When should you take the advice of experts?

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When Should you trust the advice of experts?

When you choose to follow the advice of any self-professed experts, it is always advisable to be absolutely certain that their advice is sound. Ideas and concepts that work for one person may not work for someone else. The safest way to use any advice you may encounter is to examine it first, exploring the following criterion.

  • Are the circumstances of the person dispensing the advice the same as your own.
  • If that concept worked for someone else, will it work for you too?
  • Does it match and serve your personality and unique strengths?
  • Is the timing and circumstances in the environment still the same?
  • Are other people supporting this concept or is this the only place you have heard this?

After attending this time management course, I will show you the trick is to never blunder blindly after any expert advice. A pair of shoes that fit me perfectly may give you blisters. Advice that is perfect for someone else may work for you, but it may also not work. When you allow yourself to follow the wrong advice, it can be distracting, damaging and in many cases even dangerous. We have only limited time available, so avoid wasting any of your most valuable resource on things that are distracting, frivolous and will do you no good at all.

Time Management Courses South Africa

This time management training course will show you that the first and most important measurement criterion for me, when I am viewing any so called expert advice, is simply to look at the person dispensing the advice. Have they used their own advice to create the life of their dreams? Are they a shining example of what can be achieved if you follow their advice? There is a very wise saying that says “Those that can, do. Those that can’t teach” Always be wary of taking advice from someone that has not actually achieved anything themselves using their own advice. My own rule of thumb is to only look to advice that comes from people that have not only succeeded, but have excelled in ways that are almost beyond belief. People that simply regurgitate other peoples work and have no sound base of achievement to offer are most certainly not the people who I feel comfortable to follow. Look to people with measurable and visible results.

Would you hire any of the following people to reshape your life

  • An out of shape personal trainer
  • An overweight dietician
  • A bankrupt financial adviser
  • A property broker that does not invest in property
  • A marriage counsellor that is unable to maintain a stable relationship themselves

I can hear you saying “That is so obvious, I would never do that” Take a walk into your local gym and see how many people are paying for the services of out of shape personal trainers. Look around at the financial advisors that are in debt to the hilt, yet they are dispensing financial advice daily. The number of marriage counsellors that have been divorced a number of times, yet they dispense advice to couples every day. Most people may view this as common sense, but unfortunately it is not common practice.

This time management course will guide you and warn you to be vigilant and to explore all the advice you receive every day. Seek out advice from people that could help you, never ever take anything as gospel though. Examine all advice that you receive and see what makes sense and what will work within your own unique circumstances. There is only really one expert that you can trust. To consult with this expert, go to your bathroom mirror and take a long hard look at the person staring back at you. That is the only expert that can offer you advice that will work for you.
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