What is your maximum?

If I asked you the maximum number of push-ups you could do?  You would probably answer a low number like 5, as push-ups are not there on your scale of important things to do. What about if you did your maximum of five and I said that you could rest for a while. Could you do another five after that rest? Of course you could. If you kept doing five push-ups twice a day for a week, could you do 10 push-ups, by the end of the week? Yes of course you could, but I thought the maximum you could do was five? If you now kept doing 10 push-ups, twice a day for another week, could you now do 20 push-ups? I am sure that you are getting the picture. Five is not your maximum; it is only your maximum for now.

Stop looking at your current abilities and level of skill and then using this as the barometer to determine the size and scope of your dreams and expectations. Allow your mind to see that your current level of skill and ability is only a barometer of your potential for now; it is by no means a measure of the maximum that you are capable of achieving. I know this sounds like common sense but if you want to attract more success into your life, you cannot pursue it with your current level of skill and ability. You must first open your mind and explore possibility, not from a position of your current abilities and capability, but rather from a position of what you are capable of becoming in the future. Once you create a clear picture of what you want to see in your future, based on what you can become. You must change your approach from one in which you pursue something that is beyond your grasp and your current ability, to looking for ways to grow your knowledge, skill and ability to a level where you can begin to attract the type of success you have seen in your future.

When you make this small shift and  two things will  happen:

1)  You are able to stretch yourself and see possibility that would have remained hidden from you, as long as you continued see your potential from your current level of skill and ability.

2)  You will stop pursuing success; you will grow into the type of person you need to be to attract the resources, people and circumstances into your life to effortlessly enjoy the success that you desire.

The reason most people stay trapped in lives that are unsatisfying and unfulfilling is that they cannot see all they are capable of achieving as they view the future from their current position. This forces them to view their potential from a very limited perspective. They keep themselves trapped in their self-imposed comfort zone that they have built around their current ability. Open your mind today and see that your current ability is by no means your maximum ability. You are capable of achieving incredible things, if you are willing to look at the future, through a pair of eyes that first sees what you are capable of becoming and then using this as a barometer of possibility, deciding what you are capable of achieving.

Allow yourself to once again have huge expectations and dream about all you are capable of achieving. Then go about the business of growing yourself into the type of person you need to be, to attract exactly that level of success into your life. Shift your mind away from having and pursuing and start to focus your energy and resources on becoming. This small shift will allow you to attract what will feel like almost effortless success into your life.


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