Time Management – Life is a Journey, How can we enjoy the Ride?

Time Management

Life is a Journey, How can we enjoy the Ride?

Time Management

I am sure you have heard the cliché “Life is a Journey, Enjoy the Ride”, bandied about, by people around you all the time.  These same people then tell you that they are not enjoying their lives, but when they get the new promotion, their kids go off to varsity or they start to earn a certain amount of money, then things will change, then they will be happy and start to enjoy their lives. The time to be happy is from this moment forward and the time to be enjoying every step of the journey toward living the vision you have created in your mind, is right now.

This time management training course will show you that success is a direction and never a destination, stop viewing it as an event or one single outcome; success starts from the moment you create a crystal clear picture in your mind of the life you want to live and continues as a beautiful journey, until you take your last breath.

From the moment you have created a crystal clear vision of the life you want to live, everything in your life changes. You no longer view anything as being in your way, you have a focal point, a direction and you begin to see every challenge, roadblock, obstacle, victory, success and goal achieved, as merely part of the journey, a milestone “ON” your way to the life you have visualised. Everything that occurs in your life from that magical moment forward, (The moment you create your crystal clear vision of your future) can be applied to improve your individual performance, as you travel on your journey toward excellence and a fantastic quality of life.

Time Management

I am not saying that you will no longer encounter challenges or setbacks. What I am saying, is that when you view the same challenge or setback differently, you do not feel overwhelmed, you feel empowered and you search for the learning offered or the opportunity that the challenge could now highlight for you. Life is a harmonious balance of positive and negative, how our lives evolve and the direction we get to travel is determined by how we respond to both.

  • Learn to manage the inevitable challenge and change that crosses your path daily.
  • Remain flexible, measure and adapt your daily actions, to ensure that they remain aligned with your vision.
  • View all challenges and mistakes temporary detours and learning opportunities.
  • Know your environment and be aware of what is happening all around you.
  • Commit to a life time of learning and growth.
  • You need to continually prepare and grow your skills.

This time management training course will show you that as you pass each challenge or obstacle on your journey, learn all the lessons that each challenge has to teach and commit to celebrate each victory. Each lesson, additional piece of knowledge and new skill learned, will allow you to grow into the person that you need to be, to deserve the success you desire. To keep traveling in the direction of your vision, you must stay committed to on-going preparation, training and remain dedicated to continual lifelong learning.

Time Management

As you travel on the journey toward realising your vision, the mode of transport changes.

  • First you start crawling – everything is new and you do not have the skills and knowledge to anticipate and easily overcome challenges.
  • Next you start to walk – You are better equipped with more skill and ability, you expect challenges, you manage them and learn all the lessons they have to offer.
  • Now you gracefully run – Your knowledge and skill base is significant and you easily overcome challenges, learn the lessons they have to offer and get on with the business of continually moving toward your vision.
  • Finally you begin to travel by car – Everything that crosses your path is merely an event, nothing seems to slow you down for very long at all. Yes you may occasionally stop for a red traffic light, but you know that within moments it will change and your journey will continue without any wasted effort or time. You learn from everyone, you continue to expand and you see challenges as opportunities to grow. You are a shining example, a beacon that others can learn from and whose example people can follow.

As you travel along your journey and you move from crawling to driving in comfort, you create a better awareness of your environment, you are so prepared that no challenge is of any concern and you project an attitude of confidence. This allows you to turn each inevitable challenge that will cross your path, into a stepping stone to success and fulfillment. The quality of your journey will depend on the clarity of your vision, quality of your preparation, and your commitment to on-going learning, the choices you make and the responses you choose to offer, to each event that occurs along the way. Life really is a journey, why not enjoy the ride.

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