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“Andrew is an accomplished, knowledgeable and entertaining speaker to whom audiences respond very well.  From an event co-ordinator’s perspective, he is a pleasure to deal with – courteous, well-organised and responsive.  I had great feedback from members of the audience after his session at a recent Expo where he was one of the guest speakers, and have already recommended Andrew as a future guest speaker at one of COMENSA’s internal events.  I have no hesitation in recommending his services.”

Megan Hudson – COMENSA (Coaches and Mentors of South Africa)

“Andrew blew us  away with his content – not because this is new stuff, but because people forget what life is about and what is important. He passionately brought this very simple concept across.  People talk about love and enthusiasm for a subject, but I find that it is all it is – talk.  I had the opportunity to speak to Andrew after his presentation, and  I noticed something else, that he live your passion.  That is truly is refreshing.”


Lois Kerr – Silver Solutions

“Andrew’s  presentation was really well received by everyone that attended. We all enjoyed his energy and passion. This was undoubtedly the best event we have had, thanks to Andrew’s excellent work”

Zana Ismail – Casa Local Productions, The Leaders Club

“Andrew’s practical approach to success is very profound, easy to follow and relevant to everyone, irrespective of background or experience. His delivery keeps everyone alert and involved. And his ability to deliver a message in such an entertaining yet real manner is awesome, and very refreshing.

I believe that Andrew Horton is a champion of his own life personally, in sports and in business. I also believe he will inspire you to find the champion in you and live in “the magic of life”.

Thumiso Masoha – Internet Marketing Consultant

Hi Andrew,

“Andrew inspired our team to endeavour to educate themselves on an ongoing basis, to work to develop their strengths and develop the crystal clear focus they need to succeed. His speech was innovative and inspiring, and I know that we all learned a lot. We all had fun and a lot of laughs!”

Edgar Blomehyr – Fine & Country




“Andrew gave an incredibly entertaining and informative talk  to our sales team. Hisrecipe for success was really well received and he made it all really easy to understand. Very well said and presented.”

Mark Andrews – M SYSTEMS

“There a number of things that stands out for me regarding Andrew as a professional speaker. Not only is he very knowledgeable, interesting and relevant, but his passion is infectious. He is engaging and through his presentation style and he maintains his audience’s attention throughout.”

Chris Dykes



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