Time Management Course – You can never Manage Time

Time Management Course

You can never Manage Time

Andrew Horton runs one of the top Time Management Courses and will show you that Time is only a concept that allows us to rationalize linear changes in our lives. The only reality that makes any sense to me is that we live in a universe without any beginning or end and that we are all an important and integral part of this eternal universe. We exist as intelligent energy within this infinite continuum and as energy can either be destroyed or created, only converted from one form to another, we must be eternal.

 Time is therefore only a concept, over which we exert no physical control and as we cannot control the passing of time. We must therefore become as effective and efficient as possible at utilizing our available time. Effectiveness is all about discovering the right actions to take, that will deliver the future you desire and efficiency is applying a system to ensure that you carry out these actions as time effectively as possible.

Time Management Course

 You have 86400 seconds each day, if you don’t use them, you lose them. This makes your time your most valuable asset, as it can never be saved, it can only be invested into creating the future outcome that you desire. Something this valuable should always be spent really wisely and invested into creating the life of your dreams. After you make this realization, you will have mastered your life and have a powerful tool that will help you to move your life in the direction of super achievement. Always remember that you can never manage time; you can only manage your use of your available time.


 Spend your time very wisely as you can never save time, you can only choose to SPEND it more wisely. There are a couple of philosophies we can adapt, which  will either keep us trapped in mediocrity or allow us to begin moving down the path to super achievement. The first option is to spend our time on frivolous pastimes that offer fleeting enjoyment at best and just remain trapped in a life of mediocrity. Or we can finally make the choice to invest our 86400 seconds into taking the right actions every day that will deliver on our dreams.

Time Management Course

 When you make the choice to begin investing your time and energy into preparing for opportunity, you have started the crucial process of preparation, which is fundamental to developing self-confidence, a resolute belief in your abilities and the best way to acquire the skills and knowledge you need to grow and develop, into the person you need to be to attract the success that you desire. This is one of the best investments that can only keep growing and is free from the ravages of negative sentiment.

 Make the shift today and make better choices about how you intend to utilize the withdrawals, you are forced to make, every day from your “BANK of Time”. You don’t get to manage the size or frequency of the withdrawal; you only get to manage how you make use of them. I choose to allocate each withdrawal to activities that fulfill me and make me happy, how do you choose to invest yours?

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Andrew Horton

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  • Manfred R Anderson /

    So few words but so much truth in it. You may standstill and hope time will too. Soon you will realize just how difficult it is (almost impossible) to catch up. And whats gone is sometime gone and lost forever. True to time also, or is their a trick in turning back the clock without fooling yourself? No there is’nt. Time and money calls for respect, better even warrants respect.

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