Time Management – Are you Committed to Growing or Staying the Way you Are

Time Management

Are you Committed to Growing or Staying the Way you Are

As you know when you are in the gym and you want to grow, either your fitness or muscle mass. You can never just maintain the same workout routine. You either need to increase the size of the weights you use or the number of repetitions you perform, or if you are using cardio equipment, you need to increase the duration or intensity of the workout. Maintaining the same workout, only maintains your fitness or strength level.

When working out in the gym, muscle is only built when you go beyond your comfort zone and you stretch yourself beyond what you have done before. If you just keep doing the same workout every day, you will never stretch yourself into the “Growth Zone”. The same is true when you are attempting to build the life or business of your dreams. If you just continue to coast along, never stretching yourself, just exerting the minimum amount of effort every day, to simply get by.

You can never expect to expand your world and reach new levels of success, meaning and fulfilment; unless you are pushing yourself to consistently do something new. Dare to break out of your self-imposed comfort zone and keep expanding your horizons.

How often have you wanted to learn a new language, play a new musical instrument, conquer a fear, by approaching a customer you have always felt was a perfect fit, but felt was out of reach or finally taken the plunge to start that business you have always dreamed about.

Create a Plan

No workout routine, where you want to grow muscle or increase your fitness, will be successful without first designing a workout regimen, detailing every step necessary to achieve the desired results. The plan will include the size of the weights you need to lift, how many repetitions you need to perform and what days and time of the week you will perform them. The same is true for any new growth, which you want to invite into your life or business. You can never start the process without a detailed plan, stating exactly what needs to be done daily to achieve the results you want.

Your Plan Must Guide you to Change your Repetitions

When you are attempting to build muscle or increase your fitness, one of the options available to you is to increase the number of repetitions, which you perform during each workout. The same is true for your life or business. If you want to expand or grow in any way, you must commit to increase the number of repetitions i.e. increase your focus in the specific area of your life or business, where you want to grow.

For example: If you want to find a way to bring that new customer on board, which you have always wanted, but have been too afraid to approach. You need to create a detailed plan on how and when you intend to research the client, their needs and how your value proposition will help them. You then need to conduct the research and chart the way forward.

Lift More Weights

When anyone wants to increase their muscle mass they can also increase the weights they lift, during each workout. To increase the size of your life or business you need to do the same. You need to increase amount of time you spend acquiring the specific knowledge or skills you need to succeed. As you grow and become more, you will most certainly attract more.

Measure you progress Regularly

No workout routine will be successful unless you monitor your progress regularly, to see if the weights you are lifting or the repetitions you are performing are delivering the desired results. You will either weigh yourself or measure your muscle growth at least once a week. If you are not enjoying the desired results, you would then adjust your workout, by increasing/ reducing repetitions or adding or removing weights. You may also introduce longer rest periods into your workouts or even add or remove rest days during the week.

The same is true for any progress you want to make in your life or business. You need to measure your progress regularly. At the end of every day, review your actions and see if they have resulted in the outcomes you expected. If they have not, then keep monitoring your progress for the rest of the week and at the end of each week, assess if the actions you are taking are indeed delivering the results you want. If they are not change them and just keep reviewing your progress, until the actions you are taking every day are delivering the desired results.

Just as with any training routine, don’t discount the importance of rest every, day and at the end of each week, to recharge your batteries. If you feel overwhelmed or like you are just spinning your wheels every day. Make time to rest and recharge your batteries. You will be amazed at how much more you get done each day, when you allow enough time to recover each day.

Lift the Biggest Weight Possible

When you are trying to build muscle, you need to stretch yourself and lift the most appropriate weight to get the results you want. This often requires you to ask someone to spot for you, when you lift a weight, to help you if you are unable to complete a repetition. Do the same in your life and business, when you are attempting to lift the weights of life. Do not be afraid to ask the people around you to team up with you to help and support you.

It is time to “Get Off Your Ass” and to build a plan for your success, which must include ways to add more weights and repetitions to your life or business. Regularly monitor your progress, make the necessary changes and to just keep chipping away every day. Don’t be afraid to ask for someone to spot for you and support you to achieve the results you want. Success is simply a consistent cycle of “Plan, Do, Review and Improve.

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