Time Management – Can there ever be any greater wealth than good health?

Time Management

Can there ever be any greater wealth than good health?

Time management Training

One of the most neglected areas of our lives is our Physical health. I can never understand why so many people neglect to take care of the vehicle that supplies their energy and carries their mind. We can never expect to achieve anything meaningful and sustain our level of achievement if we continue to neglect our bodies. Why does it take a catastrophe, where we are either lying in hospital recovering from a triple heart bypass operation or we are so overweight that we cannot function properly any longer, before we see the need to take care of our health. Our health is like an expensive glass bowl, if you drop it and it shatters, you can glue it back together again, but it will never be the same. Don’t wait until your health is shattered before you attempt to make the changes you need to build great physical well-being.

Unfortunately the massive technological advances we are experiencing today are making us far more sedentary and inactive.  There is no shortage of food either, everything is now super-sized, filled with fat and easily accessible. Add to this the poor use of our available time, where we feel like we do not have enough hours in the day, to get everything done and you have the makings of a catastrophe. Taking care of our health has become a very low priority.

Time management Training

The less we take care of our bodies, neglect to exercise, eat the wrong fatty foods and spend the whole day spinning our wheels, because we do not use our time efficiently, the less energy we have and the more our performance will drop. This spiral, if left unchecked, will speed up to a point where you lose control and your body will eventually break down.

As one of the top Time Management Trainers, Andrew will teach you that your body is not only here to supply you with energy and to carry our mind, it is also the billboard to the world, telling everyone about who you are and what you are capable of doing. How you show up in life speaks volumes about your self-discipline, commitment and ability to deliver. If you are in the business of influencing, helping or leading others and you show up in a body that is in a state of neglect, you are overweight, out of breath after climbing only a few stairs or your face is red and bloated from continual over indulgence.

Time management Training

You are sending out a negative message about what you are capable of doing. People should not judge you for your appearance; they should look deeper and see you for who you are right. Wrong! People will most certainly judge you for what you look like and how you show up, will always be a huge factor in how you are received.

Whether you like it or not people make snap judgements about you in the first 10 – 15 seconds after they meet you, based solely on how you look. As hard as it may be to comprehend, when you are stuffing another fatty meal into your mouth, how you show up on the outside, says a lot about who you are on the inside. Your body is effectively your billboard to the world, advertising your behaviours, choices, disciplines or lack thereof and clearly tells a story for everyone to see. Your body is effectively your 15 second commercial and a clear indicator of your level of personal development. Are you satisfied with the message that your body is sending out to the world right now?

Time management Training

Time management is about self management so have the courage to stand in front of the mirror, is that person staring back at you sending out the kind of message, you want the world to receive about who you are. If you want to attract disciplined, dedicated, committed and consistent people into your life and business, then you must exhibit those qualities yourself. How you show up every day shouts volumes about all of those qualities in you, so if the person staring back at you, is not exhibiting all those qualities, what are you going to do about it?

After attending this time management training course, It will be clear that taking care of your health will not only allow you to live a better quality of life, surrounded by a better quality of person, but you also get to have more energy and vitality too. Add to this the obvious benefits of looking younger, living longer and just feeling better every day and investing 30 – 45 minutes into exercise, making better food choices and using your time effectively becomes a no-brainer.

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