Time Management Course – Make the Most of Every Moment in 2013

Time Management Course

Make the Most of Every Moment in 2013

Start 2013 off by taking a thorough look at how you invest your time every day, by using an activity log to record how you are effectively utilising or wasting your time. This process is really simple and requires you to record how you have used your time, on a sheet of paper, at the end of each hour during the day. Do not analyse or question anything at this stage.

After seven days explore your seven sheets and see how you have done. Look for patterns where you may be wasting time or not using your time as effectively as possible. You will literally astound yourself with how much time you waste each week, after you have analysed these sheets. You will see that you do not have a shortage of time at all, what you have is a lack of focus and commitment towards achieving your goals.

Internalise your Vision and Goals Daily

Start each day by internalising your vision and goals, by reading them out aloud to yourself before you start each day. Feel committed and driven to do what it takes that day, to carry out the actions you need to perform to achieve your vision and goals. If you can prioritise and focus your energy on the most important outcomes you want to achieve each day, you will see incredible results manifest in your life in 2013 and beyond.

Invest each Hour Wisely                                              

Begin each hour of your day this year by asking this simple question “Is the way I intend to use the next hour, the best use of my available time and will it lead me closer towards achieving my vision and goals”? “If it is not then how can I improve my actions in the next hour to achieve a better outcome? As you keep asking this question hour after hour, you will continually improve the use of your available time and the goal specific results you will begin to enjoy will improve too.

Making Decisions

Whenever you are required to make any decisions this year, ask yourself this question: “Does the action, I will take as a result of this decision, help me to achieve my vision and goals?” This will make it a whole lot easier to make the right decisions going forward. If anything is not aligned with helping you achieve your goals, then have the wisdom and courage to avoid it altogether.

Review your Day

As you finish each day, invest a few minutes to go through your day. Review everything that went well and allow yourself to feel the glow of success, for a job well done. Also explore all the things that did not go according to plan. Do not beat yourself up over these. Learn the lessons they offer and move on. Everything you did not manage to complete that day is moved onto your planning sheet for the next day. If possible all the things you did not manage to complete, must be completed first thing the following morning.

Plan your Day the Night Before

After your daily review, which should take no longer than five minutes each evening, invest time to plan your next day. Take all the information from your daily review and fit all the outstanding matters from the current day, onto your schedule the following day. This planning session should take no longer than 10 – 15 minutes, but when done daily, will save you hours of time the following day. It will also allow you to prioritise and focus your energy and time on your goal specific activities each day.

Meet your Future

This is time you specifically schedule each day, to focus 100 % on carrying out your goal specific activities. When you schedule time every day to work on achieving your goals, it keeps you focused and driven to carry out the actions you need to do daily to achieve all your goals. The challenge we face is that we get so wrapped up in doing to survive, that we never seem to have time to carry out the goal specific actions daily, which will change our lives. Make 2013 different and this time around make time available to carry out your goal specific actions and you will change your life. Committing to make time available to carry out the right goal specific actions, will be the best use of your available time. When you reach December this year, you will not have regrets about all the things you should have done, but you will rather be celebrating your success this year.

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