Discover and live your Purpose

Once you have discovered your true calling or your purpose in life and you align your vocation with this. You have discovered the secret to live a completely fulfilled life, where you are always doing what you love. After discovering your true purpose and gradually making the changes you need to change your life, so that your vocation is aligned with this, there is no longer any distinction between work and life. You no longer live a dual existence, where your work life and non-work life are totally separate. This shift will allow you to spend most of your time doing what you love. This is how you turn your vocation into a lifelong vacation.

If you are like the majority of people out there, you hate what you do and you wake up every day wishing your life away, wondering how you are going to get through your day. You are living a wasted life filled with pain and misery. You can change this in an instant, by simply changing the way you look at your life and choosing a different attitude. Instead of waking up every day looking at a day filled with things you hate, make the choice today to change the way you see things.

Making the shift

  • Invest the time into exploring what you really want and value – discover your true life purpose. This is a wonderful place of knowing and certainty. There are many tools and techniques available to assist you in this regard. Everyone knows their purpose, the tools just help you to define it and put it into words.
  • Map out a plan, describing how you will begin making the transition from where you are to where you want your life to go. What skills and knowledge do you need to acquire and what changes do you need to make, that will allow you to move your life from where it is right now, to a place where you love your vocation.
  • After discovering your purpose and building a plan to move your life in that direction, you now have something to aim for. Now you can shift your thinking away from the idea of “How can I get through my day” and start looking at everything that is going on in your life as “On the way” to living your purpose. Everything that crosses your path from this moment on, is no longer in your way, it is on your way and is making you better or stronger, moving you one step closer to the vocation you desire.
  • Have patience and review your progress often, to ensure that your daily actions are delivering the desired results and constantly acknowledge your progress.
  • Avoid the tendency of over-romanticizing the notion of living your purpose. Always remember that every business, job, and productive project, even though it is aligned with your purpose, will have difficulties and challenges. The secret to making this work for you is to press on and to overcome everything that crosses your path. When you accept that challenges are all part of the process and that they are just another aspect of the journey. You are able to easily overcome all challenges and it is easy to feel exhilarated and fulfilled by everything in your life.

Once you have discovered your unique advantage in life and you are living the life you were designed to live, you will wake up every day filled with energy and passion for your day and you will end every day full of drive and joy. Now is the time to go out and live the life you deserve. What are you waiting for?


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