Don’t Multitask

Doing more does not add up to productivity, all you land up doing is spreading yourself too thin.  Focus on one task at a time and be certain to acknowledge and reward yourself for each completed task.  Even if you postpone rewarding yourself until your daily review each day, do not neglect this very important practice.

See one priority through from beginning to end before proceeding on to the next priority.

Schedule all of your out of office meetings for the same day.

Have a dedicated time each day for paper handling, emails, social media etc.

Eat the biggest frog first every day.


Responding to email is probably the biggest time waster every day.  Here are some recommendations to try to streamline this process.

  • Respond immediately don’t expect to come back to the email later.
  • Only read emails at scheduled times each day
  • Scan emails first and delete any junk mails immediately without even opening them.
  • Never read personal emails when dealing with work related emails.
  • Once you have dealt with an email either delete it or file it away in a sub folder for reference purposes.
  • If you are unable to deal with an email immediately create a folder called “follow up” and move the email there for easy reference.
  • Don’t copy people on emails just to protect yourself-this sets the tone to remind other people that you do not want to be copied on irrelevant emails either.
  • If possible use separate email addresses for personal and business mail.
  • If you can find the time attending a training course on how best to manage your emails will definitely serve you in the long run.

You can’t manage time; you can only manage your effective use of the available time

It starts and ends with you 

Time management is about self-management.  You can never manage time you can only manage how you use the available time.  Try to move away from the habit of focusing on what I like to refer to as creating the false feeling of “Busyness”  This is one of the major causes of us feeling like we have really given our all, but we still feel like we got nothing done that day.  Stop focusing on doing the unnecessary tasks that make you feel good, but do not contribute in any meaningful way to your success.  You must create a clear picture about creating balance in your life; you must set time limits each day for work and play.

We must find time in our day for creating silence and complete relaxation, through meditation will help you increase your focus, improve your energy levels, multiply your ability to plan and make you far more effective each day.

How do I develop the new disciplines I need?

Make the conscious decision today, to take control, of the application of your available time and believe that you can change your poor time management habits. Then embrace the key disciplines of effectively managing your time, energy and activities, and you will gradually overcome your ingrained bad time management habits.


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