Time Management Training – Stress can become your power tool for success, when viewed differently

Time Management Training

Stress can become your power tool for success, when viewed differently

Time management Training

Do you have any idea when the majority of heart attacks occur? It is 9 am on a Monday morning. There is no biological or physiological reason why this happens; it is merely a symptom of the stressful lives we lead. “Most people are so stressed out and dislike their lives so much that they actually allow their hearts to attack them on a Monday morning” How crazy does that sound. This unnecessary stress is caused by a number of factors.

  1. We have such unrealistic expectations about our lives; we expect everything to, only be positive. Whenever we encounter anything negative, a challenge, roadblock or difficulty, which is a natural occurrence in everyone’s lives and just the way things are. We experience a huge amount of unnecessary stress. Challenges, roadblocks and difficulties are inevitable, anticipate them, plan for them and see them for what they are; an important part of the journey to realise any new level of success. Challenges are very often the catalyst or trigger that unlocks new opportunities, helps you to grow or highlights possibilities, which may have remained hidden, had you not encountered the challenge. Challenges are not a reason to feel stress, when viewed differently they are a source of growth and renewal.
  2. Most people do not have a clear vision of where they want their lives to go. This lack of vision sees you look at everything, which occurs in your life, as something that is in your way. When something is in your way, you look for ways to get through your day, week, month and life. When you have a crystal clear vision of where you want your life to go, you have something to focus on and the same things that would have caused you stress before are now merely something, which is part of your journey. Everything is now seen as being on your way. This shift allows you to look at the same things from a new perspective. You now look at everything and try to find ways to get as much as possible, from everything that comes your way.

Time management Training

When you make this shift and you see challenge, as an integral part of life and you have a crystal clear vision for the future, you have removed two of the largest reasons most people feel stress every day. Add to this the fact that positive stress is an important part of helping you to grow and expand and one of the best ways of helping you, to stretch yourself beyond your self-imposed comfort zone and you have discovered a success tool, which will accelerate your level of achievement. After making this shift, you will begin to see that allowing stress to cause you discomfort and physical harm is unnecessary and pointless.

Change the way you view stress, it is not something to fear and to shrink away from, it is something you need, as it is one of the best ways of awakening your greater potential and makes you raise your game. I am not talking about distress, stress that over time causes your body harm. I am talking about Eustress or positive stress, which helps you to awaken the giant within.

Time management Training

This time management intervention by Andrew Horton will show you that you require stress, just as a muscle will atrophy and shrink if you do not place it under positive stress. So too, will you not be equipped to expand and grow, if you do not experience a level of positive stress in your life.

Stress is in reality an illusion, merely an interpretation and perception based on how we see things. If you look at the same event differently, you can turn a negative distressful situation into something positive or developmental. Change the way you look at things and the things you look at will change. Something that is really disturbing and very stressful to one person will be stimulating and life expanding for another.

Time management Training

Two people get on the same roller-coaster, one is addicted to feeling out of control; the other is terrified by the idea of speed and momentum. Both of them experience the same event. One gets off the ride, jumping up and down with excitement, the other can barely walk and is left shaking in fear. If you can make these few changes to the way you view everything in your life, you can very quickly change, very stressful situations into, positive growth opportunities that will help you to expand and grow.

It is never what happens to you that decides how your life will turn out. The circumstances that you face every day are experienced by everyone. The one thing that will decide how things will turn out for you is decided by how you choose to respond to the circumstances and events that occur in your life.

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