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 Time Management Courses

Time, Energy and Activity Management

Learning and applying a new time management system in your life will not help you to improve the results you are currently enjoying at all. All that this new skill will do is make you more efficient at doing the wrong things.

The way to bring about meaningful positive change in your life is to firstly define with crystal clarity, exactly what you want to achieve. Once you have done this, you then break these goals back into manageable projects and finally into individual, meaningful actions that will, if applied consistently in your life allow you to realize all your goals.

Once you have completed this very important process of identifying the correct actions needed to deliver your dreams, only then are you equipped to build an effective TIME, ENERGY and ACTIVITY management system that will begin to bring about the meaningful change you desire in your life.

Then make a decision to stop dawdling, avoiding taking the actions you know are necessary to succeed and accept responsibility for success in your life. Stop focusing your efforts on performing minor tasks that keep your accumulative achievements minor and finally commit to invest your precious time into major projects that will contribute to your breakthrough achievements.

When you remove the clutter from your life, you focus your energy on a few major priorities and you commit to consistently apply inspired energy to these priorities, anything and everything becomes possible for you.

No matter how specific, focused, or perfect your plans to deliver your dreams may be. Nothing meaningful can happen, until you develop and consistently apply an effective activity management routine in your life. A daily routine that is built around positive success habits and disciplines, will equip you to effortlessly discover your brilliance and live your excellence.

Focus on prime projects during the prime time of your day and devote uninterrupted time slots to this endeavor. To achieve real and lasting success, you must create a schedule that includes large uninterrupted periods, for working on your most important projects. Your best work is done and your full potential achieved, when you perform during uninterrupted time frame.

Next begin to review all your important thoughts, goals, projects and To-Do’s and record them into a highly organised and efficient system that will allow you to detach from issues that you are unable to handle right now, yet allow you to have laser focus on tasks, commitments and projects that need to be completed right now. The highest levels of productivity and decision making ability occurs when we have a completely focused mind.

Make a start right NOW and begin taking consistent small steps every day that will deliver your bliss. As you begin to see results, you will begin to absorb confidence and the positive feelings about your potential will grow, which will encourage you to take even more baby steps. This may feel uncomfortable, but this is one of those RISKS in life you cannot afford not to take.

How do you choose to utilize the withdrawals, you are forced to make, every day from the “BANK of Time”. You don’t get to manage the size or frequency of the withdrawal; you only get to manage how you make use of them. I choose to allocate each withdrawal to activities that fulfill me and make me happy, how do you choose to invest yours?

Make the conscious decision today, to take control, of the application of your available time and believe that you can change your poor time management habits. Then embrace the key disciplines of effectively managing your time, energy and activities, and you will gradually overcome your ingrained bad time management habits.  Why not give Andrew a call today, to set up a tailor made Time Management workshop for your team.

Time Management Courses


Life is a series of trade offs and every wasted moment is spent forever.  Time and therefore your life are traded for the things you choose to do.  You have an incredible privilege right now, that privilege is awareness.  Use that awareness to create the life of your dreams and have no regrets about what you did with your precious time.

To realize the success you deserve, stop living a vicarious life in which you waste time and energy on things you cannot change, instead invest most of your time into activities that make you both passionate, happy and have real meaning for you

The most valuable thing you own is YOUR TIME. Spend it wisely, for you can never save time, you can only choose to SPEND it differently. Do you choose to invest your 86400 seconds each day, creating the future of your dreams or do you choose to spend it on frivolous pastimes that offer fleeting enjoyment at best?

Time & energy invested into preparing for opportunity is well spent, as preparation is fundamental to developing self confidence and a resolute belief in your abilities and as both are key to your sustainable success, this is one investment that can only grow and is free from the ravages of negative sentiment.

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