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Time Management Training

Your Brain has everything you need to Succeed

Despite the fact that there have been numerous tests conducted, where scientists have proven without a shadow of a doubt that we use our entire brain. The myth that we only use about 10 % of our brain has been repeated so many times that it is assumed to be a fact. I think the myth was born because it is assumed that most people only achieve about 10 % of their potential and as such they are only using about 10 % of the efficiency or the incredible potential available from their brains. I think this is probably true. As I look around me I see so many people, who have incredible potential and possibility available to them, yet they remain trapped in un-fulfilling lives.

Our brains are one of the most amazing parts of our bodies and in many ways the power of our brains is almost magical. There is no reason why, with a little effort and training, we could not memorise a 100 digit number, learn to speak as many languages as we wanted to or remember the names of 100 people within 30 minutes of entering a room. Our brains are like sponges and allow us to learn, grow and become an expert in any field of our choosing. There is so much possibility available to us, our potential is virtually unlimited.

The challenge you face is that as easy as it is to invest the time every day to learn a new language, grow your knowledge base, improve your memory or become a subject matter expert, so easy is it to sit vegetating in front of the TV or just to lie around day dreaming. Our brains are capable of learning the most incredible things and yes it may take a little more effort as we get older, but our affinity and ability to learn never stops throughout our lives. If our brains are capable of achieving such remarkable things and we allow ourselves to go through life, investing more into fast food and entertainment than we invest into improving our brains, it is no wonder that we never achieve our full potential.

Your brain has everything it needs right now to increase your memory ability, learn a new language or become a subject expert. The only ingredient missing is your determination to make a few different choices. Yes it is easier to visit happy hour on the way home from work, than it is to invest the time to learn a new skill, but the benefits, which will flow to you as you grow and become more, are most certainly worth the effort. Push yourself and dare to unlock your potential; it is only limited by your willingness to push yourself outside of your comfort zone.

The power and possibility, which is locked inside our brains is limitless. Our brains will work tirelessly to help us to grow and expand, if we invest time to program it properly. As you invest time to grow your knowledge and skill base, you create a crystal clear picture of exactly what you want to achieve in your future and then you tirelessly create statements to nourish your subconscious mind, to support this vision. You are programming your brain to work, to find ways to bring those ideas to life. When those statements are your clearly defined and crystal clear goals, the possibility of achieving all your goals becomes certain.

The small challenge we face when developing these statements, is to understand how to best create them, so that our subconscious mind can interpret and use them. To be effective these statements need to be very specific and detailed. The more information our brains have to go on, the easier it is for our brains to find the exact information we need. Vague statements or goals will inevitably produce vague outcomes. The more detailed you are about exactly what you want and the more detail you put into the way you write your order for the universe, the better the final result will be. Your subconscious mind is incredibly powerful and when it is programmed with detailed information, it will go to work searching for the information, resources, people and everything you need to steer your life toward the opportunities you need to succeed.

The goals or statement you create may at first seem a little overwhelming. Don’t let this stop you, break all the really big goals back into smaller more manageable chunks or a series of achievable steps. When you want to bake a perfect chocolate chip cookie, you do not find a recipe that says “Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookie” without any detail about how you will bake the cookie. The title of the recipe is only the end result or goal you want to achieve, it is not the way you bake the cookie. The recipe in the book is there to help you to achieve the goal or bake the perfect chocolate chip cookie. Create your own recipe or series of steps you need to take to achieve your goals. The more clarity you have and the better your recipe for success, the better will be the final result or outcome.

We have an incredible tool available in our brain, which can help us to achieve our goals. Our brain does not know the difference between actually doing something and just visualising something being done. Our brains process both in exactly the same way. So if you want to help program your brain for the future you want to experience, start to visualise yourself achieving exactly what you want and your brain will go to work to bring everything you need into your experience, to help you achieve exactly what you have visualised. It is a well-known fact that what you think about you bring about. The more you visualise yourself being successful, the better you program your brain to help you find everything you need to bring just that sort of success into your experience.

Create a new success habit of investing time every day to visualise your goals as achieved, as if you are living them right now. Do it every day, the more often you are able to visualise your perfect life throughout the day, the better you will program your brain to find everything you need to succeed. When you program your brain in this way, it will notice all the resources, which are available that you may never have noticed before. You will effectively begin to discover and uncover all the opportunities, which are available to you, which you need to accomplish your goals.

The secret to make this process work for you is to visualise what it is like to be living the life you have dreamed about, don’t visualise what it would be like. Think of everything in the present tense, try to see, feel, hear, smell and experience it in your mind’s eye as though it is real and tangible right now. Create vivid images and show your brain what your life looks like, when your goals are already achieved. When you consistently program your brain properly, it will bring only the things that match the picture you have created, into your awareness. Everything else is filtered out of your experience.

Create a crystal clear vision of exactly what you want; create vivid, clearly defined goals to support your vision. Write them down and break them up into achievable bite size chunks, visualise them as complete every morning and evening and see the goals as achieved. Take the time every morning and evening to go through each goal in as much detail as possible, trust the process, the power of your brain and take action every day to ensure that you achieve your dreams. Your brain is an incredible tool, which can help you to achieve your dreams.

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