Time Management Course – Are you the Creator of your Circumstances?

Time Management Course

Are you the Creator of your Circumstances?

Your beliefs about reality, are the primary drivers of your daily activities or as is the case in many people’s lives, the lack thereof. It is thus very important that you have a clear understanding about your inner most beliefs, especially those you have about your power to create your future; just the way you want it. Do you believe that reality is something mysterious out there, over which you exert no control? Or do you believe that you can create your own future reality minute by minute, with the actions you take or fail to take?

When you choose the latter and you finally accept 100 % responsibility for your life. You have effectively put the power to create your own future squarely into your own hands. One inspired action at a time. Take charge of your life right now, accept that you are able to mould your future just the way you want it, if you invest the time to clarify what you want, you create a plan to get you there and then you simply take daily inspired action, which is aligned with this plan. The secret to make this work for you is to measure your progress as often as possible, to ensure that you are taking the right action daily. This shift will empower your to achieve just the most remarkable things.

Action Idea: Begin today by finally giving yourself the direction you need to succeed, by creating and writing down your vision for the future. This will finally give you the direction and purpose you need to start traveling along the path towards the future you desire. Once you have established the direction you want your life to go, it is time to set realistic goals, to support you to achieve this vision.

Vision, Goals and Plans

Your vision in its simplest form is the direction you want to travel along to reach the future success you desire and your goals are simply your dreams, which you have converted in time defined, realistic outcomes, which will allow you to create a measurable plan or blueprint for success, which you can follow daily, until you finally realise all of your dreams.

What could be more simple than deciding where you want your life to go (vision), choosing a few milestones along the way, which you want to visit along the way (Goals), drawing a map to get you there (Strategic Plan), following your map, actually traveling the path, which you have chosen every day, until you reach your destination (taking action daily).

Success is an Exciting Journey

Think of your future success, as simply an exciting journey into possibility. Just as you would plan a long journey to any distant destination, look at your future success in the same way. It is a wonderful, exciting journey into possibility. Yes you can plan where you will start any journey and even where you will end up, but you cannot plan for every eventuality. You may encounter bad weather, traffic congestion or any myriad of other challenges along the way. Your journey towards the success you desire is the same. You will encounter many unexpected roadblocks, setbacks and challenges.

The secret to ensure that you arrive at your destination one day, is to have the patience to wait for results to appear when necessary, the persistence to keep chipping away daily, despite any setbacks or challenges you may encounter and finally, a set of measurement criterion to measure your progress regularly, to ensure that you remain on track.

Accept Responsibility

Take responsibility for the direction your life is going and wrestle back control of how your future will unfold, from the hand of fate and begin to create the exact future you desire, one inspired action at a time. Stop allowing your life to simply unravel, one misused day at a time. Finally accept full responsibility for everything in your life, make the decision to transform your future and accept that you are the creator of your circumstances. Until you do this you remain simply a creature of your unsatisfying circumstances. You can create the future you desire, but it is going to require a little work. What are you waiting for???

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  • Ibrahim Musah /

    Very well said. The destiny of every one is in his or her hands and most often you make an attempt to push it your direction of thought.

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