Cash-in and turn Goal setting into Success

How many times have you started a New Year, proclaiming that this is your year, this is going to be the year that you finally transform yourself and deliver on your promises and begin living your dreams? This time management training program will help you to ask the question, has this year been any different, are you finally delivering on your big mouth promises this time? Or has this year proved to be the same as every one that has gone before? Succeeding and turning off, this perpetual cycle of failure, is just a few small shifts in thinking and attitude away. You do not need to reboot your life, you need to make a few well directed shifts in the way you do things.

A few years ago my son was in his final year at school. He was really struggling; he was in that part of the class that makes the top half possible. In fact he was in the part of the class that makes the bottom of the class look like geniuses. Once a year my wife and I go away to address our goals and plans for the next year. It was around May and as Clyde was struggling so much, a lot of our weekend was spent discussing how we could help him and just get him through the year. Eventually after going backwards and forwards, we finally came up with a plan to help him address a few key areas in his life. He never had enough time to reboot his life, all he had time to do was to make a few important shifts in the way he did things. These few small shifts saw him go from the bottom of the class, to the student that got the prize for the most improved student of the year. I want to share these concepts with you today. They completely changed the course of Clyde’s life. I know they can and will do the same for you, if you are willing to try them and bring them into your life.

Focus your energy and concentrate all your efforts on only the most important priorities. Stop sweating the small stuff and give 100 % of your energy and focus, to only a few things that will make the most difference. Experience has shown me that it is only about half a dozen actions, done every day that deliver more than 80 % of the results in our lives. When you try to tackle too many things at once, you land up doing none and achieving nothing.

When you are on any journey, there will always be challenges and roadblocks. Expect them, plan for them and know that they are not what define you. Allow yourself to make mistakes, give yourself some room for error. Mistakes are all part of the human experience. Mistakes are things to learn from, not to shrink from. Mistakes are just a part of life and they are just another part of the journey, they are on your way to discovering the success you desire.

When you have a clear picture of what you want and you focus all your energy on making just that happen, magic begins to unfold. When everything is clear and quantified and all your actions are measured daily, weekly and quarterly, you have a everything you need to stay on track. Whatever gets measured gets done.

Introduce these three simple strategies into your life and you will finally see all your dreams begin to unfold and you will finally begin to live in the magic of life.


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