team members feel removed and distant and they will not feel included and willing to support you or the other team members in any way. They will feel distant and unimportant, not a great mind-set to be in, if you want every member of your team to deliver their best.

On the other hand, when you arrive at any meeting with your team members and you walk in with a welcoming smile on your face, acknowledging them, where you are thinking “ there you are” You are outward looking, you see every team member, for who they are. You see their strengths and weaknesses, they bring to the meeting.

This places you in a very powerful position, where you now have a room filled with contributing, team members who can add real meaningful value to the proceedings. Your team members also feel included and want to contribute as much value to the proceedings as possible. In both instances you walk into the meeting and sit down, attempting to work with your team. One mind-set and attitude empowers you and allows you and your team to work at their best. The other leaves everyone feeling disinterested and unwilling to support each other.

Try walking into every meeting in future with a different attitude, walk in and take the focus off yourself, look at everyone and think “there you are” You will astound yourself, with the incredible contributions every one of your team members will be willing to make, when you make this small shift.

As leadership is all about influence and the ability to encourage the people who follow you, to offer their best every day, towards delivering on the vision of the team, this small attitudinal shift, will be one of the best changes you can ever make. Leadership is all about freeing your team members up to deliver their best work, without you needing to look over their shoulder all the time. When people feel included, they have a common purpose, and an integral and necessary part of any team, they will be willing to give their all, towards helping the team achieve its objectives.

If you as a leader can allow your team members to understand how important they and their contributions are to the team, allow them to feel like they have a purpose and then give them the autonomy they need to deliver their best work. You will have created a really powerful team of incredible performers, who will over deliver and astound you with their creativity and productivity. Change your attitude toward your team, stop focusing on trying to get everyone around you to notice how important you are, rather let your team members know how important they are and you will have unleashed an unstoppable team of autonomous, purpose driven individuals, who will make your team performance almost magical.



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