Time Management Training – Focus, Prioritise, Say No and Achieve More

Time Management Training

Focus, Prioritise, Say No and Achieve More

This time management training course will highlight the fact that there is a massive difference between being busy all day, even burning the midnight candle day after day, believing that by outworking everyone around you will be  effective, efficient and productive. When in reality, being effective, efficient and productive is something completely different. Most people mistakenly confuse feeling busy, where they spin their wheels all day, with being productive. This cycle of constant busyness and activity, where we are striving to be superhuman, where we attempt to apply excessive activity to everything we do, overstretches us and actually steals our productivity and effectiveness from us.

Overworking is Never Productivity

When we constantly drive ourselves to a place where we feel overworked, overstretched and even overwhelmed, we are most certainly not delivering the best possible results. Yes, taking action does result in sustainable success. The secret to turn activity into success though, is to ensure that you are taking the right focused , prioritised action and that you are not just left spinning your wheels in a flurry of pointless busyness.

Stop for a moment to Explore

I want you to take a breath and begin to change your life from a place where you are constantly feeling overworked, overstressed and with a schedule that stretches you, to a new better place, where you are both effective and efficient. When you commit to make these few crucial shifts, you can produce amazing results with far less effort and in much less time. All I ask you to do is to learn and apply a few new daily routines and habits into your life.

How do Top Achievers Manage the way they Use their Time?

When I look around my world at top achievers, who have exactly the same amount of time as I do, I am astounded at how much they are able to achieve in this time. They most certainly seem to achieve incredible success within the constraints and limitations of time. The thing that stands out the most for me is that people like Oprah, Richard Branson, Donald Trump and Nelson Mandela, do not do more than everyone else. In fact it is not what they do that makes them so extraordinary, it is what they choose not to do that makes them so amazing.

Say no to the Good and Say Yes to the Great

One most powerful skills that all extraordinary achievers have in common, which  makes them stand out, is the ability to know when to say no to the good, so that they have time and capacity to say yes to the great. The skill of knowing when to say no is the master skill possessed by all achievers. Don’t rush into every opportunity, which comes your way, explore each and learn the art of identifying the great ones and ignoring the good ones. We all have limited time in our schedules and limited resources available. Every time we say yes to something, we are effectively closing ourselves down to say yes to something else.

Don’t Pack more into Your Schedule

The secret to move to the next level of achievement is not to pack more and more into your schedule. It is to take a step back and look at everything you are currently doing each day. Identify the things, which have the potential to deliver great or extraordinary results and focus your energy on those.  Have the courage to delegate or remove those things from your schedule, which are just taking up your time and causing you to spin your wheels.

Take a Breath and Get off the Treadmill of Busyness

We are constantly pulled and tugged in many different directions each day. Until you take some time to slow down, where you identify, prioritise and focus on only a few important issues and you commit to remove the unnecessary clutter from your life, you are going to remain stuck on the treadmill of relentless busyness. Look to remove the time, energy and effectiveness sapping activities from your life and start to focus your energy on only the things that matter and will make a difference in your life. This crucial shift will allow you to take the right actions (become effective) and allow you to use your available time properly ( more  efficient)

Learn to Say NO

Learn the art of saying no, more often and start to take more time to focus on the few things that will bring you the greatest return.

Action Idea: Look back over your calendar for the last month and see where you could have said no to anything. Look to identify areas where you spent time and energy on activities, which were no aligned with your major goals. Now have the courage to remove these activities from your schedule going forward.

Moving Forward

This time management training course will ask you to look at your schedule going forward and to use the insight you have gained and to remove any activities from your schedule, which are not contributing to your overall big picture. Learn to delegate, delete or decline anything in your schedule, which does not contribute to the most effective outcome you want in your life. This may feel difficult at first, but once you have mastered this very necessary skill, you will begin to see time almost miraculously clear up in a schedule. A schedule that you thought was filled to capacity. You will begin to feel less overwhelmed, have more energy and time available, to focus on things that really matter and you will become far more effective and productive.

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