Time Management – We all get Knocked Down – Achievers Don’t Stay Down

Time Management

We all get Knocked Down – Achievers Don’t Stay Down

Andrew is one of the most energised and inspiring time management experts in South Africa. He will show you that no matter how great and crystal clear your vision for the future may be or even how sophisticated and detailed your strategic plans may be, challenges are still going to cross your path at some point. The reality of any journey through life, whether it is a carefully planned one or one which is just allowed to unfold randomly, at some point, you are going to encounter challenges, setbacks, roadblocks, you are going to make mistakes and you are going to get knocked down.

Every One Gets Knocked Down at some Point

The secret to super achievement is to spend as little time as possible licking your wounds when you encounter any of the inevitable challenges on your journey towards success, before you pull things together and get on with life. The measure of who you really are is never in the fact that you got knocked down; everyone gets knocked down at some point, but rather in how long you allow things to keep you down, before you begin taking the positive action necessary to get you back on your feet.

Choose your Attitude and Level of Happiness Wisely

You have the ability to choose your attitude and level of happiness every day. You can either allow things to get you down or you can make a different, better choice, where you choose to view any challenges as merely vehicles, which are moving you closer to hidden opportunities. Make this crucial shift today and stop allowing any challenges or difficulties to overwhelm you any longer. When something difficult or challenging happens, and it will, choose to see it as something, which is merely polishing you up, to make your life more beautiful. Challenges are very often the very catalyst that you need to help you make different or better choices.

Success Teaches Little – Challenges Teach Much

Commit to approach every challenge, setback, roadblock or mistakes that you make, and see them as profound and powerful teachers, which will propel you to greater levels of, wisdom and knowledge. When you make this shift, it becomes possible to celebrate your mistakes and thereby, turn them into something positive. Mistakes and challenges are inevitable on any success journey, learning and growing as a result of them, is optional. Choose on-going learning and growth and your journey will not only culminate in success, but will be far more enjoyable too.

Learn from – Never Repeat Challenges

See challenges as opportunities to learn and grow. Never measure your performance or self-worth against any challenges you are facing or have faced. The measure of a person is not in the fact that they have faced or are facing any challenge, but rather in how they choose to respond to them. Everyone encounters challenges and makes mistakes, so the challenges and mistakes are not at issue. The only time you should question yourself when faced with challenges or mistakes, is when you keep repeating the same errors and facing the same challenges over and over again.

Bring Harmony into Your Experience

When you are centred, balanced and you operate from connected place, where you have harmony in your life, it is far easier to manage and mitigate any challenges you face. What you get to experience in your outer world is an accurate reflection of how you are thinking, acting and projecting your inner world to everyone around you. If you are constantly experiencing frustrating situations and people are always treating you badly, then have the courage to read the signals and accept that something is out of sync.

Action Idea: Take a close look at your life right now. Look at how you are respecting and treating yourself. Is it aligned with what is required for you to succeed or is your negative self-talk and attitude affecting the level of harmony in your life?  If things are out of sync, you need to make some meaningful changes in your life, to get your attitude and self-talk in line with where you want to go.

You Shape your Experience

This time management workshop will show you that if you rise to the challenge and realize that you have a unique capacity to shape your life, search around and especially within yourself for the kind of growth, which will shape and fulfill you. This challenge may seem impossible, but the effort will most certainly be worthwhile. Remember even the highest mountain can be surmounted by building winding pathways.

Author: Andrew Horton Time Management




  • Somnath Guha /

    Each of these knocked down situation makes us better human being. We learn to be humble and grounded. But at the same time, too many knocked down situations definitely shakes up the confidence in a big way. I myself have been constantly fighting the odds and try to keep myself motivated but at times feel extremely tired. But since I read your blogs first thing in the morning everyday, I thank you for keeping me going.

    • kentse sesele /

      Laugh in the face of adversity and know for sure that this too shall pass. Dont be consumed by the pain of the moment. Take pen and paper, for these are sacred moments that propell you to your destiny. U can only come out better

      • Thanks for the great insights and feedback Kentse. May you have a wonderful and very successful 2013 and beyond

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